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Sven Basquiat

Continuing with Benno Thoma’s photosets from Colombia we now have Sven Basquiat to show us what he’s got. Though you’ve seen Sven in action many times, this is his first photoset. We hope you enjoy his Art Collection Image debut.

v******** - 07/13/2020 12:59:31 PM

Sven is absolutely adorable!!! Someone is disappointed below. Eh, I'm not, but since they mention it, I dunno maybe he seems a little hung over, ill or sleep-deprived in these. But really, you can't complain about perfection! My fav is #19. I loathe tattoos, prefer nature's natural art on the body and man's art like on a wall or something but I'd never complain about it if he was my lover. He'd make me forget women even existed let alone that I was attracted to them as well!

r*********** - 05/17/2018 1:29:43 PM

sven is geourgeous this boy makes me horny like hell

t****** - 05/03/2018 3:47:56 AM

Sven is cute – good guy!

p****** - 04/17/2018 2:32:25 PM

More More More of Sven please!!! Such a beauty. How about letting Jack loose on him?

J****** - 04/13/2018 12:46:02 AM

James Bond carried a license to kill. Sven should be issued one to appear naked anywhere, at any time. Photo 5 is amazing and could grace a text on anatomy. In addition to his unparalleled physical beauty, his scenes so far reveal a sweet, charming personality. Rarest of the rare!

2***** - 04/11/2018 7:32:29 AM

So at ease with the camera and the camera loves him back. Exquisite!

g******* - 04/11/2018 12:49:02 AM

Such a beautiful guy.

b***** - 04/11/2018 12:17:30 AM

Beautiful Sven, but I like image #10 the most, Sven enjoying his bad hair day 😃

m********* - 04/10/2018 11:00:37 PM

What a disappointing photo set. Sven is much better looking than these photos.

p******** - 04/10/2018 5:50:27 PM

Wonderful Sven! ********** :)

s******** - 04/10/2018 2:47:06 PM

great looking guy for sure. and well cut. but nope for me.

S********* - 04/10/2018 2:05:29 PM

¡ Vaya muslos ! espectacular.

L*********** - 04/10/2018 1:50:38 PM

Wonderful photos from a wonderful sexy Sven - I love this guy! And this one is an amazing done Art Collection Image Debut.

o****** - 04/10/2018 11:16:28 AM

Sven is a Wonder! Beautiful photos showing his great sensuality and joy of life!

a***** - 04/10/2018 10:52:11 AM

Oh Sven, what a glorious beautiful man you are 💕💕💕

g********* - 04/10/2018 10:50:25 AM

Sven is breatthtakingly photogenic, with an amazing body and bags of charisma.

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