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Pip Caulfield & Sven Basquiat part 1

Fashion faux paus, first world problems and fabulous fucking highlight this scene featuring two of your favourite twinks: Sven and Pip. The fashion faux pas occurs when Pip buys the same shirt as Sven, causing the more fashionable Sven to have a bit of a meltdown. It will be “weird” if they’re seen together dressed the same! While Pip isn’t willing to give Sven the shirt off his back, to make peace he is very willing to offer his hot ass as compensation. As you’re aware, this is a two-part special. So, we’ll have a chance to see Pip return the favour. We know that Pip loves big dicks. It seems as if he loves average ones too, provided they’re attached to a gorgeous blond with a taut body and an insatiable sex drive. Judging by the amount of cum Pip pumps out- the biggest load to date- he seems more than satisfied with Sven.

Pip Caulfield
Sven Basquiat
j********* - 03/19/2023 7:33:46 PM

Pip is always lovely. Sven could be 10/10 except for that hideous tattoo that mars his beautiful body. Why is it not possible to turn the scene around so that Sven's left arm is "upstage" and cannot be viewed so easily? Of course, pure Pip is unmarked by ink and is therefore able to be filmed from any angle.

d******* - 01/23/2020 3:30:05 PM

Pip is such a living doll!!

o***** - 01/04/2020 2:22:32 AM

Loved it. Pip might be loosing some hair but he's still cute, and I love that he loves to bottom. Sven is one of my new favorites, and was great!

C************** - 12/04/2019 3:22:48 PM

Absolutely love Pip. Everything about him.

m***** - 12/02/2019 6:49:49 PM

Bothe nicely matched... well done boys, and well done camera an editor.

a********* - 12/01/2019 8:01:24 PM

I came back here in Freshmen, after about a month of absence, abandoning to their fate the many stale archive antics of the famous antiquated director who fill out the updates on Belami ... and I found this wonderful hypnotic vision with Pip and Sven! I think I did well, waiting for a presumable future renewal of the imagination in Belami. Obviously I rated 5 stars for this scene, like part two.

V************ - 11/29/2019 5:15:26 PM

Both of these young men are wonderful performers and a good pairing.. Sven is one of my favorites and does a great job here topping Pip. Would liked to have seen close up when Sven was licking Pilp's ass after cumming. Very nice voluminous load of cum from Pip.

R************ - 11/28/2019 1:58:16 PM

Davanti a questo video mi sono segato.

w****** - 11/27/2019 10:50:08 PM

I have used a T-shirt in better condition than that rag Pip was wearing to scrub my kitchen floor. If I had thought it could be used to seduce Sven I would still be wearing it. Also, Pip may not have the biggest cock at Belami but performs the best helicopter impersonation with it. Many thanks and love and kisses to all.

b***** - 11/27/2019 1:23:14 PM

My bundle of joy, cute and sweet Pip 💘💘💘 and Sven make a beautiful pairing. Pip is caring and affectionate as always (even in the introduction in the park he shows off as the more engaging partner in this twosome) and by far the best kisser (would want Sven were a bit less reluctant in his kissing, would make him so much better as a performer). Overall the scene is both exciting and endearing, a more continuous style of filming could have made this pairing of these two beautiful men one of the best episodes ever though. Now it is a bit of a missed opportunity: the best models deserve only the best cameraman/director/editor that is able to bring out the passion and chemistry between the models. Passion and chemistry is shining through now but could be more apparent, we all know what the little sex devil with the angels face is capable of when let loose 😍😍😍

M******** - 11/27/2019 2:02:25 AM


g******* - 11/26/2019 8:22:54 PM

I almost came when they were in the park. Two absolutely stunning boys and the whole scene was erotic, intimate and so real. Pipi's cum was "awesome" and Sven is such a delight. Wow! Just needed some shots of Sven's cute arse as he fucked Pip.

x****** - 11/26/2019 6:52:33 PM

Pip, I'd be glad to give you the shirt off my back. And my pants, too!! What a hot little dude!

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