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Olaf Mortensen & Jon Kael

This week’s parade of new guys continues with beefcake Olaf Mortensen being trained by the equally well-muscled veteran Jon Kael. Sensing Jon’s desire to get his hands and tongue on the sexy newbie, Marty wisely cuts the interview short in order to let Jon take charge. Olaf starts out a little nervous but becomes rock-hard after only a few seconds of Jon sucking on his nipples. Jon gently steers his hunky newbie throughout his first time on camera.  His rimming is particularly effective. By the time Jon is done, Olaf’s hole is opening on its own- an invitation for Jon to fuck him. Jon eagerly accepts the invite, sliding the full length of his cock inside. Jon’s dick arrived inside his friend’s hot hole just in time - as Olaf shoots a huge load just a couple of minutes into the fuck!

Jon Kael
Olaf Mortensen
m******* - 08/03/2021 7:01:23 AM

Great scene, I am a big fan of Jon Kael and Olaf Mortensen. Both men have gorgeous bodies, their smooth chest and nipples are amazing hot, love to see the nipple play ! could not imagine how hung both guys are, both have really huge cocks. Bring back both guys they are my all favorites !!

P********* - 09/04/2020 11:15:23 PM

Olaf's torso can be studied as a hellenistic sculpture lesson.. An absolutely wonderful boy..

h********* - 08/20/2020 5:05:10 PM

OMG, Olaf is such a hunk! His joy at getting fucked is hot, as he almost begs Jon to pound him. His cum shot was powerful. Too bad both loads were wasted. I could spend a day between Olaf’s furry legs.

S****** - 03/25/2020 5:34:39 AM

An excellent powerfuck scene. Loved it. Passionate and sexy.

T*********** - 03/23/2020 3:44:21 AM

Great future. Fix his teeth!😀

p******** - 03/22/2020 12:55:01 AM

Olaf is a great addition. I wish the scene had featured his bubble butt more often, but no complaints from me! I love Olaf's full bush and the hair on his legs and butt.

d***** - 03/18/2020 2:28:07 PM

Olaf has a most handsome face and beautiful torso. He's a hot partner for Jon who is a hot instructor in looks, build, and action. Looking forward to more of Olaf.

R********* - 03/10/2020 11:21:33 AM

10 stars for Olaf,2 stars for Jon

k********* - 03/08/2020 2:12:23 PM

i cant stop look at Jon low hangingballs !!extraordinary !

b******* - 03/01/2020 8:24:19 PM

I completely agree with Vabeachguy482 comment below, i think his description is a very good summary of the scene. I also like very much Olaf physique and face and look foward to see more of him too.

o***** - 02/29/2020 4:23:09 PM

How about a pairing with Dolph Lambert and Olaf. It would be like watching brothers do it. HOT! HOT! HOT!

r********* - 02/27/2020 5:24:36 PM

Jon is hot, Olaf would be very hot also, but needs some work on his teeth.

R************ - 02/26/2020 6:53:19 PM

Ragazzi non bellissimi ma dai quali mi farei volentieri scopare.

V************ - 02/26/2020 4:44:10 PM

I agree with all of the positive comments below. Olaf is very good looking and performed well here. Nice washboard abes, really cute face, great ass with full ass cheeks (not bony or skinny). Needs to work on deep-throating,. Nice full mouth on mouth kissing. Obviouly missing some things. John didn't go down on Olaf's dick after he came and didn't reinsert Oloaf's ass after he coming on his beautiful hole. So, more work to do, but overall a very nice scene. Look forward to seeing much more of Olaf.

a********* - 02/26/2020 1:59:52 PM


g******** - 02/26/2020 5:30:21 AM

Olaf's cum shot was amazing, what volume, I was so pleased with their performance, I look forward to many more scenes

b***** - 02/25/2020 9:57:32 PM

Olaf is handsome, has a good body and is cute too. I am sure that given time, a more sensual partner and a more imaginative director/cameraman his underlying qualities and sensuality will come forward. I am looking forward to more episodes with Olaf but this one is a fail. I once mentioned this type of introductionary talks libido killing, I see Olaf suffered from the same problem.

R***** - 02/25/2020 7:37:28 PM

There is something about Olaf's pecs that makes me so hard!

t********* - 02/25/2020 4:43:16 PM

Strongly agree with my friend otrebor - great scene very pleasant to watch. Two million stars for Jon and Olaf! Love their nipples and always want to see more licking, sucking and kissing when there are nipples as amazing as Jon and Olaf have!

A********** - 02/25/2020 4:37:46 PM

1 million stars to Kael : absolutely perfect, wonderful !!!

P****** - 02/25/2020 2:12:42 PM

Both beautiful young men. Olaf would be even more beautiful with orthodontics.

g********** - 02/25/2020 12:23:06 PM

Enjoyed Olaf's first scene! He is a handsome young hunk, with a really nice body, and a very promising addition to the BA stable. Hope to see a lot more of him soon. Jon, as always, is gorgeous (even with that haircut)!

p***** - 02/25/2020 12:17:02 PM

A nice scene. Olaf is simply gorgeous.

o****** - 02/25/2020 9:32:36 AM

Voluptuous pairing! Olaf is cute, sexy and well_shaped! Love his fantastic nipples, inviting ass and hole, solid hairy thighs! He is very promising! Jon is a powerful top here! Very pleasant to watch...

u***** - 02/25/2020 9:04:51 AM

The admin Dehanoia is also happy (he waited for the scene after all), from me 5 stars for the scene.

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