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Orri Aasen & Jack Harrer

After trying Orri out for himself, Kevin is more than happy to recommend him to Jack, who is ina bit of a sulk after being turned down several times that morning by other boys.  For Orri's part, he is happy to get fucked as often and as many times as he can, and Jack's XL dick is a welcome change after Kevin ;-)

Jack Harrer
Orri Aasen
y******** - 08/13/2020 3:05:22 PM

Fantastischer Fuck. Ich möchte nit Orri tauschen. Ich liebe Ortis freche Fresse, die Jack herausfordert. Wenn Jack so gut drauf ist und mit so viel Laune dabei ist, möchte ich ihm stundenlang zusehen. GREAT FUCK 😃 .

m******* - 08/13/2019 8:02:01 PM

If ever there was a true legend in this business it is Jack Harrer. He is so superb in all that he does that we are allowed to see. I am a true fan. Orri has made his incredible mark on the Freshmen/Bel Ami world and is so appreciated or his wonderful work.

M****** - 03/19/2019 3:12:11 PM

Well the action here is fantastic but I'm crestfallen that so much was shot in the shade. I will cheerfully volunteer to come hold a reflector or soft spotlight so the critical interplay between cock and hole isn't in a murky shadow so much of the time. I loved the "big bad wolf" side of Jack as he seduces Orri, and both boys are deliciously sensual.

b****** - 02/23/2019 6:37:18 AM

Freshmen along with BMO bring usgreat scenes

h******** - 01/31/2019 4:44:50 AM

Lucky Orri: first Kevin, now Jack!

c******* - 01/15/2019 3:48:30 PM

it looks sooo good how jack lick and fuck orri his assss

e********* - 01/14/2019 10:13:36 PM

i dont know why ..this video is on "freshmen" ???

N******** - 01/14/2019 10:03:40 AM

Bad lighting, often out of focus. Why so much of this terrible "home video" stuff these days?

x******* - 01/12/2019 6:16:26 PM

Totally delicious!! Orri's so fucking adorable: that beautiful body just doesn't quit!!

V************ - 01/11/2019 9:37:24 PM

Once again, Orri gives a superb performance, and Jack is excellent as usual. Wonderful cum shots from both models! My only disappointment is in the poor lighting both on the bridge and later from underneath. I have noticed that a lot on Freshmen since recently adding it to my BA subscription and it is a bit frustrating. Please, LESS "home video" type of productions and more professional work. After all, taht is what we are paying for. Hope to see lots more of Orri on both sites.

t***** - 01/11/2019 11:39:04 AM

absolutely great to see Jack in action again, but... "welcome change after Kevin". Excuse meeee??? Hello Ms. Shade... bit rude there aren't we? Kevin's dick is perfect the way it is!

c********* - 01/10/2019 12:44:18 PM

Orri is charming and great to look at, enthusiastic and giving and I love his furred-up body. Jack --I've already praised him in almost every way possible. Jack is unique, the Best of the Best and Hottest of all -- funny, bright, decent and very considerate (as online), sexier than any other guy I know of, etc., etc. Now I have to praise his wonderful grace and style -- his way of walking and moving, how he handles himself physically; here the way he approaches Orri on the gangway -- such a gorgeous way to make a new friend :) Add to all this his real generosity as he gives himself so wholeheartedly to his partner, all his good-natured enthusiasm and apparent desire. This is especially evident here. And his beaming, honest smile tops it all off. BA is fortunate to have him and we are even luckier that BA brings him to us! I could fill a hymnal with songs of praise to him!! Yeah!

g******* - 01/10/2019 5:55:21 AM

Agreed. Hot as. The legendary Jack fucked Orri beautifully and the shots of has ass as he did so were amazing. Orri's voluptuous smile, his great carnal desire and his furry crotch make him one of the sexiest of BA boys.

B********* - 01/10/2019 4:30:14 AM

This is the hottest scenes to cum along in a long time. The directing and camera work are superb. Just look at the shot above of Orri sucking Jack's cock. Jack has never looked huger. And that sense of hugeness is maintained in every shot throughout. The camera, of course, has a lot of meat to work with. But it's the camera that makes big cocks look REALLY HUGE. The same with Orni's cock.. Just look at the freeze frame at the start of the clip. Not only is Orri's cock rock hard and looking VERY LARGE.. It is also held up at a super-hot, high-pitched angle by a ligament on the upper side of his cock that all of us are born with, but which slackens early from topping at different angles.. And that hints to me that Orri is a full-time bottom in his private life. And his huge hole proves it. That wet warm tunnels has seen a lot of big dicks and dildos. And we actually get 3 straight-on 1-second shots of that huge hole after Jack's fucked it awhile. Which is 3 more than in 99% of BA scenes. Is George is anti-hole?. I keep the few clips that show huge holes. But Orri has to lose the fur. I know some guys like fur-diving. It reminds them of pussy. But Orri as a fantasy is too young for fur. And it spoils good hole shots. Oh. Orri's bottomhood is shown too in having a throat as open as his hole! He can deep-throat Jack's whole fat shaft! Who else can do that?

p****** - 01/09/2019 3:10:44 PM

Jack is back. I love him. One of the hottest fuckers ever. Deep deeper deepest

a****** - 01/09/2019 8:09:34 AM


D******** - 01/09/2019 6:15:52 AM

Always love seeing Jack, he's always been such a strong performer, one of Bel Ami's best ever. I'd put him Top 3 with Lukas Ridgeston & Kris Evans.

s********** - 01/08/2019 8:44:56 PM

Jacku is fucking awesome. He is for sure one of the best performers in the history of BA. That foreplay conversation with his partner, that look and sexy smile, that energetic and sexual attitude... OMG. He is THE BOSS.

a********* - 01/08/2019 5:36:35 PM

Orri at the maximum power of his hospitable and welcoming cave of desires in his open amusement park 💚 💙 💜 ❤️ 💛

L*********** - 01/08/2019 1:15:06 PM

Congratulations to Orri for his great double bottom performance this week, he´s terrific!

o****** - 01/08/2019 10:37:59 AM

Hot like hell!!! Volcanic performances! Great shots! Excellent camera work which shows all the intensity of Orri's and Jack's sexual pleasure! A large cock for greedy hole! Incredible close-ups, peculiarly Orri's gaping hole ! Stunning looks of both, overall Jack's eyes! Thanks a lot George for this magnificent Orri Aasen Special! Bravo Orri and Jack for your huge and energetic sexual appetite!!!

r*********** - 01/08/2019 9:56:10 AM

The stretchability of human skin is really put to the test here. Lucky lucky Orri.

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