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Sammy Poulain & Helmut Huxley

In an update filled with firsts, here is Sammy’s first completed scene and his 2nd hardcore performance. Sammy luckily drew the long straw today, partnering with the handsome and hung Helmut Huxley. Though Tom in our lead scene, and Helmut in this, had the same job- guiding newbies in their first full scene- their approaches are different. Tom treated his task as a training session whereas Helmut regarded this as more of an assessment. Though Helmut is irreverent, he does take lovemaking seriously and is a first-rate attentive lover who pays close attention to the needs and wants of his partner. Our cameraman, Marty Stevens, bears witness as Helmut shows young Sammy how lovemaking should be done. Judging by the cummy kiss at the end, we can confidently say Sammy passed the assessment.

Helmut Huxley
Sammy Poulain
b********** - 03/07/2021 6:20:47 PM

This ‘Hairy Helmet’ is driving me absolutely WILD. Helmet is always a favorite, but this puts him into another realm!

t********* - 02/22/2021 1:35:22 AM

I absolutely love Helmut.

s******* - 12/25/2020 3:56:58 AM

I agree Helmut is looking fantastic with his hair growing back, stop shaving his balls tho. Both he and Sammy have great faces to come on.

s******** - 12/23/2020 2:54:50 AM

Braunerg6, totally disagree. His hairy chest is hot as hell. They all need to stop shaving!

d******* - 11/14/2020 10:26:14 PM

Sammy so cute with lovely body, nice sweet lips with nice cock to suck. Helmut so sexy.

V************ - 09/02/2020 9:19:51 PM

Not entirely an unenjoyably scene considering it is pretty standard and low key. Sammy is cute, but I agree he definitely needs to work on his complexion. The kissing was very superficial and he oral was ok. Helmut did do an admirable job of eating Sammy's cute4 ass delving his tongue deep into is anal spot, and he also did a good job of taking Sammy's cum covered cock into his mouth. Helmut also had a pretty decent cum shot all over Sammy's hole. So I will give it four stars.

B******** - 09/02/2020 4:07:04 PM

Hey, I like Helmut, but can he be smooth in the future? The hair on the upper body just doesn't fit with him. Please shave again

b******* - 09/02/2020 11:18:14 AM

Helmut's chest hair is beautiful, like the rest of him. Please let him keep it, and be his natural self..

g********** - 08/25/2020 12:07:45 PM

Nice scene and a great improvement on Sammy's previous scene, which would not be hard since it was an ill-conceived fiasco. He shows definite promise as a Bottom.

R***** - 08/24/2020 2:03:24 PM

Gorgeous Helmut is so attentive with sexy newbie Sammy and I love seeing (and hearing) him gently smack his furry butt cheeks. I enjoyed seeing Helmut lap up Sammy's thick, tasty spunk and then both sharing a creamy kiss.

h********* - 08/20/2020 2:07:25 PM

An ok scene, probably saved by Helmut. He has matured into a real hunk of a man. Love, love his naturally hairy chest. Sammy is definitely a work in progress, but shows potential. Too bad Helmut’s cum was wasted, again. But he joy at eating his partner’s load is hot.

a***** - 08/16/2020 7:31:53 PM

Great scene ! While I guess I'll be happy to hear even more models chatting before sex and see Helmut's chemistry with Sammy or in this case how he coaches Sammy how to have fun with anal sex and show it on cam, I love how Helmut focuses on back, neck, and then ass at the beginning, just lovely! Then onto Sammy's meat, I don't think I usually like slapping, but seeing Sammy reacts to anything is fun including the slap. Still feel like Helmut is a little too loud. I start to like that view to up top with Sammy all four, ass licked, cock jerked. Helmut instructs Sammy to show off his oral skill and compliments him and talk about jerome is very sexy too (Will Sammy gets to taste Jerome's meat? or maybe he can be greedy and get both at the same time?) It's also fun to see Sammy's expression, though he seems quite shy and a little quiet at the moment. Also very interesting to see Sammy always curious and watch what's going on down there every once in a while. And in missionary position, I def prefer the top view to side view. And while I don't like close up too much, seeing his hole split in the final position is awesome. Very fun scene to watch.

G***** - 08/14/2020 6:57:00 PM

Helmut is never allowed to shave his chest again. It looks so sexy

g******* - 08/14/2020 1:33:00 AM

Loved the way the beautiful Helmut took care of the sweet, sexy Sammy. The cum bath at the end was great.

J****** - 08/12/2020 6:14:18 PM

Merveilleusement beau et romantique, certainement d'autres scènes comme celle-ci avec Sammy!

b***** - 08/12/2020 12:00:34 PM

Sammy shows that he has huge potential and I hope seeing much more of him in action in the (near) future. Watching Helmut savouring Sammy’s love juices is very hot!

s************* - 08/12/2020 8:02:17 AM

A wonderful scene and well worth the wait! Bel Ami does it, again! You could really tell, Helmut was really into Sammy, which made the scene all the better! I loved all the kissing, leading up to the actual lovemaking! Anyway, I must say, I hope Helmut keeps his new haircut, he’s simply adorable with his new look! Regarding his hairy chest. Hmm. I like him, either way, don’t have a preference. However, I must say, he looked really manly with the extra chest hair, found it soooo sexy! A real turn on! I give this 5 stars & really hope to see more of Sammy, a very handsome young man with so much potential.....

a********* - 08/12/2020 6:25:07 AM

I don't understand. No, I just don't.

w****** - 08/12/2020 6:24:22 AM

Thank you! Thank you! ... for allowing Helmut to grow out his body hair. I had figured he'd have a little fuzz between his pecs .... so very sexy. Liked his haircut too! He just became more appealing ;-). A nice passionate scene .... 5 stars!

s******* - 08/12/2020 1:37:04 AM

Great sex. the issue the hi-definition? It used to be that Bel Ami put makeup on the models to cover skin problems. Sammy's so broken out along the jawline. It's sad. Shame on the production.

p********* - 08/11/2020 9:50:17 PM

Sammy Poulain is realy sweet and hot sure that you best jocker Adam Archuleta with Him in a flip flop scene is great ;)

w****** - 08/11/2020 9:48:53 PM

Who would ever have thought that Helmut might have a problem with his neck? I very much enjoyed this scene. Sammy is bloody gorgeous and Helmut's lovely chest wig looks just like the real thing. Love and kisses to both, and ten out of ten for Helmut's marksmanship.

P********* - 08/11/2020 8:34:08 PM

Adam's smile, Hoyt's eyes, Justin's face, Helmut's chest, Derek's legs... Thank you George Duroy for all these and many other marvels.

t********* - 08/11/2020 7:35:21 PM

Big thumbs down on hairy Helmut! His obstinacy about shaving his chest hair is extremely offputting! Even though Helmut’s face and dick are beautiful and I love Sammy as a bottom, no stars on principle. If I wanted hair and ugly tattoos, I would go to low-rent copies of what used to be tan, smooth, athletic models as the Belami ideal. Seems like George’s impeccable style has lost its Belami imprimatur and the brand is sinking into the toilet.

R************ - 08/11/2020 6:25:45 PM

Adoro lo sperma in bocca e questo mi induce sempre al mio piacere solitario.....

s******** - 08/11/2020 5:11:05 PM

Sammy is just friggin' gorgeous....Would enjoy seeing him with Jamie Durrell and Guilio Pasolini and Robin Rief and Danny Coravaggio and Andre Boleyn.

W****** - 08/11/2020 4:55:28 PM

Great scene. Sammy is gorgeous and has the potential to be a bel ami star if he sticks around. Helmut has never looked better and is a natural in the trainer role. I thought he brought out a great performance from the inexperienced Sammy in this scene and the same with John Lennox previously.

a********* - 08/11/2020 2:12:15 PM

In times of crisis, this second scene is certainly better than the first, thanks also to the presence of two guys who are much more attractive erotically and aesthetically. The vice of the cut is the main characteristic of a surreal drastic montage. But this characteristic choice of moving the scene with an imperative "cut / action" is made by the director who has always chosen for the cut! So what's done is done, I hope for an evolution and better times.

L******** - 08/11/2020 11:55:15 AM

Please, more cum-in-mouth scenes: Helmut's load deserves to be received directly in the throat. This is something missing in the latest scenes he perfomed. Take this into account: so disappointing.

o****** - 08/11/2020 9:39:42 AM

Yes Sammy is great for a newbie! He is absolutely delectable and we can understand Helmut! Helmut who is very sensual and greedy here! Thanks to keep your chest hair intact! Nothing is more delicious than nascent hair on a young chest! Just my opinion, subjective as all opinion... Great cum eating but for that Sammy does not come first while fucked and its a pity! Yes great cummy kiss at the end! SAMMY !!!

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