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Pip Caulfield & Jim Durden part 2

Our new boys tend to share one characteristic: they like their love-making wild and free with vigorous, unrestrained, fucking. As demonstrated in parts one and two of this special scene, Pip and Jim share this trait. Part two has Jim demonstrating this wild fucking style on Pip who is returning to form as a bottom.

Pip Caulfield
Jim Durden
T******* - 09/28/2021 5:23:10 AM

Pip adores getting rimmed and I love seeing him ,he presses all my buttons. Jim does it so well each time. If this was in the Olympics they have won 🏅 the gold medals.

d******* - 05/10/2020 1:56:53 PM

Perfect as both Pip and Jim make love to all satisfaction.

D************* - 11/11/2019 12:00:05 AM

Once again Jim Durden proves that he is the world's greatest lover. Jim Durden is so handsome and lovable. So believable that he really loves his partners. The way he touches them, the body language, the expressions on his face. I love him so much! That was a cute ending (after a very emotional orgasn by Jim Durden). Jim said, "Hug me!" So cute. As Jim Durden's biggest fan, I need more downloadable high resolution photos please.

w****** - 08/17/2019 11:02:04 PM

I would love to hug them both!

V************ - 07/08/2019 4:34:34 PM

Loved how these two performed together. Such a great match! Loved the way both voraciously rimmed their partners, Pip in scnene 1 and both here. Their kissing is also great. I loved the transition form scene 1 to scene 2, the after play at the end of scene 1 was wonderful, and then it flowed into scene 2. The only problem is Jim has no time to clean up from scene 1. So, it would have been more rrealistic if he excused himslft to wash up from scene one and came back to Pip still lying there and then came back and seduced Pip for round 2. None the less, two really good scenes.

r*********** - 10/07/2018 11:31:02 PM

Apart from the interminable rimming this was a great fuck scene. Jim is SO hot. And so tender. Awesome scene.

s****** - 08/22/2018 6:16:10 AM

This is the hottest rimming scene I've seen so far. Amazing! Kudos.

a******** - 08/06/2018 9:41:47 PM

The best scene until now of 2018!!! I'd say of Freshmen since its released! Pip and Jim put truth in scene! By the way, I repair that both are like this in all their scenes. I bristled in many moments in this scene! So cute Pip asking a hug to Jim in the end of the scene! Pip and Jim are sexy and cute at the same time! I'm becoming fan! I want more more more of Pip and Jim, separeted or together!

D******* - 07/31/2018 2:44:23 AM

C'est magnifique!

N******** - 07/30/2018 12:59:37 PM

This two part scene is absolutely and unquestionably the greatest love making ever shown on this site. Magnificent. Pip and Jim are perfect together.

C******** - 07/28/2018 12:58:03 AM

Loved part 1! Maybe, love this one even more! Their chemistry is great, exactly what you need for authentic sex. For all the powerful fucking (not the typical twink fare) and mouthwatering rimming, my favorite moment is Pip’s happiness with his face in Jim‘s neck while Jim plays with Pip‘s ass. And great gratitude for the camera/direction that takes us away from the routine of suck-suck-rim-fuck. This was so much more delicious 😋

J****** - 07/27/2018 8:42:19 PM

Can't think of a more satisfying flip flop pair of BA scenes! Love it when both boys are rimming, so it is just not to prepare for penetration. And what enthusiastic rimming! Of course, who wouldn't want to taste either of these delectable assholes! Loved all the affection, and particularly the way they just wanted to hug each other as if to savor the miracle of what they had just experienced! Can't say BRAVO loudly enough to both Jim and Pip!

e******* - 07/27/2018 2:16:15 PM

Totally agree con Acquarello and Lutz8Neumann.

u******** - 07/25/2018 8:15:44 PM

Loved this scene! Awesome in every way----the love making affection was excellent & the sucking and fucking the best showing the up close fucking penetration balls deep. GREAT CAMERA WORK! Would like to see the models taste or eat each others cum at the end of the scene as that denotes sexual affection!

s******* - 07/25/2018 6:46:11 PM

Same for second part. Pure Paradise! Hugs, kisses, caresses, passion both from body and heart...all BA guys must learn from these two real stars, who don't lose anything of their inner side! Glory to Pip! 💞💞💞

a********* - 07/25/2018 12:16:58 PM

💚 💙 💜 ❤️ 💛 do not exist in the languages known in all the world, enough superlative adjectives accurate and exhaustive to praise these two Men.

l******* - 07/24/2018 6:56:16 PM

Ahh, they're so sweet. They fuck like bunnies & love each other without pretense. You just gotta love them. Hey, check out Jims' upper body. That boy's been hittin the gym. Lookin good Jim, no pun intended. Great job all!

S******* - 07/24/2018 5:22:04 PM

Wow! Where to start? This scene was totally fantastic! The chemistry was obvious; real passion like this is hard to find! Hats off to the cameraman! The close ups of the beautiful boy slits was wonderful! Both these guys generally bring intensity to their scenes ; but today was very special! This totally looks like boyfriend sex. Much more of both these guys please!!!

m****** - 07/24/2018 4:48:51 PM

Totally agree with Lutz8neumann.

L*********** - 07/24/2018 2:07:41 PM

Agree with all the positive comments below, this flip-flop is under all aspects really the BEST OF THE BEST KAFM, minimum of the current month but a clear candidate for more, there are not stars enough to rate for this two wonderful sexy guys, Jim and Pip - and clearly to say before there are in some ugly comments about Jim´s acne like before again: For me he´s not for a single second less attractive about it! All stars for Pip and Jim and the camera job!

b***** - 07/24/2018 11:31:53 AM

What I said in my comment on part 1. I love it that my bundle of joy Pip 💘💘💘 likes to hug and kiss so much, showing affection is so important when having sex.

s******** - 07/24/2018 10:01:32 AM

JIM and PIP are wonderfully UberGeil at ASSASSEMENATION....TRES DOUBLEPLUSGOOD....

o****** - 07/24/2018 9:54:39 AM

Wonderful making love on two parts! Great chemistry , youthful energy, love, sex! Fantastic foreplays, sucks, rims, fucks, cumshots, loads! Like their looks for each other, talks, passion!!! Two splendid puppies in love! Jim and peculiarly Pip's rosebuds are two treasures!!! Congratulations to them, director, cameramen! Great artwork! Thank you so much!!!

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