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Oscar Scholz & Tom Houston

This is the very first video featuring handsome Oscar Scholz. We can see right away that Oscar is a little shy and nervous but his partner is Tom Houston who soon soothes his nerves and gives him an unforgettable experience. Tom guides Oscar through his first anal sex until he shoots his load into Tom’s mouth.

Tom Houston
Oscar Scholz
m******* - 03/22/2023 5:17:23 PM

OMG ..... Hottest man to man encounter with those 2 Horse hung guys Tom Houston and Oscar Scholz. Could not believe my eyes to see how Tom Houston, enjoy making love to guys and really like man to men sex. Here where he met with Oscar Scholz. As soon as both guys getting undressed, was so hot to see both guys their hot male bodies, smooth chest, sensitive nipples and their uncut banana dicks which are so massive and huge. Tom Houston, his such big balls and a huge uncut cock, which makes me total crazy. That cock sucking and the way how Tom Houston, fucks his friend Oscar Scholz, very hard bareback was so hot to watch. Can't wait to see both men soon back in a new hot bareback video at Freshman.

g******* - 03/11/2023 11:40:57 AM

I like both of them a lot, just the way they are. Both seem a bit shy and nervous at the beginning, but I actually like that. Also no need for more muscles. Tastes are different, and while some members of this site may be into muscles, others are more into slimmer guys. After all, I guess is supposed to be more "twinky" than BelAmiOnline.

A******* - 02/22/2023 9:00:15 PM

I think some members are overly judgmental & picky, & just like to find minor things to criticize. .Oscar ( not Olaf) is new, so cut him some slack. He’s good looking, & like Tom, who has movie star good looks, they both have big dicks & nice asses. Not all performers are dynamic, some are easy going. I do agree that they both could benefit from a little gym time. Members have different tastes, that’s what makes our world an interesting place. As stated before, if you don’t like something, move on.

p***** - 02/02/2023 12:01:41 PM

Much as I am attracted to Tom, my reaction to this scene was " ho-hum,," Tom needs to liven up his facial expressions while having sex. "Cold as ice" here is a fitting description.

8********** - 02/02/2023 2:26:56 AM

I agree with fabioluis. It's a very bad video. Tom is very handsome, but clumsy and cold as ice. He also needs gym and muscles and a sexy temperament.

M********* - 02/01/2023 9:24:40 PM

Everything is allright with the guys and their performance, I think. Very enjoyable and hot sex that both boys showing here and both are beautyful in their own way. I like the foreplay very much and the following fucking of course, too. Thank You guys, for sharing Your nadednes with us.

J******** - 02/01/2023 7:04:51 AM

So geil wie er ihm ab 9:22 erst den Sack und dann hoch den Damm dann das Vötzchen leckt!

d****** - 02/01/2023 2:14:28 AM

Perfectly dreadful…shame. Seriously…SHAME!!

f******** - 01/31/2023 10:33:41 PM

Oh dear. Really bad. No direction, no plan, no concept, no idea, no one in charge. Jerome: "You guys know what to do. Go ahead." All Jerome is interested in are close-ups of dicks. Dicks. Dicks. Dicks. No imagination, no variety, no visual treats. The whole thing could have been filmed in a cardboard box. No room to breathe. Not a single full shot of Tom's whole body or Olaf's, standing or on the couch or fucking; all tight medium and close shots. Neither guy looked like he was having any fun. They were just going through a routine. Interesting at the end, they didn't rate it the usual "awesome." Tom is being badly handled and photographed by one incompetent camera man after another. Sad. Some competent photographers are needed, and these untrained amateurs should be given other jobs.

w****** - 01/31/2023 7:00:22 PM

Not belami's material? What is "belami's material"? A lad with a perfectly toned body and a tiny cock will always have a tiny cock but a lad with a big cock can always change the condition of his body if needed. Lots of love to both.

k****** - 01/31/2023 5:23:45 PM

I don't know what some of you gentlemen are seeing but I think both these guys are beautiful and sexy as they are... no need to change a thing

s********** - 01/31/2023 5:20:39 PM

The problem with Tom is that he needs to add up much more muscle to his body. I would prefer to see him much bigger and stronger.

O******* - 01/31/2023 1:32:21 PM

Tom is nice

t********* - 01/31/2023 1:28:48 PM

Oscar is not belami’s material

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