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Peter Annaud & Bob Marghiela

Bob is Peter's dream partner Bob excels at blow jobs, can endure any sized dick, is well-equipped himself, and fucks with intensity I guess that would make him just about everyone's dream partner For those who feel we're overdoing it with big dicks this week, I promise we'll have a small-dick edition later to make up for it.

Peter Annaud
Bob Marghiela
C*********** - 12/17/2022 5:20:15 PM

Sidemoon said it all. I loved this video! Awesome is not a strong enough word.

D************* - 11/05/2021 3:38:10 AM

Bob Marghiela is uninhibited: he is willing to try anything and do anything to create a great sex scene. I love Bob with all my heart.

t********* - 01/24/2021 12:40:38 PM

I am always amazed at the thickness of Peter's dick. Bob seems eager to enjoy the pleasure and takes it well.

d******* - 05/29/2020 1:38:36 AM

Bob loses that his cock is bigger as Peter shows him that his is huge and a dream to suck.

R************ - 06/24/2019 6:37:08 PM

Adoro le bevute di sborra.

h********* - 10/09/2018 4:25:41 PM

Two studs going at it with great chemistry and intensity. Wonderful furry legs, great cocksucking, intense cum shots. Would love to be with Bob. He is a total guy hunk.

x******* - 09/27/2017 6:55:11 AM

Such an amazing scene!! Peter & Bob looked gorgeous together!! Such beautifully sculpted bodies and cocks!! Deliciously overwhelming!!

g******* - 08/01/2017 12:41:23 AM

Watching Peter's beautiful cock head up Bob's hairy ass was amazing. Please don't shave him and let's see a lot more of him!

t******* - 07/28/2017 3:26:17 AM

A - great video shots, great bottom and butt hole shots, great close ups

g********* - 07/24/2017 2:37:41 AM

good partners. Peter is one of my i's 7,,5 points for him and 4,5 for Bob, That makes alltogether 12 stars:2 is 6 in total. But YeyHo, it's holiday time. So who cares for this "mistake" ?

o****** - 07/21/2017 1:14:51 PM

Hot greediness! Lucky Bob! But happy Peter too, getting, yes, a dream partner! Gorgeous Peter is a powerful top here as ever but gentle and very caring! Bob has a solid body with nice chest, delicious nipples, awesome ABS and a great willing haired ass of which Peter enjoys a lot! Spicy sucks, rimming, fuck with hard penetrations! Just kisses are too superficial. Stunning cumshots! Peter's on Bob's hole with warm re-entry and this one feeding hungry Peter with his abundant creamy load! Good chemistry! Classic filming and direction with funny ending!

t********* - 07/19/2017 10:09:02 AM

In my opinion, Bob Marghiela is a SUPERSTAR (no offence to Peter, who is also hot). I agree completely with geoffrey27 and Sidemoon.

g********* - 07/18/2017 5:54:08 PM

This was a high voltage scene, with superstar Peter in full command. Bob contributed hugely to its success, as a fearless and appreciative bottom. He will be a big asset to the company. The piggy back at the end introduced a brief but delightful touch of humour.

g******* - 07/18/2017 3:17:36 PM

I am a size queen. Keep them cuming!

n***** - 07/18/2017 2:51:43 PM


t****** - 07/18/2017 1:25:00 PM

The superbly outstanding Peter was ace, as expected. Alas, I wish Peter was paired with a great freshmen like Justin for example, instead of the yawn producing Bob.

S******* - 07/18/2017 12:15:59 PM

If I could rate this scene 100 stars, I'd do it gladly, for this is exactly my kind od sex, guys, - white hot, with a palpable chemistry and strong mutual attraction of two equal partners, sexually skilled, experienced, equally generous in bed and equally eager to share their pleasure. I'm applauding Peter and Bob standing, - what a couple, what a passion! :)))))))))))

S********* - 07/18/2017 12:06:43 PM

I have no words to explain how much I like Peter!!

S*********** - 07/18/2017 11:07:41 AM

Who me? You will never hear me complain about size...^^

s******** - 07/18/2017 9:50:59 AM

DOBLEPLUSGOOD!!! Peter = FuckMazda!!! Bob= StarvingBottom !!!

a********* - 07/18/2017 9:49:43 AM

Quiet scene, which I can see quietly. ­čĺť

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