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Peter Annaud & Bobby Noiret

Our 2nd XL special is with Peter Annaud and Bobby Noiret. Even if Bobby does not qualify in this category, he certainly enjoys boys that do in his ass. Bobby does struggle a bit in the oral part, but as DeHanoia notes, we really can't blame him for that. Personally I don't know why we can't blame him even though I know gicing a blow job to a beer can may be a challenge for some people. Overall the scene is enjoyable, but if you don't enjoy it, there are some great scenes to rewatch from last week.

Bobby Noiret
Peter Annaud
t********* - 12/15/2020 10:58:02 PM

Love watching Bobby take and enjoy Peter's huge cock and then seeing Peter take a facial from Bobby's little cock.

d******* - 05/29/2020 12:56:59 AM

Peter, Bobby so sexy in their own way. Peter so cute and such nice balls and huge cock.

w****** - 10/10/2019 11:02:31 PM

I was amazed at the speed with which Peter removed his pants in this scene. If I had not seen it with my own eyes I would have thought it impossible. Anyway, a wonderful performance from both and many thanks from me. Peter must have the thickest cock at Belami and Bobby probably the smallest mouth. His jaw must have been aching when he was blowing Peter.

R************ - 06/22/2019 3:59:13 PM

Splendida la sborrata in bocca!!!

r*********** - 12/08/2017 1:38:53 PM

Naughty Bobby gets it hard up the ass from Peter. Yo!

x******* - 11/21/2017 10:11:08 AM

Beautiful pairing, delicious sex!!

M****** - 10/01/2017 7:52:34 PM

Delightful pairing. Real chemistry between these two. I loved Peter's initial penetration of Bobby's butt: slow, erotic, and he nearly got all the way in on the first thrust. I grow more and more fond of each of these boys and enoy the contrast between Peter's sort of goofy athletic cuteness and Bobby's more elegant "fashio'model" looks. Missionary section was my favorite, with long shots and strong chemistry between the two. I was also struck by the majesty of Bobby's ass the way it was glowing in the backlight during the doggy finale.

g********* - 09/23/2017 2:32:11 AM

Bobby is hot....when he cums. But he's not in the A or B my opinion.

J****** - 09/22/2017 3:59:47 PM

Bobby a un charme fou je me faisais la réflexion qu'il y avait longtemps, il n'était plus à l'affiche, à l'actualité sur le site. Eh bien il est intense et énergique pour cela je l'apprécie énormément. Lovely Bobby!

o****** - 09/21/2017 11:04:27 AM

What such a pleasure to watch this enjoying scene! Both boys enjoy too a lot together of course! Sure, Bobby is not a classical beauty, but he has such a great charm! Peter, one of my favorites since I saw him the first time, is very attractive to me! Love his masculine, a little bit rough, face, his body, great hairy legs and ass and his unique thick wonderful tool! Very pleasant and playful opening! Nice sucks, kisses, rimming and pounding as hell! Lucky Bobby, his eyes show all his pleasure to take the wonderful "thing". Just a pity he doesn't come while fucked! But his cumshot into Bobby's mooth is great and Peter likes very much the savour of his cum! Nicely filmed a little as a homevideo! 5* +

J****** - 09/19/2017 9:26:34 PM

I cannot imagine more intense LOVE MAKING than this scene. Loved the super aroused piss slit (at 8:15) on Bobby's penis as they were rubbing their penises together. Loved the many spurts of semen from Bobby, and Peter's relishing every drop!

g********* - 09/19/2017 7:46:32 PM

I greatly admire all the bottoms who are willing and able to take dicks of the girth of Jack's and Peter's inside them with ease and every sign of pleasure; not everyone can, but sweet and attractive Bobby takes Peter in his stride. Very enjoyable!

H***** - 09/19/2017 7:21:29 PM

Bobby is hot, don't find Peter atractive. Pity.

t****** - 09/19/2017 5:33:34 PM

Peter's beauty is of momentous proportions. This isn't a backhanded insult at Bobby, but I would like to see Peter with some of the bigger and better stars. We've gone from seeing Peter paired with superb models like Jack, Dylan and Joel to seeing him with drab models like Henrik, Felix and Bob Marghiela - not good! Though Bobby isnt a favourite of mine, he does have a cute quality to him. On the whole, I liked the scene.

t***** - 09/19/2017 4:19:56 PM

Getting a little tired of the end of sex "facials" that BA uses to let the bottom not cum while getting fucked.

a********* - 09/19/2017 3:41:59 PM

this is not good for me

L*********** - 09/19/2017 3:22:37 PM

Bobby and Peter looking as if they were made for each other, a perfect pair having fantastic sex together. I envy Peter he could lick and fuck this sexy cute ass. Bobby could be the winner of the "Most sexiest ass of the month". 5 stars.

J******** - 09/19/2017 3:19:13 PM

Real awesome male bliss with Peter's girth and Bobby's abundant load. This week is a really good freshmen week, thank you!

m******* - 09/19/2017 10:35:53 AM

minute 11,30 of this scene, xxl dick of Peter slide great and flescy in beautiful Bobby's ass, i was coming in ecstasy, is a wonderful show, i love the great dick and Peter represent well my erotic dreams, good too Bobby a lot underestimate

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