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Riis Erikson & Jerome Exupery

Handsome newbie Riis Erickson got confused about who he was working with today but luckily our problem-solver Jerome Exupery is with him. When Riis finds out the scheduled photo shoot started without him, he quickly gets a better proposal. When Riis seductively undresses in front of Jerome, the excitement in Jerome’s eyes and pants rises and the only outcome is a vigorous fucking of Riis‘ sexy butt. We are glad Jerome had his camera with him so we can admire the beautiful lovemaking followed by two creamy loads.

Jerome Exupery
Riis Erikson
m******* - 09/19/2022 3:58:58 AM


d***** - 09/05/2022 6:57:40 PM

Although the scenario for this scene is really dimwitted (three-quarters of the way in Jerome completely abandons his camera, yet miraculously the scene continues to be filmed), Riis Erikson is a real pleasure to watch. He is super attractive and paired with the right partner, would be dynamite. However, the lack of eroticism in the scene does not show him to best advantage. I have nothing against Jerome, but it is true that he's not that sexy.

s******* - 09/04/2022 6:38:45 PM

Jerome is always awesome. more of Riis please.

b****** - 09/01/2022 11:25:05 AM

As I have written elsewhere there is no middle ground on Jerome . He is great because of his enthusiasm & skill & has a big following of those who love & hate him. I scene must only and always be rated or its quality never on whether you love or hate the players or even how they look!

h***** - 09/01/2022 3:46:13 AM

Very fine show. Much of the best things Bel Ami do. But I think its time to remind you that I am paying to see handsome boys having sex, in detail if you like. I am not paying to see boys, or anyone else, taking pictures of boys having sex, and particularly boys watching boys taking pictures of them having sex. That is material for films about how to take pictures, or, if you must, your documentary films. Please let the professional cameramen do the work they do so well, and let the performers give their full annention to what Jerome and Riis do so well in this piece.

m******* - 09/01/2022 1:39:38 AM

I love Jerome. Quirky, smirky, hot and so fun. And he is a sexy fucker/fuckee.

J****** - 09/01/2022 1:05:32 AM

I'm also a Fan of Jerome since he first appeared, so I also can't follow the negative comments about him. Riis is an absolutely hot and sexy new guy, of whom I hope we get to see many new scenes. I'd like to see him also as top or in a hot FlipFlop-Action, like his scene with Justin.

V************ - 08/31/2022 9:05:30 PM

Jerome is not my cup of tea. He has a great body and is good looking enough but his personality is a real turn off for me. I am glad others appreciate him, but I am not one of those who do. I woul dbe happy if he simply remained behind the scenes.

a***** - 08/31/2022 8:49:47 PM

I guess the scene receives 4 instead of 5 stars because of Jerome, such a shame, you can tell he's such an amazing performer here. How he seduces Riis, starts out wanting to do photoshoot with Riis and starts playing with his butt first on his kneeling position in front of the mirror, so hot, of course starting with the butt cheek then touching the hole with his fingers, then the butt. I know Riis prohibited to cum must be extra horny, it shows, and it's just awesome! Jerome plays with the whole of his body and makes him feel so good, you can see it written all over his face, the intense stare, the smiles, the o face, the eyes rolling. It was also hot to see how Jerome directs Riis from one room to sofa on the other room, guiding and kissing him from behind, with Riis rock hard. Riis really wants a cock in his ass and to cum bad, and it's amazing how Jerome plays with his body and stimulate it hard until Riis cums, and continues to fuck his ass. This scene is amazing, but it would be perfect if you didn't hard cut to cumming. Well done! I just can't believe how long you guys have kept this from us, haha. Hope there are loads more of this kinda scenes.

s******* - 08/31/2022 12:20:07 PM

Jerome is one of the most skilled performers, he never disappoints in his scenes. Only drawback is he lacks a bit of sensuality. Anyway I do prefer him as a performer than cameraman in the backstages, because he tends to put himself a bit too much in the foreground. But it's a venial sin. Jerome is a pillar in the Company, and I'll thank him for everything he does for us.

g******* - 08/31/2022 1:15:15 AM

Agree with topdog - sick of the diatribes about and cruelly against, Jerome.

t********* - 08/30/2022 6:53:05 PM

I think this anti-Jerome talk is bullshit. Jerome looks great (in fact, like Adam, he is more ripped from working out than when he first started with Helmut) and I welcome him in any scene. I do wish, however, that he could cum as far as Adam but I guess being cute and ripped is enough. 😎😎❤️👍

j****** - 08/30/2022 4:45:05 PM

Riis is hot and indeed for Jerome it is time to retire

n***** - 08/30/2022 4:41:05 PM

Riis, this scene would have been much better if you were not wearing those Orange Dork shorts. You should have been wearing a pair of Orange Speedo bikinis showing that manly dick that Jerome was about to exercise.

d******* - 08/30/2022 2:41:11 PM

Riis and Jerome had a sexy time together alone fucking each other. Riis was so lovely with those thick lips and lovely body for Jerome to get hard over.

P****** - 08/30/2022 1:38:22 PM

"We are glad Jerome had his camera with him." Jerome must sleep with his camera with him.

F********** - 08/30/2022 9:52:49 AM

Riis is not only handsome, but with a great body and really seems to enjoy sex! The chemistry is great between the boys. Loved it!

a******** - 08/30/2022 9:49:59 AM

The super sexy and slender Jerome does an excellent job at banging the newbie Riis…. Haven’t noticed him before but now certainly have…

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