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Rico Gabbani & Stefan Faber

Both Rico and Stefan started working for us this year, so we are unsure of their future. Covid 19 has played havoc with our filming, so we haven’t worked with either boy as much as we would have liked.

Strip poker is far too sedentary for these strapping newbies, so they elected to pursue the more athletic strip tennis. These two fit and sporty newbies are pleasing to the eye and have nice dicks. They also put on quite a good show.

Rico Gabbani
Stefan Faber
S******* - 09/07/2021 10:12:44 PM

Nice scene

m******* - 08/17/2021 10:48:47 PM

I am a big fan of RICO Gabbani, you can say a cousin of Andrei Karenin, both have same dark huge cocks and dark nipples too. About RICO, this guy appears in videos at several other studios for which he works as William Higgens, Southern strokes, Czech Hunter . In those videos he got the names as Alex Ademar and LUKE GEER. So all those 3 names is for this same hot Czech dude. RICO is such a hot dude and hot TOP too, he loves to fuck men the hard way for sure. Bring RICO and Stefan Faber back soon again in a bareback scene, both men are hot as hell !

a********* - 02/09/2021 7:15:13 PM

Due ragazzi molto attraenti. Ma l'intera sequenza della scopata è soporifera, e non ho potuto evitare di addormentarmi.

M****** - 12/18/2020 11:54:11 PM

I can't add much to previous observations, but I sure like that apartment. Seems like a real high-end sex club with all those sofas available.

i***** - 11/11/2020 1:42:38 AM

I saw this video before can't remember when but no problem still was great, Ricco may not be as handsome as some have stated but sultry as hell and a great performer and Stepan was a perfect partner, seem to be good chemistry between them and now that there is a vaccine coming soon please be sure to invite them both back.

t**************** - 11/05/2020 1:13:52 AM

I wasn't a fan of Stefan Faber when he was on a rival site and still feel the same.

S****** - 10/24/2020 2:45:14 AM

Rico had a very good cumshot - wasted on Stefan's neck - it should have sprayed on Stefan's face...

C******** - 10/12/2020 5:20:04 AM

While Rico and Stefan have attractive enough attributes, my main satisfaction came from the excellent camera pick-up of the dick licking, the rimming and the intimate kissing, especially their close kissing post-climax.

R************ - 10/11/2020 5:15:23 PM

Splendidi ragazzi per pompe!!

g******* - 10/09/2020 12:24:06 AM

Rico has adorable nipples that begged to be sucked. Liked seeing the two naked boys fooling around before the sex. The sex was ok but the jizz at the end was exceptional, especially Rico. I would like to know more about them..

h********** - 10/08/2020 2:28:09 AM

I enjoyed this scene and the two models

l******* - 10/07/2020 3:35:04 AM

Loved Stefan's treasure trail. And the face sitting was hot. Sexy scene.

w****** - 10/06/2020 11:04:49 PM

This was a bit like watching two extras from The Godfather or Once Upon a Time in New York.

b******** - 10/06/2020 9:20:15 PM

Rico has amazing nipples - big, pronounced, dark brown - yet they were completely ignored both by his partner and the cameraman. Such a shame

V************ - 10/06/2020 6:08:30 PM

A very unremarkable scene. Very low energy. Neither sucks very deep.. The kissing is pretty much superficial. It is all pretty mechanical with a bit of moaning throughout.Rico is very handsome and masculine and had an amazing cum blast. Stefan not so much. They both have a long way to go if they want to truly succeed as Belami models. But if not, then it is not a big loss either way. Personally I found myself fast forwarding through a lot of this a it was so boring..

h********* - 10/06/2020 3:48:41 PM

Stefan is hot, Rico is not. Like Stefan’s natural body hair...nice pubes, stomach, butt, hole. His ease at riding a cock would say this is not his first rodeo. Nice shot from below when fucking shows his nice hairy jock legs, throbbing cock and sweaty pits. Why do we not see ANY shots of either boy’s ass? No nipple action and no armpit licking, even though Rico shot cum into Stefan’s pit? Please bring back Stefan.

W****** - 10/06/2020 3:13:53 PM

A very enjoyable scene. I’m a big admirer of the masculine Rico and his awesome nipples. He might not have a classically handsome face but I find him very attractive and hope he shoots many more scenes for bel ami.

H***** - 10/06/2020 2:53:17 PM

Not my cup of tea.

t***** - 10/06/2020 1:56:40 PM

These two are not up to Freshman/Belami standards. I hate to see any scene wasted when there are so many other models of much higher quality.

P****** - 10/06/2020 1:48:18 PM

Not a huge fan of either.

o****** - 10/06/2020 10:00:02 AM

Better sex scene what is not difficult..; Stefan gets not really BelAmy type but he is pleasant and at least he enjoys sex... Rico is beautiful He gets incredible nipples! Explosive shoot on Stefan's face!

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