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Serge Cavalli & Kieran Benning

Sweet couple Serge Cavalli and Kieran Benning have a 'tasty' time together when they get naked during today’s photoshoot with a cake. Both Kieran and Serge are hilarious guys and when you add Kevin Warhol to the mix, things get out of control. But some serious work needs to be done as well, so after a crazy, funny, erotic photo shoot, we let the boys play with their cocks until they both cum.

Kieran Benning
Serge Cavalli
B***** - 07/17/2023 12:55:18 AM

Os 2 modeelos mais interessaantes (Kieran & Torsten) nunca foderam? Estão zangados,? Foi o Torsten que cortou o cabelo ao Lieran?

R***** - 06/28/2023 8:25:42 PM

It's always great to see the fantastic Kieran and his beautiful big, thick dick; especially in this photosession video with the very sexy Serge. I enjoy seeing them having fun together with soft cocks; before Serge sucks Kieran's thick, stiff dick. Funny seeing Kevin grabbing hold of their dicks and pretending they were microphones! After proudly showing off their magnificent cocks; then bending over to display their gorgeous, fuckable asses; then jerking off to orgasm.

d******* - 06/27/2023 4:30:48 PM

I would take Pascal any day. These two did not turn me on like Pascal.

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