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Riff Dornan & Elio Chalamet

Kevin Warhol has „kidnapped“ Elio Chalamet and Riff Dornan in order to continue his experiment making home videos. The gorgeous couple are super happy to finally get the chance to enjoy each other's naked bodies and simply don’t care who's filming them. Once they take off their clothes, the action picks up quickly and after kissing, rimming and a mutual blowjob, Elio is all smiles as Riff slides his thick cock inside him. When the boys leave to take a shower together, we stay a little while with Kevin who discusses his approach to filmmaking.

For those who are interested in knowing what happened to Kevin’s leg, watch upcoming Saturday's Quickies on our BelAmiOnline website. Please don’t watch it if you hate the sight of blood.

Riff Dornan
Elio Chalamet
M****** - 05/28/2022 6:37:13 PM

Such chemistry and passion here. Great job of capturing these lovely boys' faces and eyes as well as their youthful, delicious bodies. Riff is becoming a more powerful top and may soon equal the majesty of Adam and Jack in his wielding of his cock to please his partner. The location was romantic but the lighting didn't suffice until the spoons finale where some more illumination was employed.

V************ - 03/25/2022 6:49:36 PM

Unfortunately I found this scene very substandard from a production point of view. First of all, filming in the shade was a very poor choice resulting in a poor product. Secondly it lacked clear focus being more or less blurry. I realize t5his may be due to the home video aspect and which perhaps is a reason I am no fan of home videos due to the sup-par results. Thirdly the kissing was very superficial and Riff is not his best here. Elio is very hot and does an excellent job overall.

a***** - 03/24/2022 5:06:40 PM

Thanks for the talk at the end Kev. I think the intro of bringing Riff and Elio in the car is good fun, Riff seems experienced, Elio seems ready to take it all in. After seeing this, I just wish that 1 Riff will give it to Riis too. 2) Riff will get it in his ass too, I wanna know how he reacts to it. Anyway this is a hot episode and I hope Bobby and the other boy who I saw showed off his ass will be as enthusiastic about anal sex as ELio is here! I hope you groom them well.

g******* - 03/19/2022 10:54:49 AM

A very sexy couple, great sex! I love Kevin's style of doing Home Videos.

t********* - 03/18/2022 3:06:13 AM

Elio is beautiful, especially as his hair here is as he used to have as long before he starting shaving the sides of his head, making even someone as beautiful as him look awful. Here though, he is perfect.

d******* - 03/17/2022 8:58:09 PM

Lovely, especially Elio!!

g******* - 03/16/2022 12:01:49 AM

Yes, Riff and Elio clearly enjoyed this sex.

M******* - 03/15/2022 11:46:08 AM

Gorgeous !!!

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