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Pierce Harrington & Riff Dornan

Besides being a professional athlete, which certainly helps keep him in perfect shape, Pierce Harrington is also an attentive lover. This morning, he wakes up early to  prepare breakfast for Riff Dornan. Riff joins Pierce in the kitchen and sees all the delicious food but all he can focus on is the sexy cook in the jockstrap. Pierce quickly understands that there is a more important matter to take care of. Riff’s dick soon hardens in Pierce’s mouth and after a very deep blowjob, Pierce offers his butt to be fucked. Riff rapidly undresses his partner, slides his cock inside and fucks him from behind. Before moving on to the next position, Pierce loses his jockstrap and is satisfied with a return blowjob before being penetrated again. Pierce is rewarded for his morning efforts with a big creamy load on his butt.

Riff Dornan
Pierce Harrington
M****** - 01/04/2024 4:07:10 AM

I loved at around 7:45 when Pierce turned around and offered his ass to Riff, grinding his buns against Riff's cock. I'm not a fan of kitchen scenes but I liked when the boys moved to the carpeted floor. I wish the missionary finale had taken place down there, too, instead of making Pierce balance precariously across those two stools. Better yet, adjourn to the bedroom.

M********* - 11/11/2023 7:45:30 PM

Fucking hot from beginning until second orgasm of Pierce.

m******* - 05/29/2023 1:54:15 AM

OMG this is a excellent pairing of those 2 guys at Freshmen, was a very good choice. Like Pierce Harrington, who is a hot good looking guy, who has a body every man could dream off. His smooth chest, perky and sensitive nipples and of course his huge uncut banana dick and balls are massive and so amazing hot. Riff Dornan is a hot TOP and he becomes my favorite man at Freshmen, who enjoy fucking his partner Pierce Harrington, very hard bareback with his huge uncut cock in the kitchen. Pierce Harrington enjoy sucking big cock too and Riff Dornan really enjoy that. Really hot to watch how Pierce, was sitting and riding Riff Dornan huge banana dick. Cannot wait to see Pierce Harrington and Riff Dornan, soon back on stage in a new man to man bareback encounter with other hot guys at Freshmen

p******* - 05/03/2023 12:13:20 AM

can not wait for you to add pierce to your line up , next time jack and pierce would be hot

g******* - 04/27/2023 8:14:01 AM

Riff is so handsome and I love his hairy chest. He looked amazing then naked sucking on that banana - something not lost on the beautiful Pierce. At the end with Pierce's second cumming we see Riff lovingly licking the finally spent cock. Beautiful.

C********** - 04/26/2023 9:36:40 PM

Perfection! Two of the most beautiful dicks imagineable. Lots of delicious looking cum. But I think breakfast must have gone cold.

S*********** - 04/26/2023 6:23:59 PM

I absolutely LOVED this pairing. Both Riff and Pierce are very sexy. However, PIERCE is especially adorable reminding me, slightly, of sweet Milan Sharp(e). Beautiful eyes, butt, and everything else!! Congratulations on a very tantalizing scene -like so many others, of course!

t******* - 04/26/2023 4:40:22 PM

Excellent pairing these two guys are cute together. I for one like the close ups

C************ - 04/26/2023 10:02:52 AM

I would like to see Riff getting fucked

f******** - 04/26/2023 2:30:37 AM

Very bad camera man #2. Crazy tilted camera and tilted images for no reason. The room with cabinets and counter calls for LEVEL images. Obsessive, excessive close-ups. How many times are you going to pan up and down Riff's chest? Which isn't interesting in the first place. Both guys need lessons in kissing - it is more than touching lips. Pierce needs to be told not to shave his ass the day before filming - pink pimples all over. Constant fake moaning is tiresome. Two potentially cute guys need direction. Real photographers needed.

w****** - 04/25/2023 11:07:30 PM

An excellent scene. It is interesting to notice that Pierce is shorter than Riff who isn't quite a giant. This is my first time seeing him, I think, and I hope to see much more. I love Riff but I wish he had a bush like Johan or Palo in today's Belami scene. Many thanks and lots of love to both.

d******* - 04/25/2023 2:28:49 PM

Every thing so nice including the eggs for breakfast.

a***** - 04/25/2023 1:55:03 PM

Quelles cuisses ! Quelles fesses ! Quelles queues ! Quels glands prometteurs ! Quel beau foutre gluant !

p***** - 04/25/2023 12:39:39 PM

A delicious breakfast indeed­čśő Pierce is a real hottie and I hope we will get to see more of him

B********* - 04/25/2023 11:08:05 AM

I love Riff since the first day I see him, Pierce is very handsome, I could love him. But I definitively could live without this american jockstraps, they are too ugly for me. Sorry, but they are. Just an idea, take them off next time. ÔŁĄ´ŞĆ

r*********** - 04/25/2023 10:56:26 AM

That thick Riff cock in a perfectly-shaped jock-strapped ass surely rates as a wonder of the world. Fuck, it's a nice vid!!!

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