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Oliver Coogan & Benoit Ulliel

Our hung Hungarian Oliver Coogan calls a Rose by a different name than our equally endowed Czech, Benoit Ulliel. But a rose by any other name would still serve to make Benoit horny as hell if employed the way Oliver uses it. Floral seduction is unusual, but the boys must be inventive in overcoming the language barrier. Those commenting on the previews noted Benoit received more pleasure from Oliver’s phallus than his flower. They felt we made the right choice having Benoit bottom as his puppy-dog eyes seem driven to ecstasy every time Oliver thrust in and out. Benoit is brought to climax as Oliver fucks him doggy-style. Those who like creamy re-entries are in for a treat here

Oliver Coogan
Benoit Ulliel
m********** - 09/28/2018 12:43:54 AM

Oliver was incredible, so sexy, passionate, beautiful cock, smile, eyes and body...

J********** - 09/20/2018 1:04:34 AM

YES!!!!! Sexy Oliver has returned in all of his sexy glory!!!! So happy to see this sexy guy!!!

R********* - 09/19/2018 9:03:03 AM

This week i saw three scenes with 5 super sexy and lovely boys,but jerome do'nt belong with them,not at all

u******** - 09/19/2018 6:24:31 AM

Loved looking at OLIVER'S slender body and big cock fucking BENOIT'S ass. Enjoyed the long kissing scene at the end which proves the boys were into each other!

B****** - 09/18/2018 11:53:55 PM

What a beautiful performance of the first part overflowing with sensuality but the end was botched. The actors were exellent but the director missed his shot.

m******* - 09/18/2018 11:30:37 PM

finally came the delicious Oliver, where was he hidden? too few scenes with him, evidently he has turned a few and unfortunately we rarely see him and it 'a shame, he is too cute, thin, thin, like me like boys, Benoit is also nice and has a fantastic ass , nice, smooth, hard, the only thing I do not like about him is the hairstyle, but it's details

l******* - 09/18/2018 10:52:00 PM

Magnificent scene of boy beauty & bravo to them both with a major encore! They're both so adorable & ea fulfills their role perfectly. I prefer dark haired guys to not shave their arm pits in general. But Benoit is beautiful regardless - he can do no wrong. Same for Oliver. More of this pair please!?!?!? & more & more & more...Great job & congrats to all involved.

b***** - 09/18/2018 9:12:36 PM

Oliver is so cute and Benoit does not stay far behind. Wonderful romantic introduction and solid straightforward sex to follow with an affectionate ending. The full 5 stars for this episode.

a******** - 09/18/2018 6:50:17 PM

Benoit is quickly becoming my new dream bottom. 6 stars. And Oliver is not bad either.....

j***** - 09/18/2018 3:29:30 PM

Simply the best! Both, Oliver and Benoit, beautiful boys! More and more with them, please!

h********* - 09/18/2018 3:11:29 PM

Both men could stand to put on some weight, but the scene was nicely done. A pity both cum shots were wasted. Would like to see Oliver with Pip.

a********* - 09/18/2018 2:24:05 PM

💚 💙 💜 ❤️ 💛 beautifully delicious

p***** - 09/18/2018 1:54:59 PM

Just a gorgeous scene. Oliver & Benoit are both wonderful to look at and I liked the opening with the rose. I found it vaguely reminiscent of Jack & Jim in Bali. Oliver must have one of the most beautiful dicks ever featured on FM/BA.

L*********** - 09/18/2018 12:49:48 PM

Agree with my friend "otrebor", a real delight! They both are so super sexy. It´s a treat to see Benoit with his wonderful butt in the bottom role, and the little Oliver looks like being a master of licking operation, outstanding done! And all in all, YES, great making love!!!

o****** - 09/18/2018 9:35:42 AM

A delight! True Freshmen couple! Benoit is nice and enjoys a lot Oliver! Oliver is a pure gem! Love him to die for… Why wee see him so rarely? Great making love!!!

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