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Pierre Cezanne & Rhys Jagger

It is well known that Rhys Jagger moved to the production team after he stopped filming. Rhys‘ task for today was to get lunch for the crew and he asked Pierre Cezanne to help him. Pierre realizes that it’s a great opportunity for him to get closer to sexy Rhys and does everything to please him, just so later he can ask for a favor in return. After work is finished and everybody is either resting or sleeping, Pierre makes his move and starts to seduce Rhys. Rhys tries to resist but the temptation is too big and his cock grows hard in his pants. Pierre jumps on Rhys and starts blowing him. After Rhys returns the favor, they move upstairs where Pierre offers his butt for Rhys to rim. When Rhys finally penetrates his buddy’s ass, Pierre enjoys every inch of his massive cock. Rhys is an excellent lover and likes changing positions and places. Just before they both cum, they move over to the bed where Jim Durden and Jens Christensen are sleeping. Their seismic loads soon wake up the snoozing twosome.

Pierre Cezanne
Rhys Jagger
l***** - 04/06/2024 8:13:17 AM

Pierre is gorgeous, but Rhys remains Bel Ami's best model -- he's got the looks (I prefer a manly, more muscular physique) and the best loads. Great scene.

g******* - 01/21/2024 12:05:35 PM

Sorry, but NO! This scene would be good on the site. But this is the Freshmen site. I expect to see newcomers and/or twinks or at least young looking guys here. Pierre and Rhys are neither. Although the scene may be hot, they just don't fit here.

M****** - 01/13/2024 4:53:26 PM

These magnificent grownup and experienced men hardly fit the Freshmen description, but I'm not complaining: it's a fantastic scene. I love Pierre's joy at being fucked. I also liked the cameo appearance of Jens and Jim, but wish they had awakened to watch what was happening. It strains credulity that they could sleep through such an activity, especially Jim when his ass was slapped. Rhys continues to be a sex god -- so very handsome and chiseled, masculine yet affectionate, and he fucks with the whole length of his impressive cock going balls-deep on many penetrations.

B******** - 11/27/2023 7:01:11 AM

Once again, here at Freshmen/Belami, the top cums from fucking the bottom. The bottom is left to jerk off. I know of no one who would settle for that kind of lame sex in real life.

r********** - 11/01/2023 7:36:21 PM

Hot video, and I liked it alot, but I found the sleeping guys on the bed kinda silly. I would have preferred if they had woken, and joined in, either in a 4 way, or perhaps just the 2 of them beside the other 2.

S************* - 11/01/2023 3:23:34 AM

THESE GUYS ARE HOT! I'm so into this even though I have a girlfriend

b******* - 09/17/2023 3:50:34 AM


M********* - 09/16/2023 11:33:08 PM

I don't care about the negative coments. I love them both Rhys and Pierre. Can't wait to see them naked again in action.

0****** - 09/12/2023 9:24:11 AM

Super die beiden. Ich bin Fan von Rhys, wobei ich Pierre auch sehr sexy finde. Es war eine Überraschung so reife Darsteller zusammen in einer Szene zu sehen, aber eine sehr erfreuliche Überraschung. Das kritisieren das die Szene nicht zu Freshmen passt ist doch Blödsinn. Ich sehe gerne eine gelungene Darstellung. Also macht weiter so. Auf die nächsten feuchten Träume.

t********* - 08/24/2023 6:59:28 AM

I LOVE Rhys!! Not a fan of any face or body hair. But, I love Rhys!!! He is as beautiful now as when he was filming as a model seven years ago! And, his cumshots still fly further than anyone’s (except Adam and Jack).

c*********** - 08/23/2023 9:17:30 PM

These two are absolutely stunning and I find the facial hair wonderful. It doesn't matter to me whether these are true "Freshmen" or seasoned pros. I'm happy to see them. BUT... why can't we download a zip file of the photos? What's the matter with you?

g******* - 08/23/2023 2:30:36 AM

On the main site and here, lots of oldies - nothing against them but the new and current models are missing in action - again!

f******** - 08/23/2023 2:04:17 AM

Shooting against a bright light., Camera swinging all over the place. Camera in constant motion. Rhys is heavily bearded in the car and the kitchen; by the time he walks through the door into the living room, the beard is gone. No planning, no organization, no one knows what is going on.

S****** - 08/23/2023 12:25:55 AM

Two bearded beauties fucking together in the same video. I'm in heaven. Pierre is SO super sexy with his beard.

2***** - 08/22/2023 7:51:47 PM

Hot to see two real men! Love to see diversity of types on here, all so hot. Thank you!

b********* - 08/22/2023 4:25:22 PM

Two of my favorite models, love seeing them together whether they're on Freshmen or BelAmi. Love the facial hair too. My only quibble is Rhys' not finishing with a facial all over Pierre's beard!

J********* - 08/22/2023 2:43:39 PM

Love this one! Love the facial hair and masculinity , and passion these two bring to this scene.

d******* - 08/22/2023 2:29:43 PM

Okay if you like whiskers Ugh.

J******** - 08/22/2023 1:52:55 PM

Bild 19: Schön so ein besamter Männerarsch!

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