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Riis Erikson & Adam Archuleta

Handsome Riis Erikson is our final „newcomer“ of the year but he's definitely worth the wait with his perfectly sculpted body and charming personality. Adam Archuleta is his first „on screen“ partner. He finds Riis in the dining room finishing his breakfast and nursing an injured leg from playing soccer. It wouldn‘t be Adam if he didn't use this opportunity to get into the pants of a hot guy. Adam’s sexual appetite and experience soon leave Riis helpless. After giving Adam a nice deep blowjob, he gets to experience his new partner's massive uncut cock up his ass. Their passionate fuck session climaxes with Riis' ass taking Adam's huge cumshot.

Adam Archuleta
Riis Erikson
F******* - 06/27/2024 9:24:38 AM

I'm a fan of Riss. He's so cute and charming and always a little shy. You can tell he likes to be fucked. Adam has a stunning physique, he's an excellent fucker, maybe a bit too arrogant or proud of himself. Anyway, a great scene and I hope to see more from Riss.

G********* - 05/16/2024 6:10:02 PM

A hot pair of guys but ruined by (yet again!) incompetent videography, as neither guy's face is shown during orgasm, so we get no sense from facial expressions of the extent of their ecstatic pleasure.

J********** - 04/21/2024 1:41:43 AM

I don't like these sex scenes with injured guys. If they really are limping and with bandages, I can't comfortably watch them involved in sex. Not even with Adam, one of the most considerate "tops" anywhere.

d***** - 01/14/2024 4:28:20 PM

This scene is extraordinary in that the attraction of Riis toward Adam and his ecstatic response to Adam's love--making endow this scene with a sexual energy more real than any other scene I have ever watched on BA. There is no doubt in the viewer's mind that Riis is truly into man love.

m******* - 04/06/2023 7:49:59 PM

I love newcomer RIIS ERICKSON and it was a pleasure to see that he joined the Freshman team. Was love at 1st sight watching him bare chested walking arround. As soon as Riis took off his short, i was breathless watching his sexy body, hairy balls and big sensitive and perky nipples. Like to see how he show us his hot male body and huge uncut banana dick and balls, which are so massive and huge. Was a great pleasure to see how this guy strokes his huge uncut banana dick untill he shoots his cum load. Hottest encounter with sexy Adam Archuleta, who enjoy sucking big cock, eating ass and like fucking his partner very hard bareback in this video. Great guy is Adam Archuleta who has a huge uncut cock and balls too. Hope to see RIIJS Erickson and Adam Archuleta, returning very soon in a hot video again, where RIIS Erickson get fucked very hard bareback. Was really HOT !!

M****** - 05/28/2022 6:57:55 PM

Adam is a reliably dominant top, but notice here how he first worships the body and cock of his younger friend. It's wonderful to see the more seasoned models like Adam, Rhys, Jack, and Kevin continue to perform on both sides of the camera and evolve as more mature sexual performers. I've complained in the past about including veterans on the Freshmen side, but I'm never upset to see these established pros working with the newbies. What a thrilling training experience it must be!

c********** - 04/28/2022 3:27:00 PM

This is why I came back to BAO and Freshmen. Enchanted with Riis and you can't get better than Adam's cum shots. Bravo. More please

a***** - 01/05/2022 4:59:09 PM

It's the scene I've been waiting for like ever! The seduction of Adam with Riis' smile when he's touched is sweet, same goes for how he takes a good care of Riss, from bringing him to the room, make him feel good, with compliments on his body, with warm mouth on his meat, with wet tongue on his pink hole, then finally with hard muscle inside his body! Goodness Adam did it so well, so nice and tender. Looks like Riis is enjoying himself, I'm happy to watch and hear his panting and moaning and Riis' eyes are almost always open, beautiful eyes! Sex is not hard and hot, but I love it! Glad Riis had a great first time experience at BelAmi.

s******* - 01/05/2022 12:18:58 PM

Riis is one of the hottest newbies on BelAmi! More of him, please! Amazing boy!

M***** - 01/01/2022 11:27:33 PM

Adam is undoubtedly the center of attention, it would be great to see more videos of him. especially a flip-flop scene. I also wouldn't complain if there were more videos of Andre Boleyn.

t********* - 01/01/2022 8:19:34 PM

I just watched this scene. While I would have preferred that the bottom came first, I was in UTTER AWE of the absolutely incredible physique of Adam in this shoot. He looks as youthful as he did 7-8 years ago with a MUCH better set of pecs and abs - a tribute to his obvious very hard work in the gym. He is very tan and ripped in this scene. I thought my eyes would be only on Riis because of his obvious beauty but, while I loved Riis and his bottoming scene, I honestly could not take my eyes off of Adam. I hope we see him in many more scenes and I would love to see him bottom but this time really enjoy it. The only nit that I have is that I think Riis wanted to tongue kiss but Adam did the fish-mouthed thing again. Please use you tongue, Adam, when kissing. It makes for a much more erotic scene. But, standing ovation for Adam’s amazing pecs, abs, butt, nipples, dick and face!

a********* - 01/01/2022 1:48:55 PM

Love adams body, wish he would grow his hair longer, great scene

g******* - 12/30/2021 11:49:17 PM

Great to see the ace veteran with the sexy, handsome, beautiful new boy. May the latter have many, many scenes with BA.

p********* - 12/29/2021 10:00:05 PM

Adam and Riis are delicious to see Adam remains for me my favorite with Kevin of all the actors of Belami and Freshmen he still has a lot of potential in him; he has a lot of charisma, a smile and a sense of humor that i love, he is one of the best versatile and i love to see him at the bottom like many of his fans. in any case it is always a joy to see you Adam in action with beautiful young people. I would like to see him in some scenes like bottom happy end of year celebrations again to all the Belami team thank you Georges Duroy for all the dreams that you have given life long life to you

l***** - 12/29/2021 9:44:22 AM

Adam's face, body and dick; Riis's youthful beauty; their obvious attraction for one another; hot loads. A masterpiece.

J******* - 12/29/2021 7:55:04 AM

"Newcomer" is correct. According to the GEVI database, he appeared in two episodes of "Hungarian Goulash" in 2019 on the BA site and was the newbie being trained in a video that appeared here a little over a year ago. But anything that features the more muscular version of Adam is welcome.

p******* - 12/28/2021 8:04:00 PM

Adam deserves a photoshoot to capture his fabulous physique as seen here assuming he has maintained it..

8********** - 12/28/2021 5:47:30 PM

Adam is always welcome. He is one of the hottest and best lovers in the history of BelAmi

d******* - 12/28/2021 1:15:19 PM

He will do!

J********* - 12/28/2021 1:06:41 PM

It is me, or has Adam gotten hotter as he has gotten older? Love this paring and agree, sexy Riis!

m******* - 12/28/2021 9:08:53 AM


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