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Riis Erikson & Justin Saradon

Justin Saradon shares with his friends a spicy story about a really hot guy. Even though it starts by „accident“, we still get a happy ending.

Justin invites newcomer Riis Erikson over to his apartment. After Riis takes a shower, they start to make out. Kissing quickly leads to mutual blowjobs. Justin is the first to offer his butt as he really needs to feel his lover's cock deep inside him. Riis fucks his partner slow and then starts to accelerate until they decide to switch roles. We then get to see Riis’ butt in action until we reach the promised happy ending.

Justin Saradon
Riis Erikson
F******* - 06/27/2024 9:59:46 AM

I won't be as harsh as topdog 2013 about Justin's behaviour, but I think he's overplaying his pleasure in shagging Riss a bit too much. It sounds fake and the way he avoids all of Riss's semen says a lot about his feelings. It's a shame because Riss is just perfect as usual.

G********* - 05/09/2024 7:19:13 PM

Another good scene with Justin, his orgasm at the end seems really intense. Riis is good too, though maybe needs some practice to develop into a top-rate performer. I agree with Justin (at least his character in this scene) that natural pubic hair is SO hot. Yeah, a little trimming can help sometimes, but not if it's all shaved off! A guy just looks too naked and immature if he loses his entire manly bush!

M********* - 10/17/2023 9:23:49 PM

Wow, hot as hell this guys and the erotic level both climb up. Very enjoyable sex.

m******* - 04/06/2023 5:20:59 PM

I love newcomer RIIS ERICKSON and it was pleasure to see that he joined the Freshman team. Was love at 1st sight. As soon as Riis took off his T-shirt, i was breathless watching his smooth chest, hairy balls and big sensitive and perky nipples. Like to see how he show us his hot male body and huge uncut banana dick and balls, which are so massive and huge. Was a great pleasure to see how this guy strokes his huge uncut banana dick untill he shoots his cum load. Hottest encounter with sexy Justin Saradon who enjoy sucking big cock, eating ass and like fucking his partner very hard bareback in this video. Great guy is Justin Saradon. Hope to see RIIJS Erickson and Justin Saradon very soon in a hot video again, where RIIS Erickswon get fucked very hard bareback. Was really HOT !!

w****** - 09/18/2022 11:32:45 PM

Big hairy bushes for ever! At last we get a pair of flip-flops. One flip-flop isn't much use unless you only have one leg. Lots of love to both (and the other three).

c********** - 04/28/2022 4:08:29 PM

Riis is a winner and should be around BAO and Freshmen for a long career. If the Justin diatribe about pubic hair was just part of the plot or his real feelings it was not a good scene. A big hairy bush is not a sign of a man. Shaved public hair or trimmed pubic hair is much more appealing than a jungle of hair covering a gorgeous cock and balls. Riis looks awesome with his shaved cock and balls. More of Riis. And more of shaved and trimmed boys lol.

b****** - 03/19/2022 3:15:22 PM

I love the "flip fuckig" scenes (unique, not split into two parts) and this realization was fantastic. Congratulations to the two models. Riis Erikson is really beautiful, I hope to see him again :-)

t********* - 02/05/2022 11:36:46 AM

Riis is smoking hot but Justin is a fuarking asshole bossy bitch and I hope you do NOT cast him in another video!!!!! He selfishly pulled out and stopped Riis from cumming so he could get the limelight of cumming first. Assho!!!!! NO MORE JUSTIN!!!!

G***** - 02/03/2022 6:33:08 PM

Riis is amazing

a***** - 02/01/2022 9:33:23 AM

I never got round to write, but I love Riis in this, how he was made to start sucking Justin off, then get on his knees to continue the service, got his legs lifted up so that Justin can make him feel good. I love watching his handsome face while he is drilled from behind and having his cock stroked at the same time, how he licks his lips and smiles, how his pec muscle contracts when he's fucked on his back, I definitely would've enjoyed his intense look a lot more than the close up on his cock and Justin's face. But anyway, I had fun! Adam told him in his first scene it's all about having fun right? I hope he did!

t***** - 01/31/2022 8:56:54 AM

Great scene, Justin as good as ever and a very good newbie.

H******* - 01/30/2022 9:15:07 PM

I want to see more of these two together. Gorgeous scene.

s************* - 01/29/2022 11:22:22 PM

I absolutely love any scene, Justin stars in; anytime he kisses another guy, it’s always genuine and so hot! Don’t think I’ve ever seen him, fail, in anything! More Justin!!!! ♥️

d******* - 01/29/2022 3:52:10 PM

Justin still so handsome but he needs someone more handsome than Riis. Riis needs more night practice.

g******* - 01/29/2022 1:00:34 AM

Riis is as handsome as Justin is as pretty. Great chemistry, passionate kissing and fucking. Loved it that Riis clearly loves having his sexy ass licked and he is surely going to do many more scenes for BA.

b******* - 01/28/2022 2:51:23 PM

Justin has always been a firm favorite, and I am glad to see that he is still goodlooking. He is a superb bottom, and Riis acquits himself well as a newbie. A great scene.

l********* - 01/26/2022 7:54:50 AM

So glad that Riis is back in action so soon! He is an absolute bombshell!

P****** - 01/26/2022 5:31:07 AM

Justin doesn't deserve Riis.

l***** - 01/26/2022 12:21:07 AM

Fire the videographer! All that ridiculous camera movement; he missed the best part of Riis' cumshot.

l******** - 01/25/2022 3:06:55 PM

I agree with Pancho. Justin is my favorite model but there's no denying Riis is insanely hot. I know opinions will vary but I would have preferred this pairing did a 2-part series where one bottoms in Pt 1 and then tops in Pt vs a flip flop scene. Also, as usual, the camera is going in way too close at times.

p***** - 01/25/2022 1:15:03 PM

I can't decide which of these two I like more (Justin has always been a huge favorite), so seeing them together is pure bliss. Wonderful kissing and a hot scene all around

j****** - 01/25/2022 10:54:08 AM

What a hot scene. Both boys fuck each other and justin comes directly when he pulls put his dick without a video cut. I like the tan and body and pubic hair of the new boy although his cumshot is not impressive. Thanks

J******** - 01/25/2022 9:49:06 AM

Ich mag es wenn ab 5:14 Justin's Eier auf Riis Gesicht hämmern, Justin beim Orgasmus brüllt und ab 17:54 der ausgespuckte Samen auf Riis Eichelkuppe trohnt!

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