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Pip Caulfield & Adam Archuleta

Pip is one lucky boy. First, he is blessed with a cute smile, a bubble butt and a healthy sex drive. He’s also lucky that his start with BelAmi coincided with our annual trip to Cape Town. Prior to this the only boys he met in Prague were his trainers, Justin and Kevin. So, he’s very lucky that his first scene- in fact the first scene filmed on the trip- is with Adam. Adam is equally fortunate as he gets to seduce this sexy cutie and that he doesn’t have to compete with Kevin who’s relegated to cameraman.

Adam Archuleta
Pip Caulfield
M****** - 11/11/2022 9:07:04 PM

great scene with Pip and Adam

t********* - 02/28/2021 7:18:24 PM

Pip's cute furry ass with Adam's big dick sliding in and out of it is a sight to behold & enjoy!

m******* - 11/02/2020 6:17:43 PM


s******** - 04/25/2020 11:16:07 PM

Adam always so gentle, especially with young partners, and handsome like ever

d******* - 10/16/2019 10:41:37 PM

Nice scene by two lovable models

b****** - 05/04/2019 11:15:46 AM

Another great scene by two top models.

v************ - 03/16/2019 6:37:47 PM

These guys should consider becoming a couple, their chemistry is amazing!

g******* - 03/11/2019 10:55:13 PM

Amazing. How stunningly beautiful Pip is - in EVERY way from personality, the face, the hair, the cock. Then his amazing cumshot. How well Adam looked after him and cared for him.

V************ - 03/11/2019 3:56:20 AM

Lots that I liked about this scene, but it seemed very long. At the same time I did like the slow romantic nature of it. Also enjoyed the shower scene at the end. Loved the tenderness in this scene. Since this was a training scene I would love to see Pip and Adam do another similar scene no that Pip is more experienced.

C************** - 03/09/2019 5:08:37 PM

Erotic and sexy. Hot stuff, especially Pip and those eyes! Nice cum shots, to top it all off.

N******** - 03/09/2019 2:43:06 PM

Pip was a joy as usual. This was a good scene but there were missed opportunities to see Pips lovely hole getting properly fingered and gaping. It is a shame that Pip's hole is so unnecessarily hairy as it is a thing of great beauty - but it is ruined in a same way as drawing a moustache on the Mona Lisa would destroy that work of art! The scene was also marred to some extent by the BA trademark 'always show plenty of dick' approach to fucking - so we didn't really see Adam go balls deep in Pip - a very poor directorial decision.

o****** - 03/08/2019 7:39:46 PM

Yes this scene is a wonder! What such a divine surprise to see Adam sweet, tender, careful and overall without his terrible camera! Pip is adorable as ever! NuSound would you want shave his delightful haired ass and hole? LOL Great foreplays, nipple play included, slow then energetic fuck, Adam's terrific shoot, Pip's nice cumshot even not while fucked, into Adam's mouth, awesome wet cum kiss and ending tender and funny shower!!! WOW! Good work Kevin!

s************* - 03/07/2019 5:47:16 PM

Very nice scene between the 2 young men. One could tell that they were really into each other. Pip is such a little cutie, glad we're seeing so much of him, these days!!! I echo what trebilicock wrote…….

M****** - 03/06/2019 3:50:50 PM

Delighted for this pairing, at last. Adam is especially romantic and affectionate, and the erotic vibe grows slowly. I wished for a more powerful and extended missionary finale, but this was pretty good. Please -- more overhead shots from a ladder or crane (or move the models to the floor).

A****** - 03/05/2019 9:54:37 PM

Always a delight to see Pip. :)

p********* - 03/05/2019 9:40:02 PM

so sweet hot Adam my ever best BA model and one of you best Joker with the sweet tender Pip greatful scene hope and dream just to see the return of Adam Bottom in some flip flop scene and wy not a gang bang in there he is of the middle bottomed from some of you news hot boys ;)

w****** - 03/05/2019 9:30:56 PM

It's a bit of a stretch to describe Pip as blond, but what he is is flawlessly beautiful. Plus, his performance is so natural and unaffected he is worthy of an oscar nomination. As for Adam being his hairdresser, has he been introduced to a certain other very handsome blond hairdresser yet? Adam's firehose cumshots are all very well, but they just lead to most of the cream being wasted.

S******* - 03/05/2019 6:34:34 PM

Wow!!! I don't think I've ever seen Adam so into a guy! Pip always seems to bring out the best in his tops! Adam looked like he was making love to Pip's boy slit! Great camera work and editing! Thank You!

b***** - 03/05/2019 6:29:47 PM

My bundle of joy, cute and sweet Pip 💘💘💘 is the master of affectionate love making who knows to bring out the best in all of his partners. Adam is no exception, I don’t think he has ever been more caring, more loving and more romantic than in this pairing with my boy wonder. Pip may think he learned something from this pairing, but I think it all comes very natural to him and no real education is needed. Adam on the other hand still has to learn how to treat a butt like Pip’s properly, the buttocks have to be kneaded, caressed and kissed extensively, there is more to Pip’s butt than a hole Adam! In the shower sequence there may be a start of proper butt caressing, but it is too little and too late. Well, maybe for future encounters. Kevin also did very well refraining from his usual swinging the camera around and way too fast zooming. All in all this is an exceptional scene where the little sex devil with the angel face Pip 😍😍😍 deserves a zillion stars and Adam and Kevin can share the five that I rated this episode.

t********** - 03/05/2019 3:55:40 PM


S******** - 03/05/2019 3:48:46 PM

Outstanding scene. Very sensual and erotic. A strong dark hair guy fucking a gorgeous blond twink. What else? More of Pip please!!!!

s******** - 03/05/2019 12:53:07 PM

PIPing hot romp as Adam assexinated Pip's prime perfect bueno bum with his proud profi preening prick...danke dudes!!

b******* - 03/05/2019 12:47:00 PM

My goodness, what a week! Scene 1 was amazing and this, although quite different, was equally as good! Pip is fantastic, extremely cute and his lower body fur is very erotic to these eyes (don't ever change that). Adam, always the consummate professional, was a tender and caring lover, whose experience shines through. Two wonderful cumshots! Kevin is becoming an excellent cameraman and the post-production was quite brilliant. Well done everyone, gay lovemaking at it's best :)

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