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Paul Cassidy & Justin Saradon

We began Paul's introduction last month in a scene with Pierre Cezanne and it concludes this month with Justin Saradon. The seduction starts in the bathroom. Those who enjoy three-ways might be disappointed when they quickly dismiss Kieran. That disappointment will disappear as soon as you witness the hot oral action. A delicious appetizer before the main course that takes place in the bedroom. You may forget Justin's vastly greater experience when you see Paul's natural gift for making love. It manifests as a scene featuring two very accomplished lovers as the sex is fast paced and intense highlighting Paul's love for getting fucked. Remember this is only Paul's introduction. We're confident that those yet convinced to hold him as a firm favorite will, like Justin, eventually succumb to his charms.

Justin Saradon
Paul Cassidy
k********** - 03/21/2021 7:40:58 AM

So hot to see the muscular Paul dominated and fucked!!!

M****** - 11/28/2020 9:39:34 PM

I loved watching Paul walking around with a boner inside those sexy hot pink briefs. Also was super impressed by Justin's topping skills, the way he varies tempo and depth of penetration. Please encourage all of your tops to share the full length of their cocks. It's a turn-on to watch a smaller guy like Justin get to top the muscleboy, and it really works well here.

b****** - 07/24/2019 8:36:18 PM

Paul a great new addition in this wonderful scene.

p******* - 07/02/2019 8:03:12 PM

More of perfect Paul please! I would have enjoyed this scene more if he had topped Justin..

j****** - 06/23/2019 3:12:21 PM

It is great to see someone like Justin being so reallifesoap horny especially when we see that he cums directly after fucking (and that is recorder in ons take so we have proof on tape)

V************ - 06/23/2019 7:48:59 AM

Justin is cute and quite the sex machine here, but I think Paul definitely has made his mark as the hunk to be fucked or to fuck.If I had a choice between spending an hour with one of them, I definitely would choose Paul. He has a great body and wonderful dick, and he had such a great cum shot with plenty of man cream. I look forward to seeing lots more of Paul and hopefully seeing him grow in his skills as a lover.

g******* - 06/21/2019 2:32:20 AM

The thought of these two gorgeous guys fucking with all the sexy boys next door was a turn-on in itself. The cum bath was amazing, the sex leading up to it ecstatic.

s***** - 06/20/2019 11:47:28 PM

I had to pause the video after 15 secs cause this opening looks a lot like the 5++ star video of Kevin and Justin (the sinks and Justin styling his hair). Lets hope this one lives up to it

R********** - 06/20/2019 9:50:29 PM

Paul is absolutely gorgeous !! Beautiful face, body, cock and cum shot....and the golden fleece on his perfect ass is to die for !!! Please give us more of this beautiful boy !!

t*********** - 06/20/2019 4:18:26 PM

Very hot to see cute twink Justin taking charge with gorgeous hunk Paul! I'm looking forward to seeing much, much more of Paul - the big blond jock who loves to get fucked makes me think of my eternal love Mick Lovell. Many differences with Mick, but Paul is terrific!

h******* - 06/19/2019 5:05:03 AM

Paul is utterly magnificent. What a pity he is wasted with the slender Justin.

b***** - 06/18/2019 5:59:28 PM

It is a real pleasure to watch beautiful, sexy and sultry Justin 😍 making love to a guy. He always goes for the intimacy and is so sensual and affectionate when having sex, there are only a few models that can match his kissing. I cannot understand why Paul was not all that sensual in his scenes with Pierre Cezanne and Jeroen Mondrian as today’s episode seems to precede those two scenes, when trained by the master he should have learned something. Anyway I thought he did well here and was more responsive than I have ever seen him before. Compliments also to the director/cameraman, I like this style of moving the camera around the action, it is so much hotter than a lot of editing and too many cuts, and the cameraman shows that he masters this style. Beautiful! A special mentioning of course of my bundle of joy, cute and sweet Pip 💘💘💘 playing a videogame with very handsome Jason in the dorm, it makes me glad that Pip seems to be winning 😍😍😍

J******** - 06/18/2019 4:53:51 PM

Oh I like the cumbuth when I see Paul's naval dent filled with white virile cum and his cum intermingled with Justin's - just so geil, also Justin rubbing both cocks which are both so well lubricated with the boy's lust stream.

P****** - 06/18/2019 2:10:07 PM

In addition to his magnificent muscles and gorgeous blond hair, Paul has a huge erection and a volcanic cum shot. Could there be a more perfect young man?

p***** - 06/18/2019 12:13:16 PM

Can't get enough of Justin with his slender body, big dick & nicely defined abs. Oo la la is he sexy.

s******** - 06/18/2019 10:36:28 AM

definitely INFERNO could feel the love flowing and see the goggly-eyed mutual asstraction...fuerchterlich HEISS!!!

o****** - 06/18/2019 10:18:46 AM

Stunning to watch thin Justin topping energetically this "mountain" of muscles! Good "first" fuck Paul enjoys alot, showing a great cumshot! Paul gets gorgeous chest, nipples, blond fuzzy ass and hole! Funny opening with Kieran and the others… Good BA ambience!

i****** - 06/18/2019 9:34:41 AM

Paul is wonderful. When can we have a good photo session please?

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