Sex scene

Olaf Mortensen

Next week we will start with our introduction of Olaf Mortensen. Here is a little teaser to get you started.

g******** - 01/19/2020 8:59:57 AM

I love the guy, such a veiny cock, in fact altogether lovely

R********* - 01/18/2020 11:46:02 PM

Outstnding,sexy,blonde beauty

D************* - 01/16/2020 10:50:42 AM

Olaf Mortensen is very photogenic and very handsome. I hope he can perform with other handsome young men. Jim Durden would be a great match and coach!

x****** - 01/14/2020 9:54:01 PM

Another hot, sexy boy for us to enjoy! Love Pic #3 with that beautiful cock and low hangers!

t********* - 01/14/2020 4:25:59 PM

OMG... hottest new model since Helmut or Hoyt!!! Michelangelo’s David would come up short against this angel. Breathtakingly spectacular, if not just for the face and nipples!!!

b***** - 01/14/2020 2:40:25 PM

Very promising!

P****** - 01/14/2020 1:27:17 PM

#2 - he's just gorgeous. Occasionally he shows up on BA Chat, but he's more attractive here.

c***** - 01/14/2020 11:24:01 AM

Olaf is pure perfection in these teaser photos. I'm impressed too, and looking forward to the rest of the photo set.

o****** - 01/14/2020 10:55:45 AM

Handsome well-shaped and dicked boy!!!

a****** - 01/14/2020 10:44:04 AM

Like pic 2 of Olaf very much and love pic 3 of his complete package - Bush, balls. and huge,thick, hanging, veiny BEAUTIFUL cock!!! Can’t wait.

N******** - 01/14/2020 10:11:25 AM

I'm very impressed!

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