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Paolo Arreola & Yannis Paluan

It is no secret that Yannis loves to work out and the results of his efforts are obvious to us and all the boys around him. When Yannis meets Paolo he decides to share a few tips. The sexual tension between them slowly builds until Yannis cannot restrain himself anymore. He starts to kiss Paolo and before long we are enjoying some beautiful oral action with two juicy thick cocks. Paolo loves to bottom so Yannis happily rims his nice butt before sliding his hard dick inside. Our hot muscly duo fuck in several positions until Paolo messes up his partner's stomach with a big creamy load. As a thank you for the workout tips and the unforgettable anal orgasm, Paolo sucks Yannis until his mouth is full of cum.

Paolo Arreola
Yannis Paluan
2***** - 07/15/2023 10:46:00 PM

Paolo looks amazing! And Yannis is so hot! What a great combination. Waiting for the sequel with reversed roles ..­čî╣­čî╣

c******* - 04/04/2023 7:28:14 AM

one of the all time best

C*********** - 11/30/2022 12:54:42 PM

Yannis is a stud I will eagerly watch in any video, a beautiful man with a beautiful cock. I like explosive cum shots. Where were they?

m****** - 04/02/2022 10:08:24 PM

I don't usually go for muscles, but Yannis is so charming and such a great performer, AND THAT FACE, he is so adorable. Paolo is cute too. I agree with Libby, the cumshots were lacking.

l***** - 12/30/2021 7:46:07 AM

But for the cumshots this would've been a great film. More of Paolo, please.

R***** - 11/15/2021 1:23:05 PM

Paolo is a gorgeous, sexy, young hunk and all his working put has paid off. Yannis ia also a very sexy hunk and I love seeing Yannis fucking Paolo's furry ass. Paolo looks even sexier with Yannis' cum spurted in his mouth & over his tongue; before they share a wonderful creamy kiss.

d******* - 09/12/2021 8:56:35 PM

Yannis so nice and Paolo a very nice sex partner to fuck and kiss.

g******* - 08/31/2021 7:13:14 AM

A hot scene. Loved it at the start as they felt each other off in their tight underwear.

t******** - 08/28/2021 1:17:10 AM

Yannis is so relaxed yet passionate and seducing.. what a wonderful lover

a***** - 08/27/2021 7:21:29 AM

Paolo is great and I always love Yannis!

s******* - 08/25/2021 7:36:59 PM

Not a fan of both, and the scene is too standard (because of the actors, not of the direction). I'll wait for the next week!

B********* - 08/25/2021 4:48:41 PM

By the book. Nothing special, except the bedding.

s************ - 08/25/2021 2:46:23 PM

The movie is great - as always. I am just dumbfounded, that you still publish videos in this resolution that seems to be from the last century. Please come to today and don't stay a decade behind

w****** - 08/24/2021 10:00:30 PM

Lots of love to Yannis. Paolo's face and haircut remind me of a famous movie character. Can anyone guess who I am thinking of?

b********* - 08/24/2021 9:59:31 PM

Really like Paolo's mature look, muscles, and fur!

r********* - 08/24/2021 7:24:43 PM

Not my favorite type of guy, too many muscles, not really the Freshmen type. But I'm sure the scene is good.

P****** - 08/24/2021 3:01:23 PM

Anything with Yannis automatically gets five stars, and Paolo is a worthy partner.

I*************** - 08/24/2021 2:53:17 PM

The preview was so hot I just had to renew my membership and download it! I haven't been here for over a year. But this was pure Bel Ami gold if you ask me!

i****** - 08/24/2021 2:37:55 PM

Yannis ***** Wonderful

a***** - 08/24/2021 12:12:31 PM

Remember I didn't like Paolo too much at other sites but I'll try to keep an open mind. Ronana first for me this week for sure

d********* - 08/24/2021 11:59:43 AM

A good scene. Thanks;

s******** - 08/24/2021 9:53:22 AM

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