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Ronny Lamarr & Benoit Ulliel

What a pairing! Ronny Lamarr and Benoit Ulliel are possibly the best lovers in Freshmen history. Ronny's huge dick and Benoit's deep horny ass combine to produce the most perfectly uninhibited sex encounter. Benoit is in love with Ronny’s dick (who wouldn’t be), especially when he starts fucking him. When Benoit shoots a load over his stomach he turns around and lets Ronny enjoy his hole until there is cum literally all over Benoit’s ass.

Benoit Ulliel
Ronny Lamarr
c********* - 05/05/2022 11:42:12 AM

Ronnie you rock! Love Redheads and what a cum pump showing how it’s done. Thanks to Benoit for making this such a remarkable video

w****** - 08/14/2021 10:02:01 PM

Ronnie always delivers a star performance. He has so much going for him:- handsome, lean fit body, and lovely and huge cock. I can't understand why so many criticise him. The final doggy position with Benoit flat on his belly is one I find particularly erotic and I wish you would use it more often. Lots and lots of love to Ronny.

R***** - 08/11/2021 1:23:12 PM

A very got scene; especially when Ronny blasted a thick load of creamy spunk all over Benoit's freshy fucked hole; with the cum dripping down his ass crack and balls.

k******* - 08/09/2021 6:06:37 AM

wow, super hot scene, luv the creampie ending and reinsertion, wow blast off, Thank you Ronny huge cock and cum and Benoit for taking it so well. I want more of these !!!

a********* - 08/05/2021 2:54:36 AM

Lovely scene. I certainly echo "Insipids" comment regarding the newness of scenes. COVID PANDEMIC PEOPLE!!!! I'm just glad to see something "new" regardless. of when it was filmed. Get the shot and rest your cracks and use some common sense people. Thank you BA for your efforts.

i******* - 08/04/2021 9:47:08 PM

great scene with two great models! Wonderful camera angles at the end, definitely would like to see more ass sex from that angle!

b********* - 08/04/2021 3:34:26 AM

I like Ronny with longer hair as in this scene! : )

J****** - 08/04/2021 1:56:18 AM

Basically I'm very happy for every new scene with Benoit, my all-time-favorite. But Ronny I don't like, sorry. After all, both of these guys arn't freshmen, especially Ronny! If you'd pair up Benoit as a ex-freshmen with a real new guy, it would be perfect.

I****** - 08/04/2021 1:41:56 AM

Do you queens realize there's a pandemic raging or not? It seems like seeing non-Freshmen- Freshmen and older scenes is a miniscule price to pay to insure the model's safety. Yes, you're going to see older scenes reposted in order to avoid filming too many new scenes. Be thankful GD has such an extensive library of old scenes to choose from. As long as the guys are cute and the bodies are hot and the fucking is fine, I don't care when it was filmed.

s******* - 08/03/2021 11:09:40 PM

Ronny was really exceptional in this scene!

g******* - 08/03/2021 11:07:24 PM

Ronny Freshnan? Joke. Next week will be worse. I say sub down the drain very soon.

S****** - 08/03/2021 8:56:52 PM

I agree with Capello. What are we paying for, Mr. Deroy? I am paying almost $30 per month for Freshmen. And all I am seeing lately is old repostings, or videos with older models who are on the main BelAmi site. Perhaps you feel it is okay to scam us because you think we are rich old queens with nothing else better to do with our money??? Freshmen is becoming quite a ripoff. Perhaps it is time to spend our money on other sites who have not been using the COVID nonsense as an excuse.

P****** - 08/03/2021 7:43:11 PM

More Ronny. Sigh . . . .

d****** - 08/03/2021 5:35:15 PM

Ronny's cum shot at the end was worth 10 stars!!!

c****** - 08/03/2021 5:16:01 PM

These guys are sexy. That's not the problem. The problem is how these guys can be called freshmen. At Freshmen you are supposed to present NEW hot young guys and we pay for that.

J********* - 08/03/2021 2:09:55 PM

Ronny is a master of seduction. Always gives 110% in his performances. He really appears to enjoy having sex and it shows. Ronny might not be everyone's ideal but he is fit, sexy, ginger, passionate and anyone who says they would not want to share their bed with him, in this forum, needs to step back and take stock of how much of a sex god they must be to say something like that. Just saying.

p***** - 08/03/2021 1:05:39 PM

It's hard not to like these two. Ronny puts on another masterful display as an uninhibited lover

l********** - 08/03/2021 10:47:22 AM

Ronny reminds me of Jim Carrey... nobody I would want to share the bed with. But BENOIT is one of my Seven Princes I would wine and dine, pamper and finally mercilessly fornicate with :-) The scene is very good I have to admit.

s******** - 08/03/2021 9:53:07 AM

Ronny dliigently delightfully brings Benoit to full flaming dick-durstigness then proudly pounds and pummels Benoit's beautiful beatific bountiful boyhole drenching it in a torrent of boyjuice. DELICIOUS SCENE. Please get Benoit and Jorik together.

J******** - 08/03/2021 9:33:33 AM

Erst genug Samenschmiere in die Arschfurche und dann glitsch glitsch nochmal rein -Yo, bin dabei! :)

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