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Pierce Harrington & Viggo Sorensen

The story of newcomer Pierce Harrington is an odd one. He is an active chat model that agreed to work for us with one condition- that Viggo Sorrensen be his trainer. As always, Viggo was happy to oblige and the pair did two training sessions. Then, strangely, Pierce requested that his first proper scene be with Viggo. This isn’t something we would normally do, but Pierce was insistent, and here is the resulting material. Now he’s requested another scene with Viggo leading us to believe that his desire isn’t to work with us, but to have sex with Viggo (can you blame him?). This video falls into the “home video” category and is filmed by Viggo with extra camerawork provided by Kevin.

Viggo Sorensen
Pierce Harrington
a***** - 06/26/2021 8:14:54 PM

I hope this is not the only time we sse Pierce inside the studio, I think I like him a lot specially his voice when he moans/cried while his ass is filled or is cock is about to explode.

m********** - 01/09/2021 11:17:42 AM

Viggo definitely should be in front of the camera, much more that behind it. He's so damn hot, face and body. I want to see more of his on BAO, too.

W******* - 12/15/2020 9:30:09 AM

Wow Pierce! I want more of him! I’d love to see him ride someone next scene!

m********* - 11/20/2020 3:13:39 AM

beautiful beautiful so sexy i hope i'll see some breeding and seeding terrific gay sex

S****** - 11/15/2020 1:06:13 AM

Viggo is a wild, sexy, sex-machine. Love him in any scene...

C********* - 11/13/2020 12:32:01 PM

More of Viggo….BAO superstar...has it all...especially his cum and cum eating.....Not sure about Pierce...Plus I don't go for the commentary that a newbie model demands to have a scene with Viggo. Can't you write a story that is

R************ - 11/12/2020 4:39:18 PM

Fantastica coppia che di spinge a soddisfare i tuoi intimi desideri unendoti alle sborrate dei due ragazzi!!

f****** - 11/10/2020 4:22:08 PM

Vabeachguy482 .... AGREED! BTW, I can get HOME VIDEOS (with better quality) on PornHub

V************ - 11/09/2020 8:13:29 PM

The is perhaps the absolutely worst film scene I have seen on BAOL. Great looking models. Wonderful cum eating at the end but the whole things was absolutely the worst from a filming perspective. Fast forwarded through a lot of it. I sure hope this scene isn't a sign of things to come. 2 stars.

b******* - 11/08/2020 6:45:51 PM

Super hotttt! 🔥😍🔥😍🔥

p***** - 11/06/2020 12:41:27 PM

Pierce has a nice enough body & dick but he'll have to show a lot more emotion in his next video to maintain my interest. This scene was just all about Viggo

b****** - 11/05/2020 10:29:46 PM

While Viggo did deep throat & was great at everything he did he failed to rim. He must also teach his partner to deep throat as well.

J****** - 11/04/2020 11:21:21 AM

Deux beaux gars dans une partie de sexe super agréable.

t********* - 11/04/2020 10:37:18 AM

Pierce has nice nipples but his face seems average. maybe a deep tan would help...

J****** - 11/04/2020 12:04:43 AM

Pierce is a very hot and sexy guy with a perfect body. Hope to see more of him in action soo.

g******* - 11/03/2020 11:48:09 PM

Pierce is cute and he clearly enjoyed the encounter. So he should. Loved the shots of Viggo's fabulous ass as he fucked his friend.

x****** - 11/03/2020 11:23:35 PM

I go for VIGGO! Damn, he's a HOT Dude!!

w****** - 11/03/2020 9:24:46 PM

The lengths that some people will go to for love, or is it lust. The way that Viggo lapped up all the cream suggests that he is not at all unhappy with the arrangement. I would have loved to have seen a rear view of Viggo drilling Pierce when he was face down on the sofa. It is a position we do not see enough of. Many thanks to both.

r********* - 11/03/2020 6:42:10 PM

I like Pierce, but isnt Viggo a little old for FM?

W****** - 11/03/2020 4:57:13 PM

If Pierce only wants to be fucked by Viggo then he has impeccable taste. Viggo is perfection. I hope you have him on a long contract because I want to see much, much more of him. In fact I want to watch him work his way through the entire bel ami stable - starting with Enrique.

h********* - 11/03/2020 4:11:34 PM

Well, at least we had Viggo this week, even if he isn’t in my favorite FM list. He saved the entire week. No, thanks to Pierce.

P****** - 11/03/2020 1:57:32 PM

One only has to feast one's eyes on the incomparable Viggo to see what an A+ standard can and should be at BA. Fortunately Pierce is a cut above Miles Murray or John Leto, but can you imagine a pairing like Viggo with Paul or Yannis?

g********** - 11/03/2020 12:33:23 PM

The gorgeous Viggo is the one bright spot in an otherwise abysmal week, but with "newbie" models like Alan, Bart, Derek, Elio, Eluan, Maori (though I suspect you have managed to loose him), Olaf, Paul, Yannis and Viggo himself, why bother recruiting Pierce? Can only hope he paid you to have sex with Viggo, not the other way round!

s******** - 11/03/2020 10:47:06 AM

On the joys of being fucked by the ONLY MAN IN THE WORLD WHOM YOU WANT INSIDE OF YOU!!! Viggo piercing an uberhorny Pierce and delivering him to paradise - note the constant tumescence of both throughout - that is LOVE & LUST & WANT & ,yes, HUNGER with the smooth panache of BelAmi.

o****** - 11/03/2020 9:57:55 AM

More of 5* for Viggo's avidity and his so magnifcent horny body! Love when he is licking Pierce's load!

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