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Pierre Cezanne & Jens Christensen

At the start of this video, we meet a sexy couple discovering a picturesque Greek town. Knowing Jens Christensen and Pierre Cezanne as we do, we assume the tour will continue in private. Jens takes Pierre into his apartment where they do not lose a second before starting to make out. When they both take out their hard cocks and dispense with their last pieces of clothing, the real hardcore action can start. A mutual blowjob is followed by hard bareback penetration where Jens is the lucky bottom. There must be something in the water or maybe it is the Greek climate but we experience two more majestic cumshots from the two of them.

Pierre Cezanne
Jens Christensen
p******** - 09/29/2023 11:54:37 AM

Jens is looking stunning here in his slim tight perfect body and that lush hairy hole is so hot!!!

s******* - 08/15/2022 2:20:57 AM

Pierre is one of the sexiest models for sure. Jens has the ugly tattoo but easy on the eyes.

a******* - 08/02/2022 4:39:33 AM

Love Pierre and his tummy. So nice to see a little meat on one's bones. Way too many sickly skinny guys on here. It's nice to see one more natural looking.

j********* - 06/01/2022 3:00:10 AM

Pierre - nasty flabby tummy developing and the beard? Yuk! 3/10 Jens - fit, handsome, sexy 9/10 Not even in the same league as each other.

a***** - 02/04/2022 8:31:59 PM

I always love Jens! Was a little sad that I couldn't enjoy the whole of him when he cums but I sure love it watching him taking it long and hard with his wet stomach! Jens is awesome

d******* - 01/29/2022 2:17:36 PM

Jens so lovely but Pierre needs a shave!!

s******** - 01/25/2022 9:31:43 PM

Pierre Cezanne is, in my view, one of the hottest assets in Freshmen. What a boy. I wonder why he doesn`t have a page with more episodes

M********* - 01/21/2022 10:30:58 PM

Both guys are so sweet and sexy with wonderful bodies. The sex-performance is very hot. Thank you moore of this please!

g******* - 01/20/2022 11:56:42 PM

They both have such beautiful long, straight boners and they certainly seem to enjoy this steamy encounter. Jens is beautiful and Pierre handsome with a lovely, strong chest. The beard suits him.

s******* - 01/19/2022 5:43:40 AM

Jens is completely gorgeous! Always stunning. 😍😍😍😍😍

c****** - 01/19/2022 1:13:50 AM

I don't understand. I had a comment from last week where I rejoiced of seeing finally again Pierre in a scene, but it disappeared !

t********* - 01/18/2022 9:17:33 PM

THIS VIDEO IS FANTASTIC!!! I really like Jens when he is very tan and, in this video in Greece, he was. LOVE this video!! Wish all were structured this way. Pierre has no muscle and does nothing for me, although he does have a handsome face.

L******** - 01/18/2022 6:14:32 PM

More cum-in-mouth, please, more cum-in-mouth...

S****** - 01/18/2022 5:11:56 PM

Yes, definitely, Pierre with a bearded Ariel or Rhys or, better yet....Pierre with a bearded Marc would be sheer heaven....HEAVEN.

d********* - 01/18/2022 4:01:37 PM

Pierre is so yummy 😍. Hope he stay around and paired with another short-bearded guy like Ariel, Rhys or Marc

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