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Olaf Mortensen & Bruce Querelle

Olaf Mortensen returns for his 2nd introductory scene on Freshmen this time partnered with the very sexy Bruce Querelle.   This opening filled with sun and water is a familiar one.  What’s unusual is the location.  Normally openings like this are filmed in South Africa or Greece.   Today our “tropical” swimming place is a popular location located just outside of Bratislava.  While a good introduction enhances the scene, they’re not nearly as important as cute guys and hot sex.  Fortunately, this scene has both.  Olaf is the bottom as he lost the swimming competition.  However, after witnessing his satisfied smile from the hard pounding Bruce gives him- we wonder if the threw the race. 

Bruce Querelle
Olaf Mortensen
t********* - 01/31/2021 12:27:15 PM

I couldn't focus on the video with Olaf's mop of hair! The best part was cute Bruce cleaning off his lover's cock after cumming.

d******* - 11/15/2020 9:19:47 AM

Olaf makes me dream of yesterday, he is a doll.

s********* - 09/22/2020 7:09:29 AM

Bruce: "I want to play with your ass." Bwahahaha! The whole planet wants to play with Olaf's ass! Honestly, the sight of Olaf takes my breath away, and the sight of his perfect ass can make me cum in my pants!

h********* - 09/06/2020 3:57:09 PM

Hot, sweaty hard gay sex at its best. Two of the hottest, most handsome young guys very much turned on to each other. Great chemistry, great kissing, sucking and fucking, as only two gay guys can do. A delightful abundance of hairy legs, cracks, butts, and pits.

P********* - 09/04/2020 10:43:30 PM

When Olaf is naked it is impossible for me to focus on anyone else...

t********** - 06/10/2020 7:25:38 PM

I would love to see Olaf paired with Kian O'Connor -- maybe for a flip flop. I realize that Kian has not yet bottomed on BA, but there needs to be a first time for everyone. Keep bringing us these great models.

p******* - 04/06/2020 10:01:23 PM

I am a little late coming (pun intended!) to this scene but I agree with all the positive comments about both models. I found Olaf in particular quite special - he is very handsome (with nipples to die for) with an incredible head of hair- and I can only hope that George has him on a long contract.. I agree with other posters that a little more manscaping (as in shaved/less hairy buttocks) would be an improvement.

g***** - 04/04/2020 3:42:22 AM

What a great scene right from the skinny dipping at the lake. They really seemed to be into each other; Bruce did an incredible job of eating Olaf's ass and changed position twice without taking his cock out of Olaf's ass. This was so fantastic, it calls for a rematch.

B********* - 03/31/2020 9:14:11 PM

Olaf.... Perfection.... so hot! Great body, and these nips, scrumptious! Now, obviously his upper body is shaven, so why keep the lower bits.... unkempt? i dont say shave it all, but a little trim on his pubes and ass. Zoom, zoom! And, oh, what an ass...

V************ - 03/30/2020 4:56:15 PM

I agree with most of the positive comments below. Really just one criticism. The cameraman ALMOST gave us a full ass view of Bruce as he was fucking Olaf twice, which woul dhave been amazing. But alas, I guess he just couldn't bring himself to do it. Such a shame. I would have made this a 5 star scene for me, but instead I a can only rate it with 4 stars.. PLEASE, cameramen, get over yoru aversion of giving us full ass views of tops as they fuck their mates.

t********* - 03/26/2020 8:36:57 AM

My friend otrebor got it right — what an amazingly hot scene! I had been patiently waiting all week for this scene and it did not disappoint. Olaf is a god with those gorgeous nipples and face. Would prefer a smooth butt like Roald or Rhys but I guess one person cannot have everything one might want. Surely, Bruce is close behind and I like being able to see his abs.. Bruce reminds me of Lukas in younger days while I think Olaf is an upgrade of Dolph — a Dolph 2.0 if you will. Wonderful! Thank you! More Olaf and Bruce!! Ten stars!

w****** - 03/25/2020 9:11:15 PM

Judging by the size of their assets when they emerged from the swim the water must have been more arctic than tropical. I love Bruce and it is great to see a lovely furry bum like Olaf's.

j****** - 03/25/2020 7:53:28 AM

I like the pubic hair of Bruce And i like the ass of Olaf

J******* - 03/25/2020 3:52:14 AM

Olaf is a sensational find, and Bruce...beautiful strong, manly Bruce is perfect! And what a pairing: both are subtly beefed-up. Both have deliciously hairy pits. Both have wonderfully strong and naturally-hairy thighs and legs. And both have perfect pecs and succulently large nips---sexy nips-sucking scenes for these two should be regular and prolonged! But what have you made Bruce do, BA/FM?? You made him shave all that adorable treasure trail on his tummy...that which adds greater sexiness and manliness to Bruce's already complete package!

W****** - 03/24/2020 4:28:01 PM

Loved the naked swimming at the start. Olaf is an excellent addition and the beautiful Bruce can do no wrong in my eyes. Great scene.

M******* - 03/24/2020 3:13:11 PM

Another really hot scene. I can't get enough of Bruce. He and Olaf were both outstanding in the scene.

n***** - 03/24/2020 3:07:01 PM

Perfect match!!!! Suggestion please...GD in as much as BA models do scene shooting for Addicted swim suits why do we continue to have the guys in those DORK SHORTS. Put them in speedos or Addicted bikinis!!!!!

g********** - 03/24/2020 11:31:14 AM

Love young Olaf, who is a 5*+ "newbie" in my opinion. Gorgeous butt and thighs (manly and hairy, though others will violently dislike this). Like his hair (not like the ghastly short back and sides haircuts which have spoiled even the beautiful Nils's looks.). Hope to see much more of him. Great recruit!

p***** - 03/24/2020 11:29:36 AM

Phew!! Olaf!! He is simply wonderful to look at and a passionate & deep kisser. I'm confident he will become an even better performer the more we see of him. I'm in a swoon

s******** - 03/24/2020 11:01:53 AM

Tres UberHeiss und SuperSizzlicious - BQ the retired French Legionaire conquers and baisez the wild untamed Viking Olaf--- fucktastic scene and PLEASE BITTE BITTE film themn again having sex on the beach or in the woods.

R************ - 03/24/2020 10:43:30 AM

Adoro come Olaf prende con avidità il cazzo di Bruce dentro di se, è segno di grande amicizia e partecipazione verso l'amico.

J******** - 03/24/2020 10:00:09 AM

Das ist Jungensex wie er schöner nicht sein kann. Diese behaarten Schenkel, diese rosa Fickfotze, der samenverschmierte Torso nach dem Kommen und dann die Ladung in den Anus, einfach himmlisch!

o****** - 03/24/2020 9:52:53 AM

Amazing hot scene! Gorgeous couple! Bruce is wonderful And Olaf so exciting! Body hair lovers are happy this Week! Poor Nusound and some others Lol! Love Olaf's large nipples and it seems Bruce too… Great rimming, greedy cumshots from both! 5* of course and more...

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