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Pascal Mauri & Bastian Dufy

They say that competition is good for the boy and soul. In this case a friendly game of foosball leads to friendlier fornication with Bastian scoring twice- winning the game and claiming this tall, sexy Freshman’s ass as his prize. Bastian is a gracious winner, treating his conquest to a consolation deep-throat and a victory pounding. Judging from Pascal’s satisfied appearance there is no “agony” but only pleasure in his “defeat”. For those of you concerned that this is the last you’ll see of the lanky lusciousness that is Pascal, fear not. He didn’t “flirt” with Freshmen but committed fully. You’ll be seeing a lot more of him including a solo performance next month.

Bastian Dufy
Pascal Mauri
M********* - 02/28/2020 9:47:56 PM

The Beautynes of sexy young men! Both are very hot, amazing sex.

b******* - 02/10/2020 6:03:46 PM

Beautiful body hair, as Nature intended.

d******* - 02/06/2020 10:56:00 AM

Pascal is a doll with lovely body and nice dick for Bastian to suck. Their kissing turns me on.

R************ - 06/08/2019 5:28:08 PM

I love cum in mouth.

b****** - 01/30/2019 5:17:57 PM

I have a gripe with complainers Y not just remain silent and those of us enjoy the action I almost always do regardless whether the participants are my favorite.

d******* - 01/20/2019 6:16:12 AM

Basian hat eine so geile Schambehaarung. Bitte mehr Männer mit einer natürlichen Schambehaarung. Ich möchte gerne das Sperma von beiden schlucken.

f********* - 01/01/2019 3:08:42 PM

Why can I download the pictures of this scene? Please tell me.

V************ - 12/18/2018 5:36:53 AM

Though it seems a lot of people really love Bastian, personally I do not find him all that cute and he really has a serious complexion problem that makes him unattractive. Yes he performs well and has a great cock, and balls, but you have so many other models that are so much cuter. Personally I think that Bastian gets way too much exposure. Pascal is ok, but also is not all that cute facially speaking. He certainly did a great job of deep-throatinig Bastian though.

w****** - 11/28/2018 10:59:20 PM

One of the reasons I love Bastian is his gorgeous natural pubic hair. Therefore to have him paired with Pascal's wonderful hairy legs and natural bush is a real treat.

R********* - 10/02/2018 5:05:10 PM

I saw pascal's solo today and i have given a very positive comment on him.This sex scene affirm my impression.10 stars for that hungarian loverboy

b********** - 09/16/2018 11:21:14 PM

Love Bastian and Pascal together! Pascal’s sweet face says it all as he is pounded by Bastian’s thick tool! And his low hanging balls and thick bush were an extra turn on!

P************** - 09/16/2018 2:25:37 AM

I love how hairy they are !

t****** - 09/13/2018 9:44:16 PM

masterpiece by Basti xoxo

u******** - 09/13/2018 5:22:11 AM

Great camera work showing the fuck penetration. BASTIAN'S full natural bush looked so hot while he was fucking----also his ball sack slapping PASCAL'S ass. Loved the cum kiss at the end!

J****** - 09/11/2018 9:52:52 PM

Absolutlely hot scene, with a perfect performance of both of the boys, especiall from my Darling Bastian :-)))) Good to know, that we get more of Pascal !!!

j******* - 09/11/2018 5:02:31 PM

The boys should be allowed to cum naturally, very boring cum shots as if staged.

b***** - 09/11/2018 3:56:55 PM

Pascal did very well in his debut scene, but of course Bastian must have been a big turn on for him. Pascal is a pleasant looking guy with a firm and generous body, a welcome addition to the BA/FM stable. I loved Bastian getting down on Pascal's dick after cumming and the cum kisses that followed, this type of ending is always very exciting to me.

s******** - 09/11/2018 2:27:56 PM

those fantastic tight shots of bastian getting his boner sucked are among the very best

h********* - 09/11/2018 1:46:47 PM

This is obviously not Pascal’s first time as a bottom. Bastian slides his big cock in with not resistance at all. The editing of this scene left a lot to be desired...many, many awkward shifts and changes.

a********* - 09/11/2018 12:28:57 PM

Bastian is always a great piece of male, a pleasure for the eyes, with all his imposing beautiful black fur, and a body to die for. 💚 💙 💜 ❤️ 💛

L*********** - 09/11/2018 12:15:57 PM

A very convincing presentation of the newcomer Pascal, and Bastian in perfect action like I love him. Big erotic close-ups again.

o****** - 09/11/2018 10:24:55 AM

Hot Fucking scene! Hot guys! Both are sex eager! Pascal is a nice guy who sometimes looks like Rocco a little bit! Love his cute face, tall body, big hairy ass, pink rosebud,thighs and legs! Long skilled licking and rimming by energetic Bastian! All fucking positions are hot, peculiarly the riding and pénétrations! Great cumshots! Bastian is superb, a pity his spoiled skin. Love their magnificent bushes both!

t********* - 09/11/2018 10:01:45 AM

Belami tops need to learn to let the bottom cum first. Otherwise, in my opinion, the action is jerking off & a great deal less erotic.

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