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Pip Caulfield & Benoit Ulliel

This scene was filmed near Christmas time last year. We find Pip and Benoit examining their purchase of ‘Trdelnik’ - a local kind of roasted cinnamon roll and Christmas tradition.

They find these treats too dry and tough to justify staying out in the cold and head home to warm up and find another way to satisfy their cravings.

The frigid cold leads to heated action as they warm up through kissing, rubbing, sucking and fucking. As is typical of this generation’s boys, the action is at once affectionate, genuine and a little slutty. Pip shows his usual exuberance for being fucked.

Pip Caulfield
Benoit Ulliel
h********* - 06/05/2018 7:15:01 PM

OMG! The energy these two Display is amazing. Pip is such a hot babe, handsome, nice body, wonderful hairy legs, butt, crotch and pits. Benoit is also a looker. This scene smokes!

o****** - 05/28/2018 5:42:49 PM

My be-loved Pip! Enjoying so much to be fucked well by handsome and powerful Benoit!!!

a******** - 05/23/2018 2:23:02 PM

Wow, what a beauty Benoit is...... Pip is of course second to none!

g********* - 05/23/2018 11:27:49 AM

Any scene with Pip is an automatic five star one, and this is an excellent pairing with the virile Benoit. Did they really brave the cold with no underwear?!

J******* - 05/23/2018 2:49:41 AM

Undeniably, Pip is one of Bel Ami's best new stars! He brings real sexiness, enthusiasm, energy, and excitement to his scenes and seems to genuinely enjoy what he is doing, which is great for all viewers! Benoit exudes a subtle but powerful sensuality and charm! They're a great pairing and I hope to see more of them!

g******* - 05/23/2018 2:18:56 AM

Fabulous. Pip is soooo sexy and cute. He adores cock and Benoit fulfilled his wishes very nicely. I liked his deep penetration and then the creamy mess on Pip's stomach was very sexy.

J****** - 05/23/2018 1:41:55 AM

Pip is indescribably cute, affectionate, adorable! Even his unremarkable penis size exactly suits him. Even his feet are beautiful, with cute little toes good enough to nibble on! Benoit is a lover who fucks with the intensity and passion only the young possess. He does everything to bring Pip to his orgasm. How he delays his own until Pip is satisfied is a remarkable act of self control. I loved the way Pips's asshole got so wet from all the precum Benoit was evidently producing. TERRIFIC SCENE!

r******* - 05/22/2018 6:42:45 PM

Oohhh Pip, mein geiler kleiner Liebling!! Du bringst langsam um meinen Verstand, so sehr begehre ich Dich. Wie gerne wäre ich einmal derjenige den Du verführst.....Ich muss zugeben auch Benoit ist aber ebenso absolut toll. Bei diesen zwei herrliche Jungs beim vögeln dabei zu sein ist ein Highlight der Extraklasse. Benoit fickt wirklich gut, schiebt seine Rübe bis zum Anschlag in Pips heisses Loch....und Pip geniesst es in voller Geilheit! Geil wie die Boys fast gleichzeitig kommen....die zwei Samenspender würde ich gerne sauber lecken, eine Delikatesse!!!!!!!!!

J****** - 05/22/2018 4:22:30 PM

Deux sexy garçons si chauds et si mignons et que d'énergie partagée entre eux deux . Superbe!

s******* - 05/22/2018 2:13:46 PM

Pip is a gift from Heaven! 💕💕💕 And Benoit is worthy of him!

L*********** - 05/22/2018 1:31:47 PM

A hot and very erotically sex action of two great KAFM guys with fantastically close ups in it. Pip is a wonder in bottom and Benoit is no less a gerat pleasure to watch, two amazing hot sex rockets and some of the best to represent the trade mark of KAFM what about the best you can see.

C******* - 05/22/2018 1:07:55 PM

Benoit is so cute!

N******** - 05/22/2018 12:49:26 PM

How do you praise the perfection that is Pip?

m******* - 05/22/2018 11:19:15 AM

Incredible Pip, he's too cute, enthusiastic, joyful, he becomes repetitive with him, he loves cock and the passion with which he licks Benoit's cock is extraordinary and when he fucks him it's evident his emotional participation, his enjoyment authentic, he makes love seriously does not pretend, he really likes it, then he has a slim and very harmonious body, not very high but very well proportioned and pleasant, I wanted to stay in Benoit's place (also very nice) while he licked Pip's asshole

a********* - 05/22/2018 11:12:55 AM

💙 💜 P ❤️ I ❤️ P 💛 💚

a***** - 05/22/2018 10:59:32 AM

Fierce fucking 💕💕💕

b***** - 05/22/2018 10:36:44 AM

Sweet little Pip 💘 is easily the most affectionate lover of his generation, probably the most affectionate in the history of BA. In this pairing he is eager as always, I love it that he is talkative, vocal and a little directive during sex. Pip is romance, affection and sex on legs. Benoit proves to be a worthy partner also capable of affectionate and romantic sex. All the stars in the galaxy for Pip, five for Benoit and ten out of five for the scene!

s******** - 05/22/2018 10:09:55 AM

unbridled sexiness...Pip has transformed into the Einzige UberJoyBoy of BAKAF and all he does is make every scene he is always LIT...would love to know what happens under the blanket and when they awken from nap with afternoon wood - yeppers have them fuck out on a cold balcony....tres chaud

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