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Pascal Mauri

Last month, we had Pascal’s debut scene here on Freshmen with Bastian Dufy. Without a partner, you’ll have the opportunity to get to know him better during this hot solo performance. Pascal is one of our new Hungarian boys that have been shooting with us for about a year. He will be making his next appearance on BelAmiOnline in November and will be part of our BootCamp series here on Freshmen.

Pascal Mauri
b****** - 03/11/2019 2:10:18 PM

Great new model, as to his hair that always should be up to the model.

f********* - 12/27/2018 11:11:51 PM

... about this awesome, fucking hot, sexy boy, Pascal Mauri, you must have had a great reaction to him. He is both cute and butch, well, if not exactly "butch", that boyish smile denies him that description, but he is just a touch tough-looking when the camera catches him without a smile and pursing those cock-sucking lips, but whatever... His looks and attitude are a dick-hardening combination. When can I see him in a group scene, preferably the bottom to several of your other sexy young guys? I live in hope. Cheers, .....

p****** - 10/03/2018 2:11:12 PM

My Type. Gorgeous. Hottie. A Big fucker. Make many Videos with him. Gangbang would be great

l******* - 10/03/2018 2:40:22 AM

I never noticed what a cute smile he has as he uses it very sparingly. It's such a welcome relaxation from his usual non-trusting gaze. Also pleased to notice what a great body he has with good clear healthy skin. But ahh, his ass looks so inviting.

S******* - 10/03/2018 12:33:54 AM

Very gorgeous boy! His total sensuality burned up the screen! He has a come fuck me look. I agree with Harold he obviously was recently plowed. I'd like to see this happen often. I love ❤️ watching guys who want it get it!

m******* - 10/02/2018 6:20:17 PM

enters the scene and is immediately dazzling, beautiful, tall, with a beautiful body, then sits and 'you can' admire his long legs, the chest wide and perfect, then gets up, turns and 'appears his magnificent ass, thirty seconds of immediate paradise, then masturbates and shows us again the hard ass and spreading her buttocks a delicious bud, dilated and eager, said he also has a beautiful face, sullen and funny, this guy excites me terribly, I would kiss him and lick it everywhere

L*********** - 10/02/2018 3:47:30 PM

Agree with "Pianist".

J****** - 10/02/2018 3:24:17 PM

Pascal est adorable à tout nivaux ses yeux vous attire dès le premier regard et sa broussaille un délice a caresser.

h********* - 10/02/2018 3:21:51 PM

Cute, sexy, and from the look of his gaping hole, quite experienced with gay sex. His furry legs, nice pubes, and hairy crack are hot. Now grow some pit hair and no shave his torso. A better haircut might soften his overall look.

R********* - 10/02/2018 3:15:43 PM

I love all the beautiful and sexy Hungarians at BA and at KA/FM very very much,but this sensual beauty excell everyone.Every inch of his body is perfect,every movmentis a feast for the eyes.He can make a man completely lewd.

a********* - 10/02/2018 3:03:53 PM

💚 💙 💜 ❤️ 💛 He's delicious! But I hope he will let himself grow even a little hair on his chest. Not much, not too much, but a little, otherwise that lustrous chest with solitary nipples abandoned in a desolate desert plain makes a little childish compared to its spectacular men's very masculine legs. And is there anything more exciting than a guy who goes on walking with his irrepressible erection? Fuck I get hard just to see that. moment!

b***** - 10/02/2018 1:54:15 PM

Pascal is a delight!

P****** - 10/02/2018 1:53:00 PM

Not bad. Not really my type, but I can see why others would very much like him.

I*************** - 10/02/2018 10:49:52 AM

Doesn't this guy remind you a little bit of Noah Centineo, the Netflix heart throb?

s******** - 10/02/2018 10:44:44 AM

...and can picture him in a pair of golden chaps mounting a Jack's cock as he gets pumped full of seed...Pascal exudes sexiness and he is a prize!!!!

o****** - 10/02/2018 9:27:38 AM

Love this sensual, tall, cute "rascal"! He is born for sex and love! Love his sulky lips, curve up dick, fleshy bums, inviting hole! His body hair is a delightful treasure! Don't touch it, in spite of some negative comments...His legs are to die for...

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