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Perry Lynton & Justin Saradon

In issue 348 we featured a cute boy called Perry Lynton and today he is back for a video update. Perry doesn’t have much experience in bed so we decided to go slowly on him and work out who to pair him with. After a short interview with Luke Hamill, Justin Saradon is selected for the role and is soon trying to get into Perry’s pants. Justin loves to suck big cocks and Perry is no disappointment. Justin guides Perry throughout the video until he cums over the newbie‘s face. He then uses his mouth to bring off Perry.

Justin Saradon
Perry Lynton
g********* - 07/05/2024 8:16:40 PM

Perry beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!

G********* - 05/04/2024 10:31:47 AM

Once again, terrible videography. You're not showing the guys' faces during their orgasms! Get a fucking clue!!!

h******* - 03/12/2024 11:11:40 PM

Hope to watch sooner Perry in more action Im in love hehehe again

j********* - 02/21/2024 8:28:12 PM

Perry is adorably erotic!!! I love how he purrrrs as he sucks cock and I want to watch him do that all day!!

M****** - 01/16/2024 3:38:22 AM

I remember when Justin's early appearances on BA aroused some concern that he's just TOO young looking, And here the tables are turned with Perry assuming the jail-bait role. And of course I'm kidding -- given Perry/Jake's long career he must be well into his 20's by now.

s****** - 01/11/2024 7:10:18 PM

I think it is about time to see PERRY LYNTON ( aka: Jake Olsen ) as a bottom !

E****** - 11/27/2023 5:18:35 PM

Perry is perfect! Please shoot more scenes with him.

s******* - 11/18/2023 5:58:19 PM

Justin and Perry knocked this one out of the park! VERY STUNNING, EROTIC, NATURAL, INSPIRING SEX, and the PHOTOGRAPHER is CLEARLY A PRO and KNOWS how to film GREAT SEX between VERY HOT GUYS. I would be surprised if a scene like this did not arouse the photographer, too! THANK YOU, freshmen, for this GREAT performance.

d******* - 11/05/2023 11:53:17 PM

Justin so sweet and cute and Perry so cute with nice cock to suck and sweet lips to kiss.

j********* - 10/28/2023 4:48:48 PM

Wow! It's no wonder that Justin shot in a little under 8 minutes. Perry is what Freshmen should always be about. A return to the young Andre Boleyn -type and others, There should be a feeling (sometimes) of "Is he 18?" I note from other comments that he's been around for a while, so if he is 18, then he must be hanging onto it by his fingernails. But he's so cute and a nice kisser, too. oh, gawd, I'm babbling. MORE of Perry, please - and soon. Perhaps, next time with less come in advance of the shoot and more for us! Justin remains a safe pair of hands/arms. I'd snuggle next to him anytime. *****

d***** - 10/26/2023 3:19:11 PM

Nice to see we are getting back to twinks, even though the scene is very old it was great to see this film.

J****** - 10/26/2023 1:04:05 AM

Wonderful hot scene! Please more of Perry !!!

s************* - 10/25/2023 8:12:42 AM

A beautiful love scene between two young men. Both do a great job and I loved all the kissing. I can’t wait for a longer version, as they teased in the video. But please don’t mislead the viewers; as some members have indicated below, “Perry” has probably done as many sex scenes as Justin and has ALOT of experience, in gay video. Having said all that, hopefully Perry joins the BA team! He’s very cute and an excellent performer!!!

l********** - 10/25/2023 2:25:25 AM

The laughing stock of the day: "Perry doesn’t have much experience in bed" I know, the bigger part of BelAmi is playing with fantasies, but please don't take your customers for imbeciles. Perry Lynton is a professional porn actor who was playing for all the known porn producers in Prague and east of Prague.

b****** - 10/24/2023 11:02:49 PM

This is indeed Jake Olsen. He's been around for years working with other Eastern European studios. I have a bunch of his work. I agree, he does look alot better without that long hair. He does cum, but only as a top. Maybe he'll bottom for Belami. Yep, love his knob too. Very hot.

a***** - 10/24/2023 10:12:52 PM

Well, he surely looks much better like than with long hair

w****** - 10/24/2023 9:57:03 PM

I hope you have continued the slow progress with Perry and haven't frightened him off. He has already made quite an impression on me. Justin has come a long way from the nerdy twink of his early days and it is always a pleasure to see him. Many thanks and lots of love to both.

d******* - 10/24/2023 8:56:19 PM

Does Perry actually cum? It's hard to tell.

G***** - 10/24/2023 7:42:25 PM

Great!!! Looks like Jake Olen´s younger brother. I am exited to see more...

j********* - 10/24/2023 6:28:50 PM

A great first time video. Perry and Justin were well matched. After watching this I wished my first time had been with Perry. I'm hoping in future videos with Perry that there is more anal and more cum shots of Perry. I would like to see more pairings with Freddie, Jorik and Tom Houston to put Perry through his paces..

J******** - 10/24/2023 3:36:21 PM

I like Perry's glans so meaty and delicous!

p***** - 10/24/2023 12:38:33 PM

Perry is cute as hell and Justin is the perfect teacher. 💦😈

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