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Pip Caulfield & Mael Gauthier

Mael’s reputation for shyness is undeserved. He’s just a bit more reserved than the rest of our rowdy bunch. Two members of that bunch, Kevin and Adam, attempt to break Mael from his shell through a benevolent prank. They tell him he is coming for a photoshoot, but their real intention is for him to give Pip the fucking of his life. He’s surprised at first but recovers quickly enough to show Pip why Hungarians have a reputation for being great lovers. Pip’s appreciation for his lover’s skills is matched by his love of cock evident throughout the video. Mael shows equal enthusiasm for Pip’s ass as he pushes his huge creamy load back into him.

Pip Caulfield
Mael Gauthier
d******* - 05/23/2021 5:14:18 PM

Excellent scene, and Mael's cum was really nice to watch, a big mess!

t********* - 02/24/2021 1:09:39 PM

Pip and his little dick are always ready for a good fuck. Love when he pushes back while getting it doggy style and riding.

b****** - 03/11/2019 2:53:43 PM


g******* - 10/29/2018 3:02:12 AM

Lovely pairing between the beautiful Pip and the handsome Mael. The sex was fantastic and they were really into each other.

o****** - 10/14/2018 7:03:09 AM

Don't know if that is Pip's fucking of his life but it's a good one! Nice pairing! Pip as ever is absolutely exquisite! No stunning his adorable ass and hole break Mael's shell! "His huge creamy load back into him" is very hot, but who decided to shave his pubes like that? His dick would appear thick even without this horrible manscaping! Otherwise, were Kevin and Adam's annoying cameras absolutely necessary? 5*for the models only

w******* - 10/11/2018 12:14:10 AM

I love this pairing - I love ass-licking, cock-sucking and ass-pounding but I am most turned on by erotic love-making -tongue on tongue kissing and this certainly was erectifying for me !!

b******* - 10/10/2018 8:40:44 PM

A marvellous scene with two accomplished lovers. Pip goes from stength to strength. A pity about the nonsense with Adam and Kevin at the beginning though. I have always liked Kevin but am getting increasingly irritated by his constant irrelevant appearances before the camera, sometimes just popping up to give a cheeky grin. Kevin has had his day centre stage : it is surely time now for him to stand back and allow the new guys their time in the limelight..

j***** - 10/10/2018 4:00:40 AM

Any scene that Pip is in is very Sexy. But I must say that Mael is sexy also. Pip has the cutest face, nice legs, and ass.

m******* - 10/09/2018 6:43:34 PM

apart from the nice pranksters Kevin and Adam who are like parsley and are everywhere, Pip and Mael are very very attractive, and like I think of all of us despite their bodies are thin and slender and not particularly muscular, (you do not need to be super muscled to be attractive) are the classic guys next door, the first floor of Pip while Mael licks his ass (unfortunately short action) and 'wonderful, he is' really an angel, cute and delicious, nice scene apart from some problem of shooting between two guys really anxious to make love, here the chemistry between them is

r*********** - 10/09/2018 4:37:39 PM

Mael is sizzling hot and is a perfect foil to the gorgeous Pip. In my book, Mael and Jim Durden are right off the heat scale. A pairing of these two would be amazing.

N******** - 10/09/2018 4:22:30 PM

Another scene nearly ruined by the foolish antics and bad camera work of Kevin and Adam (when will BA stop this nonsense?) - but thankfully the star quality of Pip shines through!

J****** - 10/09/2018 3:28:30 PM

Les deux jeunes hommes sont fait l'un pour l'autre dans cette vidéo. Il se dégage une atmosphère de passion entre Mael et Pip ce sont deux véritables artistes deux jeunes princes charmants ...

L*********** - 10/09/2018 2:58:37 PM

Agree with "haroldc686" what about the opening and the camera work. Besides of this Pip is in the position to "re-place" my KAFM all star Jean-Luc as for the best bottom performer and Mael he´s in action and passion perfect the same way in top. YES: 5 stars for the models (nevertheless is miss Lean-Luc).

h********* - 10/09/2018 2:25:51 PM

Pip the Magnificent! Fantastic as always, even with Mael, who sort of rises to the occasion. Did not like the opening mess with Kevin and Adam, and the overall camera work was poor. It’s as if they think the camera should always be moving. With a beauty like Pip, no movement is needed! 5 stars for the models.

l******* - 10/09/2018 2:18:06 PM

Pip is looking great - like the haircut. It makes him look both younger & more masculine. Maels' initial reaction of "what is this?" was priceless. Then you can see the wheels in the brain start turning & it's like "a beautiful boy who is into me. Guess I'll just fuck him!" Wish my day went like that. Pip can attack me anytime & hope he brings Mael!

p***** - 10/09/2018 1:32:12 PM

Pip could make any top crazy for him and Mael is no exception. Whatever it is that makes our Hungarians such great lovers, Mael's got that thing.

b***** - 10/09/2018 1:02:53 PM

I have to agree with my bundle of joy Pip 😍😍😍: it was very nice. In fact this episode is more than nice, the pairing is both wonderful and beautiful and is all about hot and affectionate sex. I can’t remember having seen Mael as passionate about his partner as in this episode with the little sex devil with the angel face 💘💘💘, it shows in the way he responds to Pip’s deep kissing and caressing. One of Pip’s best scenes and definitely Mael’s best.

a********* - 10/09/2018 11:56:15 AM

I hope that the whole video has not been taken by those two amateur novices with the camera Adam and Kevin, but I'm afraid of yes, after I see and if the shots swaying frighteningly, then I escape and I put myself in safety. --- Now I saw it, I confirm the first intuition, I came out with no excitement and a great seasickness.

s******** - 10/09/2018 10:38:57 AM

Furiously SEXY...Pip insatiable and cock-hungry with Mael as his official please have them fuck on a balcony...and the last part with Mael's spent cock lingering inside of Pip's spunkerific hole was BRILLIANTLY SuperUberGeil - the Essence of BelAmi. (Todd and Dolph had a similar scene when they self-filmed their fucking on vacation).

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