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Sven Basquiat & Enrique Vera

Fair-skinned Sven, our little blond twink BootCamp chef is here for a hardcore episode filmed with Enrique Vera our olive-skinned jock.

Perpetually horny Sven calls up his nearest buddy, Enrique, to satisfy his desires and have some fun. While the boys look different, they seem to share a hyper libido. Once Enrique arrives, there is no time wasted. Clothes are ripped off in seconds as the boys devour every inch of each other’s bodies. While both are versatile performers, it is Enrique who is the top as he works up quite a sweat attempting to satisfy the insatiable Sven. Their chemistry was so great that we paired these boys twice. You will get to see that pairing later this year as part of our BootCamp series.

Enrique Vera
Sven Basquiat
M****** - 11/28/2020 9:41:05 PM

Really thrilling. Sven is so ecstatic on taking Enrique's cock. Sven's tight, lithe body is such a work of art.

R************ - 06/08/2019 3:59:57 PM

Su questo video mi sono fatto una splendida sega.

V************ - 06/05/2019 11:59:24 PM

I love Sven. he is just so hot and sexy. So cute in every way. Enrque is ok though I cannot understand why he cannot deepthroat Sven's delicous but certainly not all that gargantuan cock. Sven easily engulfes Enriques' thick tool and I am sure that his oral capacity physically is far less than Enriques larger oral cavity'. Unfortunately I give the video itself only 3 stars which has to do with the filming more than the actors. From a filming standpoint it was just a pretty ordinary fuck scene. I agree with those who express a desire for more ass shots. not just fuck hole shots. And once again too much time is spent on ultra close ups. No real creativity here on the part of the directors of cameraman. .

g******* - 06/04/2019 12:58:54 AM

Really hot. Sven is so cute, so longing for cock. Enrique is impossibly handsome and he fucks like a champion.

B********* - 06/01/2019 8:06:52 AM

Now this is a fucking great scene! And all you guys who silently hate me for my "negativity" (aka objectivity) know that I do not praise easily. So a scene must be super hot to ring my chimes. And this one is RED-HOT! Hot damn! Sven is so dick-dripping, shaft-swollen fuckable! Take a lot of loads to fill up that cum-tunnel! As is, Enrique has to hammer that hot hole for me. And he is just the dark-eyed, thick-dicked dude to do it! The way he thrusts in deep. And then smiles down so sweet. Makes my hole open! And I’m a total top. Lord! We even have straight-on hole shots. And no one finds them “abusive.” Maybe their own holes are in sync. My only criticism of this clip is having Sven hide his cock with his leg after he cums—like he was having an enema. Yuk! But then Enrique shoots a creamy cup of cum all over Sven’s golden hole. And we just wish we had that load was pumped warm inside us.

a********* - 05/30/2019 11:31:38 AM

Exhausting undulating "landscape" framing of the bodies in a distant horizon, and frequent coming and going from a face to that other face, as if "down there" there wasn't the fulcrum of what happens!

s****** - 05/29/2019 4:10:16 PM

Another awesome scene here. Nevertheless I totally agree with bwjant that in most vids the camera doesn't show enough ass before, in and after action. The hole is not the only delight in the male butt !

b***** - 05/29/2019 10:19:20 AM

For me Enrique's best asset is his beautiful derriere, would have been wonderful when the camera would have shown full shots from behind of Enrique while fucking. Ah well, a 5 star scene nevertheless.

a****** - 05/29/2019 7:37:22 AM

Highly charged sexual scene. Enrique is the quintessential male sex symbol with a gorgeous body and a thick dark engorged cock who makes repeated thrusts into Sven’s blond receptive hole. I hope Enrique makes the rounds with as many Belami guys as possible. I love the guy. And I can’t wait to see another go-around between these great two guys! Bravo!!!

w******* - 05/29/2019 12:07:02 AM

succulent and sensual sven drool drool and erotic Enrique who could ask for anything more - oh wait there is to be a sequel wow oh wow !!

J****** - 05/28/2019 10:01:29 PM


w****** - 05/28/2019 8:44:27 PM

I love them both. Great scene.

x****** - 05/28/2019 5:45:45 PM

I'd love to work up a sweat with Enrique!

s******** - 05/28/2019 1:23:46 PM

wish we'd seen more of the rear scene when sven is sucking enrique.

a***** - 05/28/2019 11:55:10 AM

The Magnificent Sven 💕💕

o****** - 05/28/2019 9:24:36 AM

When a sexy and powerful brown boy meets an adorable blond angel… A delicious making love!!!

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