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Pip Caulfield & Andre Boleyn

In our 2nd video for this Home Video special, the old rivalry between Adam and Andre resurfaces, this time with Andre stealing Pip Caulfield away before Adam has a chance to do his casting. Pip does not seem to mind at all and the boys reach a happy settlement by agreeing to give Pip a ‘Special Casting’ session where Andre fucks him and Adam films it all.

Andre Boleyn
Pip Caulfield
R************ - 09/23/2022 10:01:26 PM

Very Sexy,Hot Guys,Loved It!

d****** - 08/11/2022 7:58:16 PM


t********* - 01/31/2021 12:15:57 PM

Cute Pip with his fuzzy ass always ready to be fucked.

m******* - 12/26/2020 7:01:41 PM

and here there is Pip. He just warms me all over. I haven't forgotten Andre who has always been a top star. But Pip. Oh My!

R************ - 06/22/2019 2:32:40 PM

Fantastici ragazzi!!

b********** - 12/15/2017 3:39:14 PM

Andre! Andre!! ANDRE!!!

v******* - 12/04/2017 9:30:22 PM

I guess this is one of the best scenes I saw on BelAmi/Freshmen! The sex was so intense and real. Both guys are hot, but Pip... Wow! He's such a cutie!

d***** - 12/03/2017 11:48:21 PM

This was terrific, one of the best scenes ever. Pip was incredible. His pleasure in being fucked by Andre was so impressive. Pip is adorable. Congratulations on another stellar find.

r****** - 12/03/2017 8:14:24 AM

can't agree Andre is looking old and past his best as a Belami boy

S*********** - 12/02/2017 11:42:01 PM

Andre & Pip were both tremendous. A magnificent pairing . Pip reminds me alot of the amazing Todd Rosset.

P******** - 12/02/2017 3:16:37 PM

Many many years ago I remember seeing the guy who became known as Andre in a photo set from South Africa and I couldn't take my eyes of him even though he was in the background. Then the videos came! Every single time I've seen his name appear here my heart has quickened and I've never been disappointed whether it's a photo, interview, doc, or scene. Thank you GD for bringing him into our lives, and if Andre sees this...thank you even more and please, never reitre - you get better each year!

J****** - 12/01/2017 2:54:23 AM

Andre is maintaining his beauty really well. Pip is a delightful newcomer. I especially liked the doggy style segment and the way it starts as Pip arches his back and offers himself like a little bitch in heat! Both boys display wonderful lustrous skin, unblemished by tattoos. I wish this were true of all the Belami cast of characters!

g******* - 11/30/2017 10:47:08 PM

The wonderfully enduring Andre - a few blips in his stellar career but he is as amazing as ever and Pip is such a sexy little thing.

t********* - 11/30/2017 9:42:39 AM

Magnificent scene!!! Five stars!

M******** - 11/29/2017 9:52:06 PM

Why don't you show the boys when they walk naked to the shower in the end?

L*********** - 11/29/2017 2:39:38 PM

This scene is really a HIGHLIGHT XXL. All time I was a big fan of Andre and he did not disappoint me this time - BRAVO! But, sorry Andre, in this clip Pip is the king. This sexy and cute little prince is for me with this scene a high rated candidate for an award of the "best performance of passion", can´t be done better - congratulation! For my taste / my mind Pip has attained the high level of professionalism like Jean-Luc, and that´s the biggest compliment I can make.

s********** - 11/29/2017 12:32:16 AM

Andre is fucking amazing. Andre Boleyn and Jack Harrer are the best and hottest performers.

L****** - 11/28/2017 6:56:56 PM

Andre is still the best

D****** - 11/28/2017 3:13:00 PM

Hands down, one of the best scenes EVER. The only thing that could have possibly made it any hotter would have been to see pip swallowing Andre's cum at the end, although not many of the models here or on Bel Ami seem to swallow that often.

a********* - 11/28/2017 3:00:59 PM

together with wonder ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

N******** - 11/28/2017 1:49:05 PM

A very fine paring indeed.

t****** - 11/28/2017 11:56:01 AM

I also like Andre's new hairstyle. I'd say this is Andre's best look, since his comeback. Though Pip is cute, he's doesn't blow me away by any means. Hopefully Pip can improve. I won't keep going on about it, as I've said it before, but I am still perplexed by BA's decision, when it comes to the 'boy band'. Justin and Kieran should have been in the 'boy band', at a minimum. Also, as I didn't mention it in my comment on the Joel and Christian scene, I must add; I enjoy seeing both professionally shot and home video/POV style of filming. It would be disappointing to see BA cut down on such type of amateur-style content IMO.

t********* - 11/28/2017 11:04:22 AM

Fit, great haircut, Andre became a gorgeous man! More of him, please...

b***** - 11/28/2017 10:54:41 AM

Who can blame Andre for liking Pip this much, and who can blame Pip for being taken by Andre so quickly. I like the idea of Andre stealing Pip, I’d say: let him steal all the newbies! The intro with the outdoor naughtiness was captivating, can we have more of this style of filming please. Andre is by far the cutest and the sexiest of the KA original four, and Pip is the cutie pie of the new boy band, a wonderful pairing!

m******* - 11/28/2017 10:52:40 AM

super Andre super Pip, wow beautiful boys, i love new face as Pip

o****** - 11/28/2017 10:06:46 AM

Andre and Pip are 2 wonders!!! Andre "the best guide of the world" give Pip a magistral sucking lesson. But the pupil is gifted. Pip is so gorgeous while fucked showing all his pleasure! What such a marvelous top Andre is! And what such his cumshot again! Hot re-entry! Well done Adam! Bravo! Funny opening and the pleasureto see Rick. He is so cute with his glasses!

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