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Robin Rief & Serge Cavalli

There is no doubt that Robin is a spectacular model, handsome, sexy and almost the perfect package. The only trouble we ever have is that we always need to have a translator on hand as the only language he speaks is Hungarian. This does not present any problems though for Serge as he is not normally a very talkative guy anyhow and likes to make his feelings known in other ways. Although Robin is mainly a bottom, Serge blew his load before we were finished filming here so we turned things up a bit and asked the guys if they would not mind filming a flipflop scene and you can watch it all here and tell us how you think it turned out.

Serge Cavalli
Robin Rief
M****** - 05/28/2022 5:43:00 PM

I've been hoping to see Robin receive a thorough rimming with good camera coverage, and Serge got the job done! What a pretty, pink hole to devour -- and Serge did it in two separate courses. Serge does all the heavy lifting in this scene; Robin, despite his beauty, is a lackluster sexual partner. The training and experience that has made superstars of other models seems to have little effect on Robin's performances.

m****** - 04/01/2022 11:09:00 PM

Serge is delicious, but I dont care for Robin.

b****** - 03/29/2022 7:19:23 PM

I love "flip flop fucking" and "doggy style" _ this is a beautiful scene. The 2 models are excellent :-)

S****** - 03/05/2022 11:42:25 PM

Only 1 sex scene this week. Yet again, not feeling like we are getting our money's worth...

v******** - 03/03/2022 9:25:17 PM

deux garçons magnifiques et totalement sexuels sans parler de tout le groupe et notamment NILS

F********** - 03/01/2022 5:27:59 PM

Sergei is so damn sexy! And Rief really cute.

d******* - 03/01/2022 12:52:12 PM

It was okay!

J******** - 03/01/2022 9:09:27 AM

Geil wie Rief's Schwanz vor Samen trieft, geil die Glitscheichel - und sein Partner seinen Schwanz in den Mund nimmt und Speichel mit Jungsamen vermengt -so geil!

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