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Serge Cavalli & Hoyt Kogan

Even though this is not the first scene with Serge there are still signs of his newness here in this scene. We scheduled this scene with Hoyt, even though he is no longer Freshmen material we thought that they make a very sweet couple.

Hoyt Kogan
Serge Cavalli
h********* - 08/25/2020 1:17:34 AM

Serge cannot get enough cock. He loves getting fucked, his hungry hole swallowed Hoyt without a pause.

R************ - 06/24/2019 4:05:07 PM

Wonderful cum in mouth.

v******** - 01/05/2018 4:14:10 PM

Serge has such a beautiful plum smooth ass! BUT! with a hairy hole. Good grief! What's with you guys? Smooth as can be but then a clump of excrement catching hair right where it's most crucial, obvious and desired for there to be none. Obviously a European thing. I'm remembering now why I always liked BelAmi but still needed porn from Falcon or elsewhere for crucial things like hairless anuses. I mean seriously, who likes that? I can respect that some men and women are into the bear look, hairy chest arms and legs etc but who on earth likes a guy smooth practically everywhere BUT his anus???

x******* - 10/31/2017 7:30:10 PM

Beautiful scene!! Serge's gorgeous...and with Hoyt as his trainer, he will be more so!!

A********** - 09/26/2017 2:38:43 AM

Wonderful !!!

s******* - 09/17/2017 12:14:46 PM

Nice pairing and the skilled Hoyt and the lovely newbie Serge. I smiled when Hoyt said he was lean in his first times at BA. All of us can remember how chubby he was! ;))

H***** - 09/12/2017 9:05:01 PM

This pairing is not my cup of tea!

g********* - 09/12/2017 8:22:58 PM

Lst week's solo showed that Serge had benefited from extra time in the gym. This was a very good debut on his part, owing a great deal to Hoyt's outstanding quality s a trainer

x****** - 09/12/2017 8:18:46 PM

The description's wording of "he's no longer Freshman material" is reference to Hoyt, who is now an established BA star. I don't believe either Hoyt or Serge are going away anytime soon. They make a great pairing and hopefully, Hoyt & Serge will be love partners in many future scenes.

O****** - 09/12/2017 8:14:37 PM

Absolutely amazing

m******* - 09/12/2017 6:31:31 PM

i think that Hoyt was not more Freshmen boy because is more more that a freshman boy, his one of the veteran, i don't think that Serge go away, i have interpret so, George light, thanks

S****** - 09/12/2017 5:38:33 PM

I really like this scene. Both are deeply into the action. Five stars for me.

L*********** - 09/12/2017 5:15:37 PM

This first action scene is fantastic - irritation (?) - we don´t see him no more or just not as FM? If we´ve lost him that would be a big pity, I just got really hungry for him and I think I´m not the only one.

t****** - 09/12/2017 12:59:52 PM

Serge is gorgeous! !! Why do you say he is not Freshmen material???

b***** - 09/12/2017 11:55:12 AM

Serge is severely cute and I really liked how he looked in his shorts (in the colours of the Italian flag, in honour of his Italian name??). They were merely meant for taking of, of course, but nevertheless very cute. Hoyt, depending on his partner, can be sweet and affectionate, Serge proves to be such a partner for him. I am sure Hoyt was being sarcastic when he said he was thin when he arrived at BA.

t********* - 09/12/2017 10:16:18 AM

Serge's hair style is screwed up here, which he rectifies nicely in future videos. Again, a mutual jerk off, which to me is not as erotic as a full-on fuck scene, does not in my opinion help the scene. I do love Hoyt and I think Serge will develop into a real star. Hope he does get some gym time, however, with Kevin to build his chest a bit.

o****** - 09/12/2017 10:12:30 AM

Serge will learn quickly with a tender and powerful coach like Hoyt! Love more and more Hoyt! It's funny when he says he was lean as Serge when he arrived to BA. I remember he was a little beefy then. Good sucking, riding and pounding! Great cum shots, cum eating and kissing! 5*

t****** - 09/12/2017 9:51:46 AM

Serge is a prodigious cutie. Serge has hints of Claude and Peter in his appearance, which is a HUGE compliment from me. When freshmen first previewed Serge, I assumed he was one of the Colombians, as Serge has handsome, Hispanic good-looks. You can tell from this scene that Serge is a rookie, but I'm interested to see his development from a freshmen into a sophomore! 👨‍🎓😊 The doggy-style position was my favourite part of the scene. 🐕

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