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Olaf Mortensen with Bart Cuban & Riff Dornan

How many Czechs does it take to screw Bart and Riff to sexual exhaustion? One, if that one is the insatiable Olaf Mortensen. We didn’t believe it possible, but Olaf is such a sexual demon that he wears his buddies out milking both their cocks with his horny ass. In this scene, Olaf earns his title as BelAmi’s best working bottom. In fact, he’s in the running for best bottom ever. Let us know if you agree.

Riff Dornan
Bart Cuban
Olaf Mortensen
m******* - 05/29/2021 1:41:36 AM

Bart Cuban is a dark haired sex god. Whatever he does has a bit of heaven attached to it for me. I love Riff, as well, BUTT the seemingly insatiable Olaf rings the bells.

V************ - 02/25/2021 5:12:58 PM

Olaf's anal orgasm was the highlight of this scene. Seems to me Bart got the short end of this three way. Bart is great looking but comes across to me as so reserved that he is not as effective a performer as other models.

l********** - 02/20/2021 6:50:07 PM

I definetly want to see more of handsome Bart! He looks good together with Riff, very sexy! Olaf needs an overdue.

R************ - 02/12/2021 10:55:46 PM

Trio fantastico!

R***** - 02/10/2021 1:29:36 PM

Olaf says he a bit chubby & wants to get in shape; but he's gorgeous with a little but of puppy fat making his large, stiff nipples so suckable. I love to see Olaf greedily sucking Riff's & Bart thick cocks. Olaf looks so hot being spit roasted; with Bart fucking his ass & Riff fucking his mouth; before they swap over and fill both holes with thick, stiff cock Doggy style. Olaf looks so sexy with spunk splashed over his hairy ass and his tongue.

c****** - 02/10/2021 4:30:27 AM

how many Czechs does it take to change a light bulb? only Czechs can answer.

S****** - 02/10/2021 12:53:56 AM

Anything with Bart is wonderful!

g******* - 02/09/2021 11:51:40 PM

Very erotic, playful and powerful. Three amazingly sexy guys fucking like fury. Cum everywhere and very happy smiles at the end.

w****** - 02/09/2021 9:21:38 PM

Simply wonderful. I can't imagine a more desirable trio although next week's threesome will run them close. It seems ages since we last saw Riff and I am pleased to see that he has grown back his bush. I thought for a minute in the scene that Bart had designs on Riff's ass but he decided to spit roast Olaf instead. Many thanks and lots of love to all three.

a********* - 02/09/2021 7:08:32 PM

Ragazzi stupendi, film realizzato in modo insensato e malissimo.

n***** - 02/09/2021 3:35:10 PM

Three-ways are the best and the matchup was super! Now GD give us another three-way with Olaf, Christian Lundgren and Torsten Ullman!!!!!!!!!!!!!

m***** - 02/09/2021 3:34:06 PM

Olaf is the best bottom and has one of the top ten butts. Bart is hot and beautiful, while Riff makes it perfect. Great scene!!!

h********* - 02/09/2021 3:10:43 PM

Very nice scene with three handsome men. Way too much hair trimming, scraping on Riff and Bart. Hot sex, but ending has two wasted cum shots.

t********* - 02/09/2021 12:35:34 PM

Olaf is an eager bottom. Didn't like Riff's chest stubble.

o****** - 02/09/2021 12:02:20 PM

A hot greediness! All three are attractive each one in his way! Love Olaf's large nipples and hairy ass!

t****** - 02/09/2021 10:04:17 AM

The attractive Bart is my favourite out of this scene, even though the hottest action was between Olaf and Riff. I like all three and I thought they gave a good showing.

J******** - 02/09/2021 9:15:04 AM

Bart to me is utter perfection of gay boylove, only I want his lovetrail be more visible, so let it grow and I get mad over this extra detail, but you caught me totally anyhow - always and forever sweetheart!

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