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Pip Caulfield

Those irritated with our selection of the name "Pip" for Mr. Caulfield may be soothed by understanding our reasoning. The name is derived, of course, from Dickens 'Great Expectations'. Great Expectations is exactly what Pip had when arriving at BA. The wide-eyed eager naivete of that character approximates what Pip was like. While I would no longer describe him as naive, he is still full of positive energy and warm smiles. There is a lot of "Kevin" in his character so I hope you enjoy him.

He, and three other boys like him, will stay on this website for quite some time.

Pip Caulfield
m******* - 12/26/2020 7:29:22 PM

If there be stars in the sky their shine and luster pales, the moon envies and the sun glorifies. This is truly a wonder to me.

t********* - 12/13/2020 7:00:47 PM

Cute boy, nice smile, nice furry body. Too bad his chest is shaved.

v******** - 01/06/2018 11:19:12 PM

Doesn't everyone immediately think of Great Expectations when they hear "Pip!?" I thought those of us that enjoy the gay play where generally more informed/cultured/well read etc etc. Well Pip is kinda cute. BUT! He needs shaved down! Plenty of other sources for gay porn if I was into Bears.

m********* - 09/27/2017 7:31:55 AM

Very appealing. I think he looks great as is - it's a shame when models think they need to bulk up and then lose their charm.

s******** - 08/17/2017 2:48:29 PM

nice guy but not grabbing me.

b******* - 08/11/2017 3:41:29 AM

Hope we have the chance to see this boy soon and for a long time to come.

g********* - 08/08/2017 2:13:18 AM

Sorry, not for me. The cause: piercings and "jewelry" . Maybe without these and growing a little older he'll be more attractive (for me).

T***** - 08/05/2017 9:24:45 PM

Cute and wholly appealing, with a frank, relaxed and engaging manner.

b******* - 08/03/2017 8:48:45 AM

He's absolutely charming, and so natural. I hope he doesn't continue to feel the need to build up his muscles - he's perfect as he is.

t***** - 08/03/2017 5:49:46 AM

cute boy, cute name... i see nothing wrong here. :)

s********* - 08/02/2017 9:56:57 PM

A... DOR... ...A... BLE!!! Quite the addition. Looking forward to seeing him in action

D****** - 08/02/2017 5:51:47 PM

A real cutey with a lovely personality.; the shyness and lack of arrogance is endearing. Don't let him put on far too much muscle, as it wont jibe with his short, twinky, innocent character.

o****** - 08/02/2017 11:12:51 AM

Literaly captured by Pip! Enchantment! I watched this magic interview two times in a row. Pit has all for him. He is ravishing, clever, delicious! I have myself to mention bwjant's so right words " talkative, open-hearted, self-confident without the slightest sign of arrogance, very smiley". Stay as you are Pit, you don't need nothing except to keep your cuteness as George thinks. Face, natural haired body, even his voice are great treasures!!! Great shower opening scene! Thank you George!

J******** - 08/02/2017 9:37:30 AM

Seducing belly hair and foreskin....nice guy all around.

j********** - 08/02/2017 4:04:32 AM

{Pip is a pip. I like them cute and cuddly like Pip.

p******** - 08/01/2017 6:16:57 PM

What a totally charming cutie pie! I agree with bwjant. The name Pip suits him very well. I adore Andre, and I sense a lot of the same fun loving and sweet characteristics in Pip as I do in Andre. ***** :)

J****** - 08/01/2017 5:10:52 PM

Mais qui ne pourrait pas tomber sous son charme? Il est tout simplement irrésistible et intelligent et, nous n'avons encore rien vu de ses exploits sexuel.George vous avez mis du temps avant de nous le présenter.Il est vraie que Pip n'as que 18 ans, une merveille.

g********* - 08/01/2017 4:29:47 PM

"Delightful" and "delicious" sum him up very well; George seems really taken with him, and with reason. At 18, Kevin was also 170 cm, but is now a giant of 174 cm; maybe Pip will grow too!

N******** - 08/01/2017 3:28:36 PM


r***** - 08/01/2017 1:49:53 PM

"Talkative, open-hearted, self-confident without the slightest sign of arrogance" I agree with @bwjant. ..and intelligent and charming. Seducing eyes! He will become my favorite together with Nino. And he is the best example of showing how much dick size is irrelevant. Pip is thousand times better than all the long and thick sized guys. The smaller the dick the more attractive the guy; remember Todd or Kevin..

S******* - 08/01/2017 12:06:19 PM

Right now Pip is just an irresistibly cute kid with a heartmelting, sunny smile, but in several years he'll blossom into an absolutely gorgeous guy, able to make a man really happy, - a perfect spouse material. Just take my advice: don't you miss that moment, dear comrades! ;))))))))))))

p***** - 08/01/2017 12:04:39 PM

What a charmer. No wonder GD is captivated. I'm looking forward to his first scene.

b***** - 08/01/2017 11:57:12 AM

Pip is delicious. Except for the hair colour I see very little of Kevin in him, if I had to compare him with someone it would be Andre: talkative, open-hearted, self-confident without the slightest sign of arrogance, very smiley. Completely different physique of course, but I am open minded so I like Pip’s nearly as much as I like Andre’s. And I like the name Pip, I think it really suits him. Great expectations indeed.

m******* - 08/01/2017 11:53:43 AM

cute, cute, cute!!!! wow and that smile, beautiful body with a special ass, yes

t****** - 08/01/2017 11:27:52 AM

Pip has a pleasant face, though all together he's a bit so-so at the moment. In truth, I was more drawn to Enrique in the background. 🤣

a***** - 08/01/2017 11:20:24 AM

Delightful young man, cocky and terrified as the same time. And what a luscious furry bum.

t******** - 08/01/2017 10:54:28 AM

Pip is delightful and I really enjoyed his casting on your main site. Glad he will become a regular on this site. I wouldn't mind seeing a lot of the real Kevin in Pip, too!

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