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Peter fucks Henrik, Dylan & Felix

If you haven't already, you will soon see a Summer Break documentary depicting the use of a crane for filming. Today you are presented with the results of that effort.This fresh perspective, coupled with Peter's peter- and a first-class eager bottom ready to service it- earns this scene an A rating from us. We think you'll agree.

Felix Gaul
Dylan Maguire
Peter Annaud
Henrik Bjorn
t********* - 01/30/2021 11:30:59 AM

3 lucky boys, 3 lucky holes. Hot ending with Peter getting 3 facials and cum kissing.

P********* - 08/24/2020 8:33:33 PM

Dylan's arm at 6:49 is out of Rubens.. Fantastic boys. A delight to behold. Both sexually and aesthetically pleasing..

d****** - 02/12/2020 9:39:08 PM

Great scene! Especially Henrik. Hope to see him a lot more. Henrik has the most gorgeous ass! All the boys are Hot!

R************ - 06/24/2019 6:30:19 PM

Quante sborrate!!!

D******* - 09/15/2018 6:48:44 AM

It is always a delight to see Dylan.... he brings not only hot sex but charm and joie d'vivre to whatever scene he is in. Of course, I love Henrik, and, is there a more breathtaking top than Peter? I am discovering Felix Gaul...… I certainly want to get better acquainted :-)

c********* - 07/04/2018 2:35:34 AM

Some of the shots are awkward, but, hey, the crew were getting used to their new crane! What's important...all four guys are energetic and hot; Dylan and above all Peter are real stars. Peter clearly adores getting his pals' cum all over his beautiful face -- he laps it up and revels in the gooey mess!! The sight of him enjoying it all near the end is wonderful. So is the view from above of his fat cock. Great scene.

G*********** - 11/08/2017 9:20:04 PM

One of the best scene from months so far! Dylan and Peter are great and so hot. It would have been hotter if Kevin joined them ;) Very good work! Congrats to the screenplayer, Luke and Kevin of course.

M****** - 10/22/2017 6:39:27 AM

I really like the crane work in this scene -- I'm generally unimpressed by 4-ways because then tend to turn in to dueling 2-ways. But this one was special, and the crane helped keep all four guys in the frame while also changing up the vantage point. I also liked breaking the fourth wall and showing the cameras in the shot from time to time -- especially the sexy movement of the camera on the crane. I would've enjoyed a little more interaction between the bottoms as they waited to be penetrated.

x******* - 09/27/2017 10:44:31 AM

Gorgeous!! From seeing three of the most beautiful asses get pounded to witnessing the pounder's perfect body, this is one of my fav's!! Love me some Peter, Dylan, Henrik & Felix!!

h****** - 08/22/2017 5:57:52 PM

Dylan's sexy

g******* - 08/02/2017 8:08:54 AM

Gay man's dream: 4 handsome boys, 4 sexy cocks, 4 beautiful asses and cum everywhere.

a********* - 08/01/2017 11:48:52 AM

If Peter went deeply and did not use only the tip to fuck, there would not be Flying Cranes, but closer plans. Monotony reigns supreme throughout the scene, and the swaying continuous visual drunks and fall asleep. Needed a bedtime lullaby background to cover the metallic noise of the machinery.

J****** - 07/30/2017 10:08:09 PM

Vu panoramique exceptionnelle qui donne toute l'intensité à la production de la scène avec les quatre acteurs. On se retrouve au coeur de l'action c'est plutôt génial. Henrik Bjorn gars très sexy!

m***** - 07/30/2017 5:49:03 PM


b****** - 07/28/2017 12:42:21 AM

Would have preferred to have just Peter & Dylan, that would have been a great scene.

v********* - 07/27/2017 4:54:27 PM

I love Henrik with the buzz cut. Looks good on him. Sexy guys no doubt & Dylan loves himself some dick. Always a joy to see him.

N******** - 07/26/2017 8:48:29 PM

Obviously Peter and Dylan were the stars here and the other two did not really contribute much in comparison. The usual choppy editing, the lack of fingering ( a particularly silly omission here given the opportunities in this set up), the noises off and the random appearance of a dog further prevented this from being a first class scene.

S********* - 07/26/2017 6:26:06 PM

I use to get lost in these orgy scenes, but I love every scene with Peter.

l************* - 07/26/2017 4:18:37 PM

AMAZING scene because of PETER ANNAUD's BEAUTY !! DYLAN is also very sexy and his cock is gorgeous as well (although not close to Peter's) very very good scene and ice on the cake : peter swallowing those dicks with cum at the end of the scene

H************** - 07/26/2017 12:06:53 AM

Thoroughly enjoyed this scene, but I have a bit of a bias for any time we get Peter and Dylan together (Dylan, Peter and Jack at KA is my favorite scene in recent memory). And while Dylan is clearly the best of the bottoms, Felix and Henrik fare quite well with Peter's endowment. My only complaint is that this hardly answers the question about whether Peter or Jack is bigger. To answer that you'd need Jack here as well. Then add to these three bottoms Marcel, Jon and Christian and you'd have the right jury to decide that one.

S*********** - 07/25/2017 11:34:12 PM

Quite a delicious mini-orgy! I loved every second...Although I love the adorable Dylan Maguire and his loveable personality, in this scene I was quite fond of the super sexy Henrik Bjorn-the adorable milkman-with the arousing short haircut. Quite sublime!

H***** - 07/25/2017 10:48:11 PM

I gave it 4****, a mistake! To much, because of the boring camerawork, a nosy Kevin and an uninteresting , far from hot scene. Two freshmen ( Henrik and Felix ) and two not so much "Freshmen" ( Dylan and Peter) dominating the scene. Wrong pairing because of one big pecker. It deserves 2**, but because of the 2 Freshmen 3***. Disapointing!!!

t****** - 07/25/2017 7:52:53 PM

Felix Gaul is the cutest of the lot!

d******* - 07/25/2017 7:27:23 PM

Rather disappointing and basically Peter fucking the three guys in the same position. Only Dylan gets anywhere near revving Peter up to the capacity he is capable of - he is not just a big, thick dick. Perhaps needed someone like Orri on the set to elevate this episode.

o****** - 07/25/2017 7:22:59 PM

Intensely hot! Memorable! Peter Fucker King! Happy guys! Dylan Bottom Champion! The line of these awesome greedy asses is delicious to see! Cum feast! Burning feeding! Congratulaions each performer! Congratulations Luke and Kevin!

t****** - 07/25/2017 3:08:27 PM

I’ve got to disagree strongly with GEOFFREY27, when it comes to the overall casting of this scene. I thought to pair the extraordinarily brilliant and immensely beautiful Peter and Dylan with the dreary and dry Felix and Henrik was a big blunder on BA’s part. If Felix and Henrik were replaced with models like Marcel, Christian or Justin etc, this scene would’ve been a smash hit! Dylan and Peter are one of my favourite couples, and as one commenter said on the preview for this scene, they are ‘magic’ together. Dylan and Peter, as expected, were the clear stars of this scene, by miles. I thought the crane got some interesting shots, and seeing Peter and Dylan was vastly gratifying.

g********* - 07/25/2017 12:24:45 PM

I found the crane obtrusive at times, but feel sure that teething problems will be overcome. I admire Peter's stamina in his efforts to satisfy three hungry bottoms for 13 minutes. They were well chosen, each relishing the pounding he was receiving, with Dylan giving the star performance. The success of a group scene depends largely on the chemistry bonding the performers, and this was very evident here. I enjoyed it immensely..

S******* - 07/25/2017 11:53:27 AM

Luke isn't just a talented director, - he's a genius, a Mozart of gay porn. For only a genius could create a "one top - several bottoms" scene which isn't degrading a top to a level of a living fucking machine and concentrates on a HUMAN, EMOTIONAL part of male sexuality. Thanks to him and to all the guys involved in this scene, - another scene of BA Magic Land where love is the very air its beautiful citizens are breathing! :))))))))))))

s******** - 07/25/2017 11:39:00 AM

In strideth Lord Peter, Wielder of the Seismic Rod of Prague followed by his three most loyal Lingi - the Lingi are Master performers of oral ministrations with the tongue upon the anus - analingus - and the cunt - cunnilingus - and the phallus - fellatio. Not only do the Lingi do this but indeed they live in a permanent condition of Anal Insatiability and so are dependent unpon Lord Peter to grant them the privilege of Straddling his Prague Rod. When the Lingi sit astride the proud preening prick of Peter they experience deep inner pulsations which stimulate their ultra-sensitive prostates bringing forth jizzlational jubilations. In today's adventure the GrandMaster of the Seeing&Preserving Tool - Baron Luke Hamill allowed Lord Peter and the Lingi to rest and bone at his summer cottage and capture their worshipful comradery. Truly un Grand Baisez!!!

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