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Rico Gabbani & Jamie Eliot

Rico Gabbani possesses an admirable physique. It's quickly noticed by Jamie Eliot who decides to join him on the terrace. Jamie makes up an excuse to take Rico into the apartment and then they make out until their pants drop off. After a hot blowjob session, Rico starts rimming Jamie’s ass to ready it for penetration. Just two positions are enough to make Jamie cum. Rico lets Jamie ride his cock until he is ready to take the entire load on his face.

Rico Gabbani
Jamie Eliot
m****** - 04/03/2022 6:58:31 PM

Andre Boleyn should have been the bottom here for this extraordinary top guy. I just don't find Jamie attractive nor is she as skilled and charming a performer.

G******* - 09/24/2021 10:27:26 PM

Rico knows how to top, Jamie is such an amazingly passionate bttm, and then Rico's massive cum shot makes this video even better! Great work.

d********* - 09/19/2021 4:28:39 AM

Hot, so good 2 hear a guy cumming…so many on here are too quiet!

d******* - 09/13/2021 12:48:06 AM

Rico was in very good shape and fucked Jamie very well. Jamie looked in need of workout.

A****** - 09/11/2021 10:24:45 AM

Damn, Rico surely saved up a lot of milk for that amazing cumshot. Amazing scene overall, great guys.

t********* - 09/11/2021 8:48:15 AM

LOVE RICO!! MORE PLEASE!! But, let's have Rico bottom and have the top spend time licking and sucking Rico's INCREDIBLE NIPPLES before they fuck him on his back and make him cum before they do!!

g******* - 09/09/2021 7:25:54 AM

That was awesome. Two sexy gays guys totally ease with each other. The grab at Rico's crotch during the weights session was the sign that this would be a natural, carefree and happy fuck and so it was. Two big cumshots and Rico's blast down Jamie's mouth was tops and then the shower scene at the end was almost as erotic as the rest with Jamie ready for more 0 immediately! Stuff lunch.

w****** - 09/07/2021 10:46:47 PM

The state of Jamie's cock at the end of this scene suggests that he was in need of much more action.

b******** - 09/07/2021 5:30:42 PM

such a shame that Jamie didn't suck and lick on Rico's beautiful big dark brown nipples. For my mind there isn't enough nipple play on BA & Freshman

W****** - 09/07/2021 1:01:12 PM

Also love Rico. Any scene with him is a joy to watch.

p***** - 09/07/2021 12:53:25 PM

A very hot scene. I'd love to see a Part II with Jamie topping Rico.

J******** - 09/07/2021 10:52:55 AM

Ich mag Rico's Samenkanone und seine geile Vorhaut bei 15:56 so sexy!

a***** - 09/07/2021 10:45:27 AM

Amazing sex 😍😍😍

s******** - 09/07/2021 9:33:25 AM

Que Rico!!! Uno culo caliente stuffed with fine fine unbridled volcanic sex....a true stiffeningly inspired that Jamie prefers to wear tight jeans that barely contain his tumescence such that Rico can must struggle to release his kraken for Rico's sexuberant inspection. Geat great scene. MAS RICO y JAMIE POR FAVOR. Also get these two with sex-muffins Jorik, Moffie, Pip, Viggo and Sven in an orgy.

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