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Paolo Arreola

With Paolo Arreola, we were provided a “proper introduction” and reintroduction as he is a model that started to work with us, went away a few years and came back as cute and as sexy as when they first arrived. Paolo’s first venture with us consisted only of a casting and one scene with Justin Saradon. Hopefully we’ll get more from the prodigal porn-star as we reintroduce him here on Freshmen. His next hardcore outing you’ll see in a couple of months as he is paired with Yannis Paluan.

l******* - 05/16/2020 7:23:14 AM

Paolo is such an exceptionally hot young man with everything just perfect. Such potential as a keeper. Please do whatever it takes to keep him around making hot scenes with your top lads!!!

b******* - 04/20/2020 10:25:59 AM

Wow! He really is fantastic! Cannot wait to see him in action! I highly recommand the Easter Bunny Scene with him and Ashton Montana on BA! What a treat!

d******* - 04/19/2020 11:18:43 PM

Very handsome with lovely cock, nice eyes, sweet lips to kiss, nice ass to fuck, lovely body with sweet cock!!

b********** - 04/15/2020 6:26:26 PM

The Face of an Angel with the Cock of a Demon! DELICIOUS.

R***** - 04/15/2020 4:35:10 PM

Definitely 5 Stars. A very cute, boyish face with a gorgeous smile; a lean, toned, hot body and a magnificent cock! (which would need to hands to try and cover his shaft). I love the shots of sexy Paolo spreading his sexy butt cheeks to reveal his furry, fuckable asshole.

f****** - 04/06/2020 2:19:54 AM

What Ontman said. YES, Yes, HELL YES!!

V************ - 04/03/2020 4:17:06 PM

Oh, he is sooooo cute and what a great cock! Can't wait to see him in action!

e******* - 04/01/2020 8:52:06 PM


o***** - 04/01/2020 3:08:57 AM

I sort of looks like Paolo and Torsten Ullman could be related. Wow. That would be hot scene! (Well, anything with Torsten is pretty hot.)

A********** - 04/01/2020 1:39:51 AM

1 million stars !! I hope to see Paolo many many many many times here !!

g******* - 03/31/2020 10:38:24 PM

Totally magnificent. What a smile and such a beautiful body endowed with a fabulous cock. Must check out that scene with Justin again!

J****** - 03/31/2020 10:27:37 PM

Absolutely perfect and hot Boy! I really hope to see mutch more of him in future!!!!

m***** - 03/31/2020 9:08:01 PM

Paolo is extremely sexy. Great to have him back!!!

b******** - 03/31/2020 7:45:48 PM

nice when do we see Tom Houston fucked?

w********* - 03/31/2020 3:11:47 PM

Definate knockout!

W****** - 03/31/2020 1:52:08 PM

A very handsome guy. I enjoyed his performances at so am pleased to see him at bel ami. I hope you've given him a contract for many scenes.

P****** - 03/31/2020 1:47:52 PM

He's very nice! But to see him together with Yannis - now that will be a rare treat.

t****** - 03/31/2020 1:25:37 PM

Very hot! Can't wait to see him in a sex scene.

g****** - 03/31/2020 1:25:35 PM

Beautiful. Excited to see the pairing with Yannis, one of my faves!

o****** - 03/31/2020 10:00:35 AM

Paolo with Yannis! AWESOME YES! Paolo is cute, sexy well-shaped and dicked! Inviting ass! Agree with my friend topdog2013...

t********* - 03/31/2020 9:25:59 AM

OMG! Paolo fucks Yannis? AWESOME! Also, how bout Yannis fucks Paolo???? Cannot wait!!! Only Belami can pull off this kind of quality -- no other studio right now comes even close!!!!!!

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