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Paul & Andre

Forever horny Andre Boleyn never misses an opportunity to seduce a guy, especially if it's a stranger. Andre had begun to explore Paul Cavill's body and dick before our cameraman Adam Archuleta even arrived. Luckily, Adam quickly finds our amorous couple and is able to capture fully the intense blowjob that Andre gives Paul, climaxing in Andre's legendary cumshot. If Paul comes across as a little shy, it is because this is his first sexual interaction with another guy on camera.

Andre Boleyn
Paul Cavill
V************ - 05/02/2021 2:46:41 PM

FM must be running out of good material to present. this issue contains an ok training scene with Adam and Allan and then this very short, not so great "getting used to the camera" scene with Andre & Paul. Not sure this should have even been used. Let them do this type of training but keep it in the can. Don't use it as material we pay a prescription fee to see.

g******* - 04/23/2021 7:50:39 AM

Paul is cute and he had that lovely cock so close to Andre's outstretched ass. Should have shoved it in. Enjoyed Andre's finger-fucking but anything he does has to be good.

J******* - 04/22/2021 5:10:09 AM

Those complaining repeatedly about old material need to get a grip on reality. As a general rule, the scenes on Freshmen generally are shot the year before unless it is a series. I doubt BelAmi was shooting a year ago. They didn't figure out all the logistics for "Alone Together" until May, and thereafter the performers had to go into quarantine for two weeks before shooting, provided they could travel to Prague, Bratislava or Budapest between continental lockdowns. Be happy that unlike other sites BelAmi had a stockpile of material and could continue posting "new" videos daily instead of drastically cutting back on posting new scenes.

m********* - 04/22/2021 4:57:02 AM

Based on some of the other comments I was expecting the worst scene ever, but I thought it was ok. My observation is Andre's body is nowhere near as defined as it used to be, which is a shame because I've always considered him to be one of the hottest guys on this site.

V********** - 04/22/2021 3:06:21 AM

So basically another jerk off video. It’s getting harder and harder to justify paying for BA and Freshmen.

t***** - 04/21/2021 6:59:14 AM

Give paul a break guys, it was his first time on camera, plus he must have known he was with a Bel Ami legend our Andre, plus having to remember camera was there, it's a lot of pressure to perform. I'm addicted to Andre anyway, have been from first seeing him. I'ts nice to see guys first times and it being less polished. Oual did not have the confidence at that point to fuck one of Bel Ami's biggest ever legends, but we can forgive bless him and Andre was his usual angel man self and was very nice to our newbie.

J****** - 04/20/2021 9:54:04 PM

Paul is a favorite of mine since his first released scene with Serge Cavalli. So I hope to see mutch more real action scenes with him in future. If this was his first scene with a guy on camera, I also think, that this scene should not have been released here. As I wrote last week, I really hope you will be able to make up for the missed opportunity for a real and hot action scene with these two favorites of mine. And like I said before: more scenes with Paul please!

t********* - 04/20/2021 6:48:03 PM

Only bright spot is Andre’s cumshot. Paul is horrible, although with longer hair and deeper tan he eventually worked his way out of his paralysis.

R************ - 04/20/2021 5:03:54 PM

Bei ragazzi!

h********* - 04/20/2021 2:53:33 PM

Paul is a complete dud here. Poor Andre did his best, but Paul was lifeless. He couldn’t put it in! This scene should not have been released. I would give it zero stars, but there is no option for that. No more Paul!

d******* - 04/20/2021 1:29:36 PM

What was Paul waiting for Christmas?? He just waited and waited kissed Andre but never poked it in Andre open hole as he was just motionless finally kissed Andre but other then that he was lifeless and was boring, while , Andre could have shot a solo shot with Paul being so lifeless and boring, yes, no one is perfect but Paul needs to work on his sex skills. Andre very experienced in sex. Guess would rate this 2 on the scale as no sex from Paul , very little at all and poor Andre had to finish the job on his own with cameraman having a big hard on. Felt like I was watching a newbie scene as Paul did little but watch Andre do the job. You could have titled this Andre and Adam teaches newbie in school. You are making excuses for Paul as I have seen scenes get rated worse than this and lots more sex. Now Derek C. will really get you fired up with his foot massage, Paul watch that scene.

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