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Paul Cassidy & Olaf Mortensen

Clearly our production manager Yannis has an obsession, we’re just not sure what it is. Either he’s obsessed with cleanliness, or he has a thing for seeing sexy guys in showers. Either way, he has Paul and Olaf head straight for the shower as soon as they arrive in town. Olaf has an obsession as well- to become “King of all Bottoms” and he gives it his all to earn that title with Paul. His love for getting fucked is so palpable that we’re reluctant to ask him to top. Big dick, small dick, fat dick, thin dick. Olaf loves them all!

Paul Cassidy
Olaf Mortensen
L****** - 12/31/2021 1:51:30 AM


k******* - 02/10/2021 7:07:19 AM

Hot fucking and luv the cream pie and re-entry...blast off !! Thank you Paul and Olaf

V************ - 01/28/2021 8:34:27 PM

I thought that Paul and Olaf made a great couple in this scene. Both are good looking, have great bodies and nice round ass cheeks. Would have loved to have seen a full ass view of Paul as he was fucking either from underneath or behind. Olaf clearly loves being fucked and Paul does a great job accommodating him, so much so, that Olaf has a really great cum shot albeit a one shot blast. Paul does a nice job of covering Olaf's hole with cum and then re-inserting. I am in the camp that would like to see more trimming of Olaf's pubic hare but I know that there are also those who love his thick lush forest. Overall good filming with good lighting and focus. Definitely a 4.5 star scene for me.

r********* - 01/26/2021 1:20:58 AM

I think Paul is too big for FM, and Olaf- when is he going to get his teeth corrected. I don't like either guy, though Olaf has a good body.

m********* - 01/23/2021 2:48:56 AM

Olaf leaves me cold, just don’t find him attractive. Paul is better when personality shines through....

w****** - 01/22/2021 10:13:30 PM

I forgot a couple of things in my earlier comment. First, both are in flagrant breach of the underwear rule. Second, why does a heavily muscled hunk like Paul trundle his case instead of carrying it?

d******* - 01/22/2021 7:25:51 PM

Paul with lovely body and nice eyes with lovely dick.

t****** - 01/21/2021 10:14:19 PM

I’m gradually warming to Paul. Olaf is a good bottom, but he would look much better if he trimmed his body hair. There is a point where it is too much.

R************ - 01/21/2021 11:14:16 AM

Due splendidi cazzi pelosi come piacciono a me!

a********* - 01/20/2021 11:43:57 PM

I agree with the previous comment regarding Paul showcased more as a bottom. However i don't understand general negative comments regarding him. Paul is an absolutely beautiful stud with an incredible body. He seems to be everywhere, social media, chat, and web scenes therefore obviously puts a lot of effort into his work on top of maintaining his stunning physique! This scene was well shot, had great closeups of both completely enjoying nursing each others cocks and great penetration angles all topped off with great nuts and cum eating. Olaf excels and obviously delights in getting fucked. My final comment would be enough with the shower scenes, more shots of your handsome studs in their briefs (a complete turn-on, I'll never understand why this is completely overlooked in so much gay porn) and to my complete satisfaction we got a long view of Paul looking so sexy in his!!!! So 5 stars, but what a fantasy when Paul bottoms. May I suggest a gang bang at some point? Sure to be a massive crowd pleaser!!!

p********** - 01/20/2021 2:59:23 PM

Paul and Carlos Effort are together off screen I am told. Maybe this is why his on screen performances suffer. I also much prefer to see that incredible body of his being used. Bottom Paul please. You're better at it.

g******* - 01/19/2021 11:18:20 PM

Olaf's delicious pubes and hairy crotch. Love his nipples and loved his passion and big orgasm. Paul less demonstrative but what a body. Loved just watching them undress for the shower and then the anticipation of a big fuck.

f********** - 01/19/2021 6:29:42 PM

Gonna get Olaf's teeth fixed ? Please!

t********* - 01/19/2021 6:09:30 PM

Nosyaj has a point: Paul increasingly seems less passionate in his scenes and it could be he is just not attracted to boys. His first few bottoming scenes were great and then his scenes as he began to top were less and less passionate and believable. And, this comes from someone who is mesmerized by Paul’s nipples. Maybe have Paul only bottom, talk to him about his need to really step up the tongue kissing and have his next top suck the crap out of those nipples in the foreplay.

n***** - 01/19/2021 4:21:37 PM

George, Olaf is the real deal, a true compassionate lover. However Paul just goes through the motions. Why not pair Olaf with fellow passionate lovers like Christian Lundgren, Keith Atikins, Torsten Ullman, John Lennox, Viggo Sorresen. Olaf is a +10, Paul is a +2.

s******** - 01/19/2021 3:38:56 PM

Totally sexiluscious!!! as these twin-twink-twunks get it on with urgent nasty tenderness.

h********* - 01/19/2021 2:27:58 PM

Love Olaf. What a sexy bum. An ok scene with him. Not a big fan of Paul.

I****** - 01/19/2021 2:03:57 PM

1 star? Really? I mean did you SEE Olaf's fine ass? That alone warrants at least 3. Jeez, it's like you think finding hot guys to fuck on camera is easy.

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