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Oscar Scholz & Yannis Paluan

Yannis Paluan and Oscar Scholz have one condition before they try the new sofa for the first time: they want to build it. Once the sofa is finished, the two boys do not hesitate for a single minute and lay down on it and start kissing. Both possess nice thick cocks which are soon filling each other's mouths. Yannis loves a good blowjob but there is another hole he would rather have filled. After offering his ass to Oscar, he gets a nice rimjob before being penetrated. As Oscar fucks Yannis‘ hole with his juicy dick, he brings them both closer and closer to climax. Yannis cums first but is quickly followed by Oscar’s creamy load all over his hole. Both guys look forward to ordering another new sofa soon.

Yannis Paluan
Oscar Scholz
M****** - 01/09/2024 2:30:39 AM

The lighting is a little off in this scene. Flat images, not enough highlight and shadow to really show off the bodies.

M********* - 10/02/2023 8:41:00 PM

I like Yannis beefy bum, but that not mean he is fat, it's a joy to seeing him getting fucked by sexy Oscar, who fucks powerful and full of lust. It's also a pleasure seeing Yannis fall in climax shoot his big load and seeing his balls getting inside his body amd then shoot's Oscar his juice over Yannis. Great and super sexy!

A******* - 09/07/2023 7:33:42 PM

Even if Yannis has gained a few pounds, he’s still hot, sexy, and definitely not fat!

g******* - 08/09/2023 2:06:00 AM

Gorgeous boys.

R***** - 08/03/2023 7:27:59 PM

Yannis & Oscar are both very sexy; with lovely stiff, suckable nipples. I especially love Yannis' beefy body and his smooth, hunky chest. Love to see them both greedily sucking each others thick, stiff dicks. Gorgeous, beefy, hunky Yannis looks magnificent on all fours; as Oscar eats out his bubble butt and strokes his fat cock.& balls hanging between his fantastic thighs. I love the expressions of enjoyment on Yannis' sexy face as Oscar thrusts his cock deep inside his ass and dominates the hunk. After shooting his creamy load whilst being fucked; Yannis looks even sexier with spunk splashed over his abs and his hunky, muscled arms back to show off his sexy pits. I'd love to lick up Oscar's cum from Yannis' freshly fucked asshole.

d******* - 08/01/2023 3:40:59 PM

Oscar and Yannis get sofa together then they play and have fun in the nude. Yannis lies back and enjoys Oscar's cock in his ass. 😎😎😎😎

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