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Shane Mendes & Tom Houston

In this video, our much-anticipated newcomer Shane Mendes finally makes his hardcore debut. Tom Houston will be Shane's guide to this new world of love in his first appearance in front of the camera.

Tom and Shane begin with a nice blowjob exchange where Tom demonstrates his expert skills. Shane doesn’t want to get left behind and is soon sucking on Tom’s rock-hard dick before Tom rims his ass. These two clearly have chemistry and Shane cannot wait to feel Tom’s dick inside him. Tom fucks his partner‘s ass deep with Shane enjoying every inch. The creamy loads at the end are a sure sign of a real good fuck. We are confident that we'll spending many more erotic moments with Shane in the future.

Tom Houston
Shane Mendes
a***** - 04/04/2024 4:59:41 AM

Although it's not totally for the sex, I reall like this video! Shane's awkward and nervous smile at the beginning is adorable and genuine, including certainly the conversation with Jerome and Tom. How Shane smiles when his nipples were licked for the first time in the scene. How he looks at Tom, when his ass penetrated and arm grabbed by Tom while taking it in doggie, eyes staring at Tom. The kissing while being railed in that doggie was so hot! The riding, when Tom stops stroking his dick and Shane just can't help but grab Tom's hand to jerk it, hot! He clearly wanted it, I hope Shane cums in that position one day. The smile when both his ass and one of the nipples were stimulated. And what's special at the end? I think Shane enjoyed the shoot, is proud of what he's achieved and was definitely eager to see if Tom approves of his performance! I hope Shane can be unleashed, and realize his potential to enjoy anal to the max and we'll get to see that soon.

H***** - 03/26/2024 4:29:29 PM

Shane is cute and hot as a pistol with a hot boypussy. WOW.!!

r****** - 03/09/2024 6:45:36 PM

Tom & Shane make a sweet couple. Very enjoyable video!

S********** - 02/29/2024 8:16:13 PM


D****** - 02/29/2024 6:56:09 PM

Great pairing these two. I hope the comment is true that Tom can be the bottom next time. I greatly enjoyed the jovial and fun-loving personality of Shane. These two are among your very best!

r********* - 02/29/2024 6:24:29 AM

I fell in love with Shane in chat, so it is great to see him in such a hot video. Both guys are amazing here. And it will be great to be able to see Shane's HOT ASS on demand.

J******** - 02/28/2024 6:32:19 PM

Ich liebe es wie dem Shane bei 7 50 der Sabber beim blowjob raus läuft und nach dem abspritzen Vorhaut vor, zurück, vor zurück - so geil!

J******* - 02/28/2024 12:43:52 PM

Would be better with boys without tattoos.

b******* - 02/28/2024 8:25:28 AM

Shane genießt es von Tom gefickt zu werden. Shane’s Schwanz ist die ganze Zeit steif. Ich liebe es, wie Tom den Samen aus Shane’s Penis saugt. Geil!!

b******************* - 02/28/2024 2:20:43 AM

Wow Shane is beautiful. Hope to see more of him!

w****** - 02/27/2024 11:50:32 PM

Shane looks to be a beautiful soul. Love him and Tom too. Great scene! Waiting for Shane to get his own profile page ;-)

g******* - 02/27/2024 11:18:31 PM

Imagine waking up next to Tom each morning. He has a healthy interest in the male arse and he gave Shane a great fuck. Shane is hot and he kept his erection throughout.

M********* - 02/27/2024 7:21:23 PM

Tom is horny as ever and Shane give here a very good debute and stay hard long time after his orgasm. I can't take my eyes away from this two beauties.

n***** - 02/27/2024 6:38:29 PM

Super hot dudes! And yes I agree, change it up the next time. My suggestion on how to change it up the next time. Tom, BREED Shane with your love juice mate!

d***** - 02/27/2024 4:57:12 PM

Jerome's opening and concluding interviews should have been cut. They add nothing to the scene. It would have been better to open with a more natural coming together of Tom and Shane. Just sayin'.

B***** - 02/27/2024 4:48:32 PM

A beautiful scene!

V************ - 02/27/2024 4:14:28 PM

Very hot scene! Loved that the cameraman gave us a full view underneath of Tom fucking Shane which is so rare for Belami cameramen.Love seeing the full profile, ass and back, of the top fucking his mate rather than just the close ups! Also, Tom's cum eating at the end, licking up Shane's cum and taking his cum covered dick in his mouth was awesome! Great job!

G****** - 02/27/2024 2:46:50 PM

Medals to all three. Tom, Shane, and the cameras

p********** - 02/27/2024 2:37:48 PM

Happy days are here again!

a******** - 02/27/2024 12:50:34 PM

Yay…. Tom! And Shane is quite good-looking as well….

b********** - 02/27/2024 11:34:31 AM

The beautiful Tom again. This looks very promising. I hope we will see a lot more of Tom and also Shane.

K***** - 02/27/2024 11:19:18 AM

Between the two sites this is Tom’s 6th scene this year, Love it ! Shane’s a keeper.🔥🇺🇦

C***** - 02/27/2024 10:19:58 AM

Tom you are the best, I love you 😘😘😘

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