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Oliver Coogan & Justin Saradon

This week you will get an archetypal twink scene with Oliver Coogan and Justin Saradon. Each of them is becoming a porn star in their own right and even though you may be able to see a little inexperience here and there in this scene, it is still very sexy.

Oliver Coogan
Justin Saradon
D************* - 11/26/2021 8:10:53 AM

Oliver Coogan is my Viagra. He has the most lovable face and the most lovable smile. I have loved many of the BelAmi/Freshmen performers over the years, but Oliver is my all-time favorite. It saddens me that his career with BelAmi/Freshmen/Kinky Angels is over, but at least I have some films to always cherish. I love Oliver and hope he is doing well.

d******* - 04/05/2020 7:57:47 PM

Sorry Nino but Justin had other plans with Oliver!

s******** - 03/08/2017 5:44:43 AM

waa-hoo bang-bang and a yippee-ki-yay...a .fucktastically sexy messy serving of OJ....please sir may we have another

x******* - 11/13/2016 2:39:29 PM

Beautiful coupling!! A pity Nino wasn't invited. Perfection always looks great in three's!

s****** - 11/07/2016 7:17:50 AM

Wonderful. As georgep2 mentions, the eye contact and facial expressions of both boys make this a new favorite scene. I think our bad-boy Oliver must need a sugar-daddy to provide opportunities to travel, learn English, and orthodontic treatments. May I apply? He'd always be available to work . . .

g******* - 11/05/2016 5:48:16 AM

The way Justin kept his beautiful brown eyes on Oliver throughout was wonderful as were the shots of his amazing ass. Two beautiful boys ...sigh! I felt sorry for poor Nino!

d*** - 11/05/2016 3:04:32 AM

These guys are adorable, I watched Oliver's interview first and was intrigued by his story and his looks. I'm so happy to see this dynamic duo scene right after. Oliver can surely unload the splurge...spellbinding, so HOTT. I sure hope he stays out of jail for awhile. Great scene boys, both of you. Yes, Justin lives up to the name Saradon. ❤dr (dee-arr) @dr2450

r************ - 11/03/2016 12:21:00 PM

beautiful boys both keepers I hope

g********* - 10/30/2016 9:18:31 AM

That was beautiful, with great chemistry between two attractive and highly sexual novices. Great eye contact and very effective use of close ups added greatly to the experience. I agree that Justin is the star, but Oliver also has much to offer.

H***** - 10/28/2016 3:48:44 PM

I just love this scene! Cute boys..., Oliver looks real naughty! Hot.

m******* - 10/27/2016 9:30:25 PM

Oliver the boy of next door, Justin cute as the sun, very god combination, than is real that Oliver must bring in experience, but give time to this boy anyway delicious

a********* - 10/27/2016 7:44:32 PM

Stupefacente Oliver!

s***** - 10/27/2016 6:06:01 PM

Has George started directing again? This scene is vividly genius. If any other model was named Saradon, I would complain endlessly, but Justin is VERY worthy of that grand name. BA struck gold when they found Justin. Justin is just downright excellent. Justin is immensely sexy, immensely gifted and immensely beautiful. I think I maybe the first reported Justin Saradon-addict, I certainly won’t be the last. I really like Oliver, adorable, and a boy next door with a good core. Both models have captivating brown eyes, and kissable lips. Enjoyed the appearance from the stunning Nino too.

S******* - 10/27/2016 5:46:12 PM

Well, Justin is already a true star, - nothing to change there and nothing to improve, a dream lover with his own style, fiery passionate and sultry! But Oliver still has much, much to learn, - starting from how to give a normal blowjob. Five stars, but only for Justin and his exquisite art of lovemaking!

b******* - 10/27/2016 5:42:48 PM

The perfect pairing. Wonderful to see beautiful Oliver again.

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