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Orri & Steve

To wrap up this Orri Aasen special we stay in Africa for this Art Collection with Steve Skarsgaard. Both guys are amongst the 'shorter' of our current group of models, but together make a rather charming couple.  These pictures are taken for us by Benno Thoma.

Orri Aasen
Steve Skarsgaard
a****** - 02/24/2019 5:27:28 AM

As if I needed any more reason to LOVE Orri. "I can't stop watching porn." HA! What a funny beauty, like Sven.

b****** - 02/23/2019 9:34:34 AM

Loved it. Please keep Steve on.

j***** - 02/22/2019 9:06:14 AM

Two hot guys who seem to get into each other. Orri is much smaller than Steve. Steve has those big powerful legs.

g********** - 01/14/2019 3:52:45 PM

These guys are hot, and maybe this is enough for other folks. But this is not why I signed up for this site.

m******** - 01/12/2019 2:54:23 AM

I wish we could see Steve in natural bush. Its really wierd this thin line. Orri always getting hot and hotter

b***** - 01/10/2019 5:26:46 PM

Even when not having sex Orri is of an animalistic sensuality. Steve has a nice body but I find his face off putting, the combination with Orri is nice though

V************ - 01/10/2019 5:54:44 AM

I like both of these young men, but Orri is my favorite of the two. There is just something about him, his looks, his build, his passion when performing., those lips, his smile. They all work for me. Steve also has a great build but is not on the same performance level. But this was a nice photo set.

A********** - 01/08/2019 11:15:58 PM

Awesome, hot, sexy. Please show us Steve many many times (so beautiful guy with perfect body). Minimum 1 million stars !

a********* - 01/08/2019 5:55:27 PM

A spectacular Orri in all its attractive masculinity, and a Steve at the edge of the ridiculous with his pubic micro-mustache and the Picasso's conformation of abnormal muscle development.

w********* - 01/08/2019 3:19:35 PM

Wow! Pictures AND a video. And of two lovely men no less.

P****** - 01/08/2019 2:38:19 PM

This is the one I enjoyed, not the ones with the unappealing people with the ear tunnels and tattoo..

N******** - 01/08/2019 11:49:19 AM

Such a beautiful photoshoot. Both guys are stunning ( and whilst Orri is rightly being featured a lot, we should certainly see more of Steve). Their bodies are magnificent and both have really fine sets of equipment which even look attractive when they are flaccid.

o****** - 01/08/2019 9:35:34 AM

Just a delight! Agree totally with ragazzofiore! But all of them both is to die for! Their Beauty, though very different, is extremely stunning! A pity Steve is underused...

r*********** - 01/08/2019 9:19:25 AM

These rear views of Orri and Steve are to die for. Orri has the best bum in the business - made for all sorts of pleasure from smacking to fucking and everything in between. And Steve is as good - beautiful set - thank you

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