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Rene Ferri & Adam Archuleta

Here is the first of the two scenes we have filmed with Rene Ferri. While we recognize that the allure of Adam Archuleta remains as powerful as ever, we’d like you to focus on Rene in your comments.  Adam has more than 70 scenes compared to Rene’s two.  Obviously there will be a difference in performance.  We need to know your overall impression of Rene.  If it is lukewarm we’ll stick with just the two scenes.

Adam Archuleta
Rene Ferri
K*********** - 05/09/2020 7:35:31 PM

Too bad Rene didn't work out. I saw his reticence but felt it was an asset. As soon as I saw this I wanted more!

D************ - 03/13/2019 7:22:47 AM


a****** - 04/19/2018 4:30:41 AM

What a pity you don't have more of Rene. Wouldn't Need Adam.

i****** - 03/09/2018 4:58:54 AM

Rene is very sexy. Stick with him please

c********* - 02/18/2017 1:28:03 AM

Wow Rene is drop dead gorgeous with those dazzling blues eyes, long eye lashes, athletic body and awesome cock. He is a great find. He is nervous as to be expected but comparing an experienced Adam with an inexperienced Rene is extremely unfair as your description explains. I find him and his eyes breathtakingly gorgeous. He is hot and deserves to be given some slack. His body is absolute perfection for me - not too skinny and not overly muscular.

t********* - 02/17/2017 11:03:18 PM

Adam is King Kong..awesome stud

N******** - 02/13/2017 9:01:56 PM

Very disappointed - Rene is just too unexpressive (or is he just bored?). Good thing we had Adam to focus on, as he is in fantastic shape here, with everything nicely displayed thanks to the well trimmed pubes.

x******* - 02/13/2017 9:07:41 AM

Such a wonderful teacher, Adam is!! Jealous of Rene!

g******* - 02/13/2017 12:29:54 AM

I have no reservations about Rene. He is blonde and beautiful with a glorious cock. He relishes Adam's cock so tenderly in the foreplay. What's not to like? He is reserved but that's not a bad quality - in a way it makes him all the more sexy.

I*************** - 02/12/2017 12:27:38 PM

Just give him more time and training! Don't let him go!

a***** - 02/12/2017 10:38:39 AM

Wonderful scene! I would like to see more of Rene.

p********* - 02/10/2017 8:50:12 PM

I love this scene in there Adam for me you best Joker turn the shy René . its a good mix with a sensual René and the hottest Adam Give a chance for René Merci GD

a***** - 02/10/2017 11:32:01 AM

I find it oddly surprising to think that Adam has only filmed 70+ scenes. I would thought it been more.

d***** - 02/10/2017 5:17:50 AM

Adam as always is superb. Rene is stunning. Great scene. Please bring Rene back for many more scenes.

s****** - 02/10/2017 3:30:42 AM

May be I am wrong ! But I think that in normal sex adventure , fingering comes before pounding. Why does Freshmen scenes never show us FINGERING ????

t********* - 02/09/2017 9:36:14 AM

RENE IS AWESOME!!! A definitive 10-star keeper!

o****** - 02/09/2017 7:52:44 AM

Very jealous of Rene... Adam is incredibly more and more gorgeous (except his pubes too trimmed, but this is just a detail), powerful, talented lover!!! What such a great fuck with re-entry! What such a fantastic cum shot! On his profil image Rene is cute but strangely in "life" his face is ugly, expressionless, drab! His body is not bad but he is so cllumsy, introvert! By another way the cameraman missed his shot! Stick with just the two scenes... Sorry! 5***** for Adam! 1* for Rene! So 3***

J****** - 02/08/2017 7:16:44 PM

René est agréable mais un peu faible ou timide et, manque d'initiative. Faire un autre essai, juste mon avis.

p***** - 02/08/2017 3:05:21 PM

I have a weakness for blonds & I find Rene's body & big dick very attractive. He has come a long way from his first scene with Adam on KA in May 2015. His somewhat vacant facial expressions are his current undoing. He is sexual enough if he could just express his personality more in his love making. I'd like to see a bit more of Rene.

r***** - 02/08/2017 1:30:07 PM

Rene has beautiful, blonde-hair covered thighs and legs, a very nice ass and he sure can take a fucking. Adam looked great pumping home his huge pud. Rene sported a good cock and family jewels and with only some toning to his chest and arms he'd be a great addition to the corral.

S********* - 02/08/2017 12:03:00 PM

I Like Rene, nice face, body, legs and dick.Willing to see more of him.

r******** - 02/08/2017 12:00:15 PM

Rene is hot.

v******* - 02/08/2017 9:55:40 AM

I really like Rene. He is cute, has a nice body, a hot dick and a beatiful ass and legs. Please keep him!

j****** - 02/08/2017 4:35:12 AM

Nice guy this rene

g********* - 02/08/2017 2:15:55 AM

Adam, yes: always wow, Rene does nothing for me. Wrong combination, to my opinion.

r***** - 02/08/2017 1:51:06 AM

L missed Rene so much. He seemed to have been disappeared, Now fortunately he appeared again. A bit more adult and masculine, but not less sensitive. Please keep him and maintain him. He isn't really a newbie, more a pro. But it doesn't matter, he will be a great BA star. Even just the blowjobs (giving an taking) are excellent

A********** - 02/08/2017 1:11:14 AM

Today I noted Bob Marghiela (100 stars) and Rene (1 or 2 stars)..... Extremely significant difference !!! Rene is not sexy for me, not hot, not handsome acting..... he does not seem to be a freshman..........

v********* - 02/07/2017 10:46:17 PM

Rene is sexy, blonde, nice dick & ass. Mixed feelings about him. He seemed to like Adam & was comfortable talking. In bottoming he looked uninterested & almost pained. Not sure if it is lack of bottom experience or nerves. You would be a better judge than I on how he mixes with the other guys. He definitely has to up his game to make it long term in your talent pool. Might take more to being a top, although, I think that a great bottom always makes the best top. Only a great bottom knows instinctively as a top how to please a bottom.

g********* - 02/07/2017 8:45:52 PM

Adam is his usual magnificent self, but I felt his efforts were wasted on the rather colourless and dull Rene.

H***** - 02/07/2017 3:48:30 PM

Adam is Adam, super hot! Rene I don't know. Has to learn a lot, has a hot ass and dick!

e******* - 02/07/2017 3:43:48 PM each his own, I suppose. I think Rene is just stunning, and would love to see more of him, especially with the other Freshmen.

P****** - 02/07/2017 2:30:34 PM

Not riding the Ferri ferry. The two scenes were more than enough. Now Bob on the other hand . . . .

m***** - 02/07/2017 11:05:03 AM

My suggestion is: stick with just the two scenes.

s***** - 02/07/2017 10:02:15 AM

I find Rene to be drab, and that’s not even taking into account his lack of coaching. Adam is superbly sexy and compelling, as always.

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