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Oscar Sholz & John Leto part 2

After the first part's sticky ending, John Leto and Oscar Scholz jump into the shower together. As soon as they are back on the sofa, the action can start again. The chemistry between the two is undeniable and they have unfinished business. John and Oscar exchange blowjobs before Oscar rims John’s butt. John is an excellent bottom and Oscar knows it. As soon as Oscar penetrates his butt, John starts to use his magic to bring Oscar closer and closer to orgasm. After experimenting with several different positions, John cums whilst being fucked by Oscar, the top following right after, covering his partner‘s butt with another sticky cumshot.

John Leto
Oscar Scholz
g******* - 09/12/2023 12:54:34 AM

Just love Oscar's cock!

d******* - 09/07/2023 4:34:24 PM

John and Oscar switch roles with John on top. John his hair style different. 😎😎😎😎

e********* - 09/07/2023 12:01:24 PM

That was fantastic, I agree the chemistry between the two is amazing. John is a great bottom and takes Oscar so well. They're both such cute guys too.

a***** - 09/06/2023 3:11:52 AM

I'm sure it'll be a thrill to watch John fucked ❤️

d******** - 09/05/2023 11:03:10 PM

John leto nipple is very nice

J******** - 09/05/2023 2:06:10 PM

I love it like at around 5 07 when Oscar plays intensly with his cock and balls heating himself up while giving John a blowjob and John, having had his cumshot, the way he pulls his foreskin back and forth, my goodness it makes me hard - very nice scene!

p***** - 09/05/2023 1:07:21 PM

John's curls, his nice bush, well-defined abs & beautiful, big dick are VERY sexy. I think I prefer him as a bottom.

J****** - 09/05/2023 12:41:12 PM

It's always a pleasure to watch new scenes with John. He's an wonderful hot bottom with a natural looking extasy and performance.

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