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Robin Rief

Since every boy who visited our bootcamp at lake Balaton did an interview and solo with Luke, we ended up with too many to fit into our special BootCamp editions. We will bring you the extras occasionally as a 3rd content.

Today we have one of our excess solos with blond Hungarian Robin Rief. Robin’s outlook on life is charmingly simple: always have fun. This outlook is demonstrated in this interview and solo with the sexy Robin Reif.

Robin Rief
d******* - 05/12/2020 7:00:23 AM

Robin so slim and trim with nice sweet lips to kiss.

R************ - 06/30/2019 6:06:48 PM

Come ti vorrei succhiare!!

p************ - 06/12/2019 2:32:05 PM

In addition to everything else, I love his voice-

V************ - 06/10/2019 1:47:39 PM

Looks a lot like Sven, though not as well defined and a bit fuller int he face. Still, very cute.

w****** - 05/30/2019 10:52:54 PM

Robin is a very attractive and sexy young man. I would like to say that Eluan did a great job at interpreting but I'm not entirely convinced, although it was an amusing and pleasant performance.

l******* - 05/29/2019 2:56:50 AM

Robin fits right in & seems like a lot of fun. But thanks so much for the view of Eluan walking away. Actually, it would be so hot to have a regular view of Eluan walking around nude, front & a whole lotta back or rear to be exact! I also agree with Schatze2, & want to see Eluan fuck Robin. A flip perhaps...!!!

b****** - 05/28/2019 11:46:38 PM

Robin is insanely cute, please keep him coming back!

b***** - 05/28/2019 10:15:01 PM

Robin is a very pleasant guy and real eye candy, sensual too. I liked the interview, using Eluan as a translator beets subtitles and adds livelyness to what otherwise might have been a rather static event.

S******* - 05/28/2019 5:38:17 PM

I'd love ❤️ to see Eluan fuck Robin!

P****** - 05/28/2019 1:53:07 PM

This is the pick of the week. And having Eluan along for the ride is only an enhancement Would be great to see little blond Robin paired with little blond Sven.

J******** - 05/28/2019 1:41:21 PM

Herrlich wie der Blondschopf seine Vorhaut über die samenvolle Glitscheichel stülpt.

s******** - 05/28/2019 1:22:07 PM

hot cum shot and i like the pool scene but not big overall

g******* - 05/28/2019 12:23:22 PM

Cheeky, cute and sexy. Love to see more of him.

o****** - 05/28/2019 10:15:58 AM

It's Robin' scene? or Eluan's? Happily we have this short solo at the end...

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