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Ryan McKenna

Our photos this week are with a boy that you met back in March (in his scene with Nils) here on Freshmen. This time we have his pictures from what we call his ‘small’ photoshoot in Africa. Eliot Klien took Ryan out for a few hours to create this set for you, and we hope you enjoy.

boxwood - 08/12/2018 8:56:42 PM


FSROLLINS - 05/17/2018 10:18:13 AM

I want to see more from him please. Beauty !

pasmalami - 05/11/2018 10:49:18 AM

Beautiful boy -- but he should smile more. The one pic with a smile is great. Anyway, looking forward to seeing a lot more of Ryan.

takeshi - 05/03/2018 4:09:47 AM

Some good pics in this set like #2 and #13, however I think overall Ryan looks worn-out in many of the pictures.

lasher63 - 05/02/2018 1:21:04 PM

what a beauty

bwjant - 05/02/2018 9:12:00 AM

Picture #12 says it all: what a pretty sight to have a guy like this walking on the beach. For the rest I can only repeat Geoffrey’s words: seductive and beautiful!

rockbeareexeter - 05/02/2018 8:40:07 AM

What's not to love about Ryan? Good looking, nice body, nice smile and a chunky cock which as we saw in the shoot with Nils (great partner by the way) produces lots of cum. Why not a second one with Nils or maybe one with Christian?

2chuck - 05/02/2018 3:11:41 AM

Oh Yes, Like Like Like. We need to see more of this Hot Guy. Great Bottom, want to see him Top too.

alan943 - 05/01/2018 11:51:02 PM

Really impressed with the boy-next-door Ryan. The makeup department did a superb job in grooming this handsome guy. Hope he appears in many more episodes- maybe with Danny Defoe, supersexy Raoul Vargas, or the new kid on the block Alan Mosca. Three superb models. Really liked Ryan in swimwear but I especially liked the beautifully hung Ryan in picture 14!!! and further in 15 and 16.

penboyi - 05/01/2018 6:01:56 PM

Hottie, best built, so attractive and his dick makes me curious about his performance in porn. And he is so normal. Love to him

RIETenerik - 05/01/2018 2:47:21 PM

A pretty ,attractive boy with much sexual appetites

mauric53 - 05/01/2018 2:04:22 PM

Ryan in these photos is very cute, solar, attractive, in truth 'in his only scene in Belami with Nils had not completely convinced me, but now I think I was wrong. even if she does not look naked with her red boxers and she's very sexy, she's the typical Belami boy, blond, clear eyes, pretty face, really not bad

Lutz8neumann - 05/01/2018 1:50:12 PM

Oh yes, this short photo view delivers more than to enjoy, only because Ryan is more than a body next door, only.

geoffrey27 - 05/01/2018 9:41:05 AM

. Eliot must have loved taking these photos of seductive and beautiful Ryan.

otrebor - 05/01/2018 9:16:38 AM

Seducing and sexy boy!

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